Travelling Colours Contest


This page outlines how the contest works. If you'd like to see some of the outrageous member submissions from past years, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page.

Contest Background

Have you ever heard about the traveling garden gnome? It kind of goes like this: Cherished garden gnome goes missing from older couple's yard. Owners are devastated. A few weeks later, a postcard arrives from Paris with lots of love from the gnome and a few words of explanation for going on a walkabout. Photos of the gnome riding a camel, camping at Everest base camp and surfing in Fiji follow over the course of the year. One fine day, gnome turns up back in the garden and life goes on as nothing had ever happened.

The garden gnome inspired us.  Here's something similar with a competitive twist for Club Fat Ass members...


Determine the most exotic place a Club Fat Ass t-shirt visits or the most cool adventure a t-shirt has during the a calendar year.

How it Works and How to Submit

  • The contest submissions are posted on Flickr, a popular photo sharing website
  • Share your photographs of your club colours visiting somewhere exotic or involved in some adventurous activity on Flickr. Make sure to then submit contest photos to the Flickr CFA group and tag them with TravellingColoursContest and TravellingColoursContest2011... this so they show up where everyone in the contest can see them
  • Detailed instructions on how to upload photos via Flickr are posted here.
  • Alternatively,  you can send us your photo (digital .jpg format only) and your write-up
  • include a few words (no more than 200) that explain where the photo was taken and any relevant background you feel is required if the photo doesn't speak for itself. (If you don't offer a description, we might write one for you!)
  • ideally, you will be in the t-shirt, but it's not a requirement (e.g. the t-shirt might be on someone even more exotic than you!)
  • how you define exotic is up to you
  • tasteless and crude are allowed, but we have to draw the line at submissions that we feel are offensive
  • you can submit as many photos as you want
  • contest ends 31 December
  • to see submissions over the years scroll down to the bottom of this page and follow the links


  • TBD each year
  • Bragging rights and a place of honor on the Club Fat Ass and Flickr websites