Refer a Friend Contest - 2010

And the winner is....

I am happy to announce that Rachel Fouladi is the winner of the 2010 Refer a Friend contest.  As a new member, Rachel talked 3 of her friends into becoming Fat Asses.  They will be forever grateful .

In case you wonder, old Action Jackson and Sibylle like to compete, but are not in the running...

Rachel won a pair of Montrail Trail Running shoes kindly provided by our Business Member and foot specialist, Kintec

Here are the final standings:

Referal Points First Name Last Name
3 Rachel Tanya Fouladi
(5) Ean Jackson
(3) Sibylle Tinsel
2 Reagan White
2 Craig Moore
2 David Papineau
2 Bill Maurer
2 Julie Flynn
2 Keith  Nichol
1 Jess Dagg
1 desmond mott
1 Ryan Conroy
1 Jackie Montgomery
1 Dario Herrera
1 Kelly Corday
1 Heather Urquhart
1 Katie Longworth
1 Ran Katzman
1 Tim Wiens
1 Helen Tilley
1 the  Jackal
1 Lysanne Lavigne
1 David Crerar
1 Deavah Yerxa
1 Doug  Keir
1 Lishe O'Kiely
1 Carolyn Goluza
1 Pete Stace-Smith
1 Bradley Jones
1 John Neels
1 Mary Betts
1 Bob Hermanutz
1 Anna Tarnowski
1 Janice Bennett
1 Alex Gibbs
1 Rik Chapman
1 Ethelyn  David
1 Catherine Yoell
1 Anthony Yung
1 Daniel Probst
1 Mike Richen
1 Will Schuurman
1 Tim Hill







































  • Points collected to 27 December 2010
  • Please refer to Refer A Friend Contest for details on how you can participate


  • Contest winner will receive a pair of Montrail trail running shoes kindly provided by business member Kintec Footlabs / Montrail
  • Runners-up are also elegible for prizes, as available

Contest Sponsors

Thanks to CFA Business Member Kintec Footlabs for the idea and for helping with prizes



Wholy Wow!

What a Wild Wonderful Surprise! Thanks to Ean and Sibylle for being so gracious as to put yourselves in parentheses on this one... I didn't even know there was a prize specific to this contest!! I knew I got points for referrals but I didn't know where the points went!!!

Thanks for the Wonderful year... If the club run/events and post-run/event gatherings** weren't so well-planned and enjoyable... if the sometimes complimentary beverages and drawprizes from the sponsors and hosts weren't so awesome,  the referrals wouldn't be coming in... So the credit goes to you Sibylle, Ean, Volunteer Board Members, Regular and Flash Event Hosts, Sponsors and FELLOW MEMBERS!!!!

**Of course I can only speak directly to the gatherings I made it to... Can't say about the ones which, because of my 'relaxed' (aka slow) pace, I couldn't get to before they wrapped up  -- hmm I guess those were the Seymour Super Fun Run & Pure Satisfaction hosted by Mike and Craig respectively. Judging from the Event Reports though it sounds like they were awesome too!  No worries though...I genuinely had Super Fun and Purely Satisfying runs and the PRIZE (no draw necessary) of spending more time in the snow and stream-like trails... !! LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT -- REALLY!!!!

Thank you CFA...it is Wonderful running with you! Thank you...

Pre-Script: Now if that doesn't convince more people to join I don't know what will.... (Don't forget who referred you... )


yeah thanks Rachel!!!

yeah thanks Rachel!!!

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