Film Festival - FAQ

This page is intended to outline everything you need to know about the festival.  Please take a few moments to read this page thoroughly and assemble the information you need to complete the simple registration process.

Contestant FAQs

How Does the Contest Work?

What format of video?

In order to keep things simple, we ask that:

  • your video be on YouTube (www.youtube.com)
  • your video must be three (3) minutes (180 seconds) or less in length
  • you video must be tagged with:  ClubFatAss FilmFestivalOfOutdoorAdventures FilmFestivalOfOutdoorAdventures2011 as well as relevant terms depending on your theme (e.g. hiking, trailrunning, adventure, outdoors, mountains)

You are most welcome to submit longer videos, but to be fair to everyone, they will not be eligible for prizes or contest recognition.   You are most welcome to post your video in other venues (e.g. vimeo), but we can only reference your YouTube submission.  Sorry, we can't put your video on YouTube for you. 

What content of video?

This is festival of outdoor adventure videos so we ask that:

  • your video have an outdoor adventure theme
  • your video must be acceptable to YouTube (e.g. not too much gratuitous nudity, sex, f-bombs or copyrighted soundtracks).  If it passes the YouTube censors, then it's OK for the festival

Who Can Enter?

  • anyone can enter the festival.  That means any age, any country, any language... anyone!

What is the Cost to Enter?

  • This festival is a volunteer labor of love by Club Fat Ass members and friends.  There is no entry fee.  Entry is totally free. 

What can I win?

Yes, it is a contest, so there has to be winners and a prize.  Here's what you stand to win:

  • bragging rights
  • exposure for your video opus
  • given there is no entry fee or rich corporation behind this contest, your chances winning cash are less than being hit by a comet.  We are working on
    sponsorship, however.  If you assume you won't win anything tangible, you might be pleasantly surprised

How many videos may I enter?

  • you can enter as many videos as you like
  • each video should have a unique title and length, so please enter each video separately

When does the contest start and finish?

  • start:  1 December 2010
  • finish: 1 November 2011


If you have any specific questions that are not answered here, please contact us for a prompt reply.