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The first annual Fat Ass Festival of Outdoor Adventures in November 2010 was a great success.  This year, we're planing to make the festival bigger and better. 

Our goal is to showcase the outdoor adventures of Club Fat Ass members, members-to-be and like-minded people wherever they are in the world.  Anyone, member of Club Fat Ass or not, can enter their short (3 minutes or less) adventure video in the contest this year.  Exciting?  Funny?  Inspirational?  Educational?  The approach you take to your adventure video is entirely up to you.

It's free to enter your video in the festival.  You can submit as many videos as you'd like, so go nuts and improve your odds of having your video go viral.  To keep it simple, inexpensive and easy to decide on a winner, we're using YouTube to manage submissions. Get your friends to "like" your video, as the video with the most "likes" at the end of October wins.  Please be sure to read the FAQs for the details.

Don't know how to make a video but want to learn?  Check the Help files, as we plan to add hints and tips on how to create action videos over the course of the year.

Got a video of an outdoor adventure from 2011 you'd like to share?  Submit your video now! 

As with last year, we plan to have a gala event in Vancouver in November that will focus on the video contributions of Club Fat Ass members.  If last year was any indication, you can expect a capacity crowd with standing room only.   Gala details and registration here!