CFA Event Types

Club Fat Ass currently offers members three (3) types of events:  Scheduled, Flash and Speaker.   This table outlines the key differences: 

   Scheduled  Flash  Speaker
 Host Club member anyone the Club
 Who Club members only anyone anyone
  • 7+ pages
  • listed on the aphabetical club event schedule, the calendar and under upcoming events
  • 1 page
  • listed on the calendar and under upcoming events
  • 2 pages
  • listed on the calendar and under upcoming events
 Registration required via registration form desired/via comments on the event page or an email to the flash host required via registration form
 Annual? yes (3+ years) no no
 Cost free to members free to all free to all
 Promotion widely promoted CFA website widely promoted
 Size 100 or fewer  10 or fewer 50 or fewer


Club Fat Ass events are the meat and potatoes of the Club. They address the need for an alternative to typical running events that are large, highly organized and may be quite expensive.

Compared to typical running events, Club Fat Ass events are less formal.  There is no course marking, but detailed directions are provided on the event website.  When there are prizes, they are awarded not based on speed (e.g. 1st, 2nd, 3rd) but for social and environmental achievement (e.g. most lost, picked up most trash, best injury, farthest travelled, etc.)  A typical event is under 100 people, which makes for a more social experience.

The Event Host, a Club Fat Ass member, also makes a commitments to host a Scheduled event for at least 3 years. While they are loosely organized, the Event Host spends a lot of time and energy developing the concept on their websites and preparing to make the scheduled event fun and challenging. 

Scheduled events are promoted widely by the Club in the media and the running community.

To host a Scheduled Event please fill out the form here.


Club Fat Ass Flash events are a recent innovation to the Club.  They address the need for a quick way to get some like-minded people together for a training run or other adventure. 

Compared to Scheduled Club events, they are more spontaneous and even less organized.  They are generally group runs with no trail marking, no aid or prizes.  Club members as well as non-members can host a Flash event.  There is no expectation that a flash event will ever be held more than once, though it is hoped that many will develop into a Scheduled Event.  A typical Flash event will have less than 10 people.

Flash events are posted on the Club website at www.ClubFatAss.com by the organizer and it is expected that all of the details of the event will remain on the Club website for the benefit of others who might like to attempt the event in the future.

If you would like to host a flash event you can post it in our event calendar here (please note that you need to be signed in to this website with a member account - otherwise please send us an email with your plans)


Club Fat Ass Speaker events are another recent innovation to the Club.  They address the need for a way to share experiences, adventures and knowledge in a casual, non-running environment.

Speaker events are casual, but well organized.  The Club provides high level organization for Speaking events:  It finds speakers, organizes the venues and helps to promote the speaking event to Club members and the larger community.  The speaker, who may or may not be a Club member, determines the agenda and manages their own presentation.  A typical Speaking event will be held in a small venue, such as a running store, and will have less than 50 people in attendance.

Speaking events are posted on the Club website at www.ClubFatAss.com and promoted in the media by the Club.