Spaghetti Trees

30 Mar 2013 12:30
East Sooke Regional Park, Victoria, BC, Canada


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Spaghetti Trees was SPECTACULAR!!

Thanks everyone who came out! We had an amazing day.

I'd really love to get a Vancouver / Lower Mainland group out next year, it's just too good not to be sharing this with more people. I know this year was tough timing with March Break & Easter weekend...

In 2014 it will be March 29th which may still be the last weekend of March Break. But it's far away from Easter (April 20th 2014). The Saturday of the last weekend of March Break is not actually a bad time to travel on BC Ferries! They usually add sailings, and if you spring for a reservation, it's super super easy.

So, if you're interested, please let me know - we should definitely be able to arrange some kind of same-day carpool, or even a group-staying-over plan.

It's so worth it... :)

Happy Spring Everybody!!!

Onwards & upwards (to the peak bags...)

Teagirl Katie

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Spaghetti Trees - it's gonna be gorgeous!!

Hey all - we don't have a tonne of runners signed up but for the 2 or 3 or 4 of us who come - it will be spectacular :)

And everybody will be going home with some amazing beer from our great sponsor, Lighthouse Brewing!!

There's still time to sign up if you want to come!

See you in Sooke!

- Teagirl Katie

I'm in!

I think I'm in.   I'll be there at any rate.  Haven't quite figured how to pa and join yet.

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See you there, Kirk!

teagirl Katie

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Event Registration

Hi Kirk,

I see you submitted your membership form but didn't complete the payment.  You can go to http://clubfatass.com/membership-payment  and complete the process.  Please also fill out the brief form at http://clubfatass.com/events/SpaghettiTrees/registration  (it will mostly auto populate when you are logged in and is very brief) to give Katie, the event host, your info for the starter list.

Have fun tomorrow.  I wish I could join everybody (tore a ligament in my knee a couple of weeks ago).  It is such a wonderful run.

Happy Trails,


I am registered?

Where can I see if I registered, I have looked all over the site.

I believe I filled in a registration on line a while ago...

(Seniors moment...)

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Why to run Spaghetti Trees this year!

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