Seymour Super Fun Run

23 Nov 2013
North Vancouver, BC Canada
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What a great run today!

We had a small but enthusiastic crowd of 12 FA's toe the line this morning!


Frankie Docs has the cool shorts!

FrankieDocs Wimberley 1:12 12km
Michael Forbes 2:31:54 27km
Marc Schmitz 2:34:30 27km
Doris Leong 3:37 27km
Chloe  Gendron 3:04 27km
Jackie Muir 3:04 27km
Jeff Pelletier 2:31:43 27km
Des Mott 1:47 12km
Samir Malhorta 3:03 27km
Glenn Cameron 3:04 27km
James Marshell 3:03 27km
Michael Wardas 2:34:30 27km

So we had some pretty fast times laid down today! I can speak for myself that this was one of the most competative 'fun runs' that I have ever done. We started off way to fast up Old Buck and were anerobic (I was anyway) as we crossed Mt. Seymour road. Mike F, Jeff, Marc and myself were all pretty close together for most of the climb. Jeff was looking way too comfortable telling us about his running goals, Marc was asking me questions about my life which I could not reply due to my extremely heavy breathing!

We hit the picnic area around 37 minutes Marc picked up some garbage (Sibylle please give him a point for that!). We all headed down to Neds to rip it up! My plan was not to hammer too  hard and enjoy the downhill! Well suffice it to say I had my own problems with a couple of little spills trying to avoid being caught by my buddies chasing me down! We arrived at the bottom of Bottle Top to cross Twin Bridge around 59 minutes, right on time!  As expected Mike caught me on the flat section and passed me, Jeff caught up to me and ran ahead to keep Mike company.  Then Marc caught up to me and being the great sport he is decided to keep me company, although I know he could have ran faster.

We climbed up to Figure Eight, then headed to the LSCR, reaching the gazebo around 1:26.

Mike and Jeff are pretty far ahead and running strong. I'm struggling, but Marc is keeping me company, what a guy!

We start Bridle path around 1:56, still on time for a 2:30 finish.  Followed Bridle path and ran horribly with no real 'snap', struggled through this section until the last downhill stretch to the finish.  There was no hope of catching Mike and Jeff, Marc was great keeping me motivated to the finish.

Jeff finished just ahead of Mike. Jeff thought he was setting the course record well in hand (2:31:43), but unfortunately he tied it! Mike F followed shortly after and set a PB of about 7 minutes with a time of  2:31:54, way to go Mike!

Third spot went to Marc and myself with a time of 2:34:30, which wasn't a PB for me, but Marc set a PB (it helped he stayed on course this time!).

Samir got of course and got lots of assistance from people on the cours finishing in 3:03. James aso pulled in at 3:03, not sure if he ran with Samir or not.

Jackie, Chloe and Glenn cruised to a comfy 3:04 all the while taking pictures and having too much fun, well it is the Seymour Super Fun Run after all! 

Desmond did the smart thing and did the smart thing by taking it easy after his recent knee surgery! Nicely done Des!

FrankieDocs had a really nice run and I'm sure he enjoyed the cold yet clear day.

Lasr but not least is Doris who ran solo the whole run (I think) and finished in a very respectable 3:37.

Thanks all that came out it was great to have you all attend the 12th edition of the Seymour Super Fun Run!

Happy trails!

Michael Wardas

Ran the course today - looking good!

Hi gang!

Ran the course today from Bean and what a day it was ! Started with my friend Mike and ran the full 27k course. I wanted to see if there are any major issues and found that my course description is still about 95% accurate.  There has been a bit of work done on Bridle path but nothing too significant to warrant any course description revisions.

We did the course in just under 3 hours with a bit of 'fooling around' on Slippery Salamander. I was thinking about adding it to the route but decided against it. We will keep the course unchanged so we can maintain the same course and comparable times year over year.


Can you guess where this is?!



See you in less than 3 weeks!



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