Mary Leliveld's Happy Trails

27 Jul 2013 14:00
North Vancouver, BC Canada

Come and join us to celebrate and remember the life of a friend who can no longer run with us.  

This year will see a change in format. We'll be doing  a mellow reverse triathlon.  Bring your mountain-or hybrid bike, running and swim gear.  Details will be provided at the start at Doug's house.

Please find detailed event information by navigating the links below:


teagirl's picture

Oh dear I thought it was tomorrow!!

Grumble! I have the CFA google calendar but for some reason it kept reminding me this was tomorrow, not today. So it's been over for a few hours now. Oh well, maybe next year! Hope you all had fun!

DougKeir's picture

Reverse triathlon

This year will now be a reverse triathlon and will start at 2:00 pm. All details will be provided at start.

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