Fall Mountain Highway Madness

8 Sep 2013 07:30
North Vancouver, BC Canada

Please use the links below to find more information and to register:



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Nicely Done Eric

Nothing like "running late" to get in a good speed workout.

Ean Jackson's picture

Anyone want to keep going at the turnaround...

and bag Mount Fromme?

That means adding about an hour to go out and back from the turnaround.

I'm in!

I'm in!

Acte manqué

I got there just after 7:30, maybe close to 40. "Ah, I just missed them." I can run them down. With the starter picture, they've got 5-6 minutes on me, tops. 1k, 2k, no one. Gee, I'm running hard here. Where are they. I've got to catch up with them before they take the early turn off for Fromme. I always go from the saddle, I don't know where the other trail is. 3k -- Are you kidding? Did only super fast people sign up today? I only saw a few names, maybe. 3.5k -- I've never run that hard uphill. There is no way Old Jackson can run that fast. There is no beer at the top. 4k -- I'm starting to be worried. I'd better start looking for Jackson's body in the ditch. 4.5k -- I consider lightening up the load by emptying my guts in said ditch. 6k -- I must have passed the early turn off. I knew it, they must be going up Fromme already. Alright let's go by the saddle, again. Yep, they didn't go trough here, I'm getting all the spider webs. Finally, the top. At least I got the view.

Tomorrow? I'm booked for breakfast.

Sibylle's picture


We are going to miss you tomorrow, Eric.  Oops!

not this time...

I think I'll stay on the hamster plan. OTOH, how many laps are you doing?

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I shall join you for this side trip

Really hoping for a view from the top this time unlike last year when I went up.

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