Flash - Big Fat Ass 100 K

25 Mar 2007 06:00
25 Mar 2007 18:00

What:  A double loop of the New Year's Day Fat Ass 50 K.  

Why:  Because for some of us the Fat Ass 50 K is not enough.

Who:   Anyone who wants to run a relatively easy 100 K in the Vancouver area.

Where:  Meet at the Brockton Oval track in Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC.

When:  Sunday, March 25, 2007 at 06:00

Route:  The Big Fat Ass 100 K will be run on the "new" Fat Ass course:
-clockwise on the seawall from Brockon Oval
-under the Georgia Street overpass
-around the north side of Lost Lagoon to Second Beach
-from this point the the course follows the instructions from the 06.3 km* distance on the FA 50 original course description posted at:
  *Note that the distances shown on the original course description are off slightly due to the change from the start to Second Beach.  The total distance for each loop is just over 50 K so when you finish the second loop you can proudly declare to all that you ran a full 100 K.

Aid:  Be prepared to be self sufficient.  There is lots of water along the course.  The concession stands in Stanley Park and along Spanish Banks will probably be open in the afternoon, so bring some cash.  We may have aid stations at Spanish Banks and at the Camosun St & SW Marine Drive turn around point.  And of course you can use your own vehicle at Brockton Oval at the end of the first loop. 

Contacts:  Gilles Barbeau and Karl Jensen