Business Memberships

Membership in the Club makes good business sense!

Club Fat Ass members define the "active lifestyle" demographic: highly educated, high income earners, highly motivated. Club members represent the ideal business target market.

The Club offers 2 levels of memberships that are designed to provide a strong, quantifiable return on investment for businesses with products and services aimed at the Club's demographic.

  1. Advertising Member. This business benefits from a web page and rotating banner ad that are prominently displayed in the Club's "online clubhouse". Unlike newspaper or yellow page ads, you can see exactly how many Club members and friends have viewed your ad.

  2. Sponsor Member. This business enjoys all of the benefits of the Advertising Member plus it receives recognition on all event pages, in media releases, in the monthly Club newsletter and on widely distributed print brochures.

Business Members are influential members of the Club.  Like all members, Business Members are strongly encouraged to actively participate in Club Events.  Both levels of business membership offer the opportunity to interact directly with all Club members at the growing number of Club events.

Benefit Advertising
Web page with view tracking statistics Yes Yes
Rotating Banner ad  Yes Yes
Two (2) free annual Club memberships for employees Yes Yes
Acknowledgement in Club media releases   Yes
Acknowledgement in monthly Club newsletter   Yes
Acknowledgement in print brochures   Yes
Acknowledgement on event pages   Yes
Annual cost: $250 $1,000
To start the process, simply complete the payment via the links below. You will be directed to a Paypal payment page and can pay via your credit card (no Paypal account required) or your existing Paypal account. Once the payment process is completed you will return to the Club Fat Ass website and receive information on how to enable your web page and banner.