Burrard Health Centre Massage Therapy

Welcome to our newest business member, Shem Sharifi and the Burrard Health Centre Massage Therapy.

Therapist Shem Sharifi graduated from the West Coast College of massage therapy in 2006. This training is one of the most intense programs, and it is one of the best schools of its kind in North America. Shem is a part time college instructor of massage therapy, has been employed as a health care giver for 6 years, and also enjoys helping patients with special needs. Given his passion for massage therapy, he has decided to pursue a career in this area

In Downtown Vancouver, BMT's approach is a drug-free, healthy and cost-effective way to take care of your body. It can benefit chronic neck and shoulder stiffness related to long-term computer use, relieve pressure and strain on the back related to body changes during pregnancy, and release spasms that develop due to sports and other physical activities.

Their Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs) are qualified professionals under British Columbia college of Massage Therapy, highly-skilled in techniques such as Neuromuscular facilitation (NMT), trigger point therapy, Myofascial active release, therapeutic exercise, stretching, postural education as well as Swedish massage. 

BMT is conveniently located in Downtown Vancouver, across from St. Paul’s Hospital on Burrard Street. They offer a convenient, clean massage therapy clinic in Vancouver to accommodate your needs and your schedule. If you work downtown, feel free to book a massage therapy appointment with them during your lunch break, or after work on your way home. They’ll work with your schedule and make sure you achieve the results you expect from highly trained and professional massage therapists.