Reasons to Run Spaghetti Trees This Year! Victoria, BC Awesomeness!

Come run Spaghetti Trees this year! And enjoy some other Victoria, BC awesomeness!

I can't wait to get back to East Sooke! I had a break from hosting last year but now I'm back and really excited. I love running on the North Shore, but the Spaghetti Trees trails are so different and gorgeous and amazing and I love them and I miss them (we moved to North Van from Victoria in 2011, so now I only run in Victoria for CFA events - but hey, what a good reason to visit!).

Spaghetti Trees is always the Saturday closest to April Fool's Day (why? you'll have to do some googling to figure it out). This year it happens to be Easter weekend, which makes it easier for some people to make the trek out to Vancouver Island, and more difficult for others. It feels easier for me because I still get 2 days off after the run on Saturday - a whole extra weekend.

We'll probably stay over at least one night in Victoria because Victoria Is Awesome! Many folks from Vancouver who visit Victoria just see the Inner Harbour & Parliament Buildings & downtown & think that's it - but there's so much more, & I'll let you in on some of the awesomeness here (as I'm writing this I realize I can't possibly list it all, there's so much... and I got tired of making links, sorry!):

Amazing local beer & brewpubs & real English-style pubs

Phillips Brewing
Driftwood Brewing
Lighthouse Brewing
Swans Brewpub
Spinnakers Brewpub
The Beagle Pub
Christie's Pub
6 Mile House Pub
17 Mile House Pub (where we hang out after Spaghetti Trees!)

Incredible food

Tre Fantastico (tasting room, small plates)
Fol Epi (bakery - amazing sandwiches!)
Discovery Coffee
Lady Marmalade (breakfast / brunch)
Shine (breakfast / brunch)
Padella (formerly Paprika) Bistro (dinner)
Pig (pulled pork sandwiches YUM)
Choux Choux Charcuterie (lunch, salami, cheese, European groceries)

Local Farms / Markets / Wineries / Honey! / Cider!

Babe's Honey Farm
Galey Farms
Sea Cider
Moss Street Market
Lots of wineries all over Saanich (just north of Victoria on your way to the ferry)


Craigdarroch Castle
Government House Gardens (free!)
Walk on the Ogden Point Breakwater

Other great trails

Gowlland-Tod Provincial Park
oldstream Provincial Park