Lead-Foot Longworth's rainy, rainy Lighthouse Loop!

Six brave souls (one of whom really didn't have a choice, being just over 7 weeks old...) braved the seriously torrential downpours this morning to run a ~4km loop of Lighthouse Park in honour of Lead-Foot Longworth's 31st birthday. We had at least one Lighthouse Park newbie (and it wasn't the baby!). While I had sort of planned to run 2 loops, I figured running one loop through rivers & lakes was probably good enough. It was great fun! The view from Eagle Point was fantastic, huge freighters looming through the mist, lots of wind and waves. We think we saw an eagle flying low over the water.



At Eagle Point:

We completed the day with a pancake brunch cooked by my mum! Perfect.

Happy Birthday, Lead-Foot...