Sport Massage Therapy

Athletes are always at an increased risk of suffering from an injury. This is where massage therapy comes to the rescue of the sports persons. Massage therapist and their various movements and techniques are used, in order to manipulate the tissues of the body, such as, stroking, kneading, stretching, pumping, creating a pressure on the trigger points so it can create more blood flow to the area of need. These sports massage techniques are known to have many advantages for the athletes and aid in improving upon their performance as well. joint mobilization massage therapy vancouver
One of the chief benefits is that it improves the blood circulation and helps in eliminating the toxins such as lactic acid that accumulate in the body during exercising. Once the wastes get eliminated, the muscles of the body are able to absorb the nutrients properly.

 This helps in enhancing the flexibility of the muscles as well as fastening their healing process. If an athlete has some specific trouble areas in his body, which tend to suffer frequent injuries or which are more painful than others, the sports massage therapist can work specifically on these and help speeding up the healing and recovery.

 Many athletes suffer from over-training syndrome, which is a result of not taking enough rest in between exercising. Once or twice a month visiting a Massage therapist could help to calm the body with physical and mental stress which may being cause by over training or just everyday the life stress. 

Registered massage therapist of BC have been trained to work with athlete and they have various and appropriate techniques that can help athletes with their specific injuries and they are train to give post treatment care that would speed up the recovery and getting back to do what an athletes like to do.


Well yes massage theraphy

Well yes massage theraphy which involves kneading from ice, oils special liquids is also very good in getting rid of the pain.

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