Runner's Knee

Imbalance of the muscles, misalignment of the knee cap and the other bones of the knee, excessive use and stress leading to wear and tear of the cartilage of the knee joint, trauma caused to the knee joint and problems of the feet along with weak thigh muscles are among the causes of the runner’s knee. Runner’s knee is also referred to as chondromalacia of the knee cap. If the knee is over-pronated or there is imbalance in the muscles, one may suffer from this condition. The symptoms of this condition are pain around the knee cap and frequent cracking noises from the knee. There can be swelling and inflammation around the knee cap as well. This happens as the cartilage becomes soft and irritated. To heal runner’s knee, it is suggested to do hamstring workouts to strengthen the hamstring, quadriceps, thigh and calf muscles. It is suggested you change your running shoes to alleviate the pain and use shoes that have a better running mechanism.

Massage therapy for runner’s knee can help by reducing tightness in the quadriceps and hamstrings muscles. Massage therapists are also trained to apply appropriate stretches to help reduce muscle tension around the knee joint. Massage therapists of BC are  knowledgeable, and can give proper home care stretching for tight muscles and strengthening for  weak muscles with lower extremities.

 Massage therapy is a smart, safe and effective way to treat your body.

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I belive that the greatest

I belive that the greatest reason why you should be worried about your legs is that it happens to be the most significant joint in the body. However, as we age, our muscle mass will begin to decline and the combined muscle mass in our legs are no different. As a result, joint problems occur with everybody.I have read a book about patellar tendonitis and it consist of various streching excercises that can help you in getting rid of the knee pain.

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