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Car Pool To Frosty on Race Day

I'm looking to do the 25k or 50k as a one dayer, leaving from North Van early am. The 25k looks attractive to allow leaving at a reasonable time, but twist my rubber arm and I could be convinced to leave at an obscene hour and do the 50k.


Shoot me an email me at rchore@my.bcit.ca if you are looking for a ride or are interested in car pooling.

Car Pool for Rubble Creek Classic

Is anyone else doing this race?  Right now, we have two vehicles heading up for two people...not exactly ideal.  I would sure like to here from anyone who wants to work out a car pool or can give me some advice on handling the shutlle between the start and finish (in particular, what is the driving time between the two?).

You can email me at: rchore@my.bcit.ca .  Please refer to Rubble Creek in the title of your note (or it will get lost in the junkmail).



Car Pool to the Squamish Scrambler

Hi all, I have three empty seats leaving from North Van for the Scrambler. Please email me at rchore@my.bcit.ca if you need a ride. On the plus side I have a 4X4 so we should make it to the top in one piece, the downside is that stupid SUV is a pig on gas so bring your wallet :(

I'll assume the CFA waiver covers my sketchy driving...

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