Fat Asses in the News

Just got my brand spankin' new November copy of Utrarunning magazine & it is chock full of our own Club members.

It's a little like playing Where's Waldo every month as I scan the results for familiar names, but this month we were treated to a whole'nother level.

For those who prefer to play find-it-for-themselves, then stop reading here, because here come the spoilers...

. . . . . . .

1-Mike Wardas wrote a one page article on Plain 100...complete with a photo of him.

2- If you look closely at the top photo on page 42 (the article on Cle Elum), you'll see a blurry Jackie Miur. She musta been moving extra fast.

3-The very back page (not the back cover) contains a full color/full page photo of Gary Robbins.

4- I am on the cover....kidding.

Not bad for a little club from the far corner of some uninhabited foreign country.


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Thanks Jennifer

Thanks Jennifer, I've dropped her a line and will hopefully get ma paws on a few copies!



UltraRunning Magazine

If you email Lisa Henson at UltraRunning magazine lisah@ultrarunning.com tell her who you are, I'm sure she'd send you a complimentary copy ... she's a lovely lady!

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We're Famous!

I'm gonna have to find a copy of that mag somewhere, I only learned last week that both Jackie and I are in there! I'd also like to read Mike's story as well, but I hear it's only available through subscrition? Maybe I could borrow yours when yer done with it, unless you are a collector?



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I'll scan the article at

I'll scan the article at work & email it to you...you could also steal Peter Watson's copy. It's easy to find on the NSA desk...He's using your picture as a coaster for his coffee cup.

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