Keith's 2006 goals

My top one for this year will have to be :

1. Go to Leadville and complete it.

2. Run more with my son.

3. Focus more on having fun.

4. Have a successful event here in Idaho (Kick Ass 50/25).

5. Stay injury free!!!

Well here is the assessment for my goals for this Year.

1. Leadville.......went and completed it first time out with 29 hours 31 minutes.  I was very happy about that.

2. Run more with son.   This one we did a little but not as much as I wanted.   Work more on this.

3. Focus more on having fun.   Done.....I had much more fun and less seriousness with training and running.   Still got things done but did'nt stress over it.

4.  Successful event.....it went so, so, with only 4 of us running it.  But I didn't stress over it.

5.  Stay injury free.     Did it!!  Very happy about it.

Thanks to all of you for your friendship and fun this year.


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Hey Keith,

Could you be a bit more specific on your 85%?  We are grading and need something like 3 out of 4 or at least which ones you achieved/what not.


Grade on Goals

I would probably give myself a B+.  I did most maybe like 85%. 

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