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Year's Goals

Well one of my years goals was to run Leadville and finish.  I had some ups and downs in my training and running.  As Leadville quickly approached I have to admit I had a couple doubts as to the outcome.  We went to Colorado about 12 days before the race and two days after I arrived I still had trouble breathing and running.  After about 7 days I started to feel "normal" and the running got easier. 

The North Idaho Kick Ass Race

Well the race kicked off at 6am on time.  We had 4 runners one which included myself.  It was a small but hardy group of runners.  We talked and ran and had a good time.  Instead of having 4 aid stations with this group I used two vehicles to stay near the runners and give aid.  Special thanks to my wife and son, Michele and Bradley, who crewed for all of us and did a outstanding job.  Mike Wolfe ran very well and basically moved to the front and stayed out there the whole way.  The rest of us basically ran together for most of the run.  We had tons of food for everyone and still have left overs.  Dan Probst ran solid as well as our furthest guest Butch.  We had good fun and made some new friends.  Thanks to the club and all the runners who came out to run with us.

North Idaho Kick Ass 50/25 Run

Well the North Idaho Kick Ass is set.  It has been very hot here the past couple days and is looking to get really hot.  Anyone that wants to stop by my house the day before the race feel fr

Idaho Kick Ass

Well, I'm still waiting for the rest of the course to clear up and still working on the race.   Got some fuel belts for prizes.  Got my entry into Leadville and am training for that as well as a m

Keith's 2006 goals

My top one for this year will have to be :

1. Go to Leadville and complete it.

2. Run more with my son.

3. Focus more on having fun.

4. Have a successful event here in Idaho (Kick Ass 50/25).

North Idaho Race Course Marking

Well I decided to try and mark out the mileage on the course after a snow storm.

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