Foolish Plunge 100 Mile Results - July 2011

For the local folks Saturday turned out to be pleasantly warm.  For the Wisconsinites:  Angela, Julie and Craig, it was pleasantly cool, a wonderful change from the oppressive heat where they came from.  Pretty much a perfect day for this event.
There were eight at the starting line for the 8 AM start.  Three others started an hour earlier and met the 8 AM group on Lava Flow Hill, the two groups having chosen to do their first loop in opposite directions.
Everyone was pleasantly surprised to discover that, while they were out on the course, Heather MacDonald and Don Scott had set up a full aid station at the start.  There was a canopy, tables, chairs and an extensive selection of goodies.  This was not the usual Fat Ass aid delivered out of the trunk of a car. 
The three Wisconsinites plus Adam and the event host were the only ones to go beyond two loops.  The lack of training caught up with the event host on Nine Mile Hill so he decided to return to the start where he enjoyed several cold beers, some smokies and the agreeable company of Heather and Don.
The 100 mile runners carried on through the night.  In the morning they were joined again by the event host for the final loop.  The finish was somewhat anti-climactic: no cheering fans, no television cameras, even the mayor didn't show up.  Some shared beers, a few sincere hugs and the group parted for showers and well earned sleep.
From the comments they made and extensive picture taking it seems that our guests enjoyed themselves.  We hope that they will return sometime for another Canadian style Fat Ass event.  It was a pleasure sharing trail time with them.  Here is their event report on the Lapham Peak Trail Runners blog.
Name                    Distance     Time
Julie Treder 100 M       27:43 
Craig Swartwout 100 M       27:43 
Angela Barbera 100 M       28:57 
Karl Jensen 54 M       16:55 
Adam Way 42 M       7:16 
Kerry Ward 28 M       4:46 
Sammy Lofti-Pour 28 M       4:46 
Pat Woods 28 M       7:15 
Lishe O'Kiely 28 M       7:26 
Betty Todd 28 M       7:26 
Kelly Corday 28 M       7:26 



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Angela, one of the

Angela, one of the Wisconsinites wrote me with a link to their ultra running blog:

"Hi Sibylle,
Below is our report of the race!! Some great pictures and if you click on 2011 in pictures and scroll to the bottom there are more..... We had a fantastic time and so grateful that Karl extended the FA invitation to us!!!!

One last thing ... sorry!! If you could copy the link as a comment under Karls Report I would be grateful!!!!
Thanks Much :)"


Thanks to all involved

It was a pleasure running out on the trails early with Sammy and Adam. On our second loop, run the opposite direction as suggested by Karl, we connected with the rest of the participants. Hats off to Adam for carrying on for a third loop while Sammy and I went rafting on the Elaho with Canadian Outback Adventures.

Much respect to the Wizzyconsinites who really WERE ready for the Fat Dog. Awesome ultra community comes through again.

And HUGE thanks to Heather and Don (and John) who appeared with a bountiful aid station like a desert oasis in the middle of nowhere.

Much fun:  

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