Foolish Plunge 100 Mile Results - August 2011

There were no takers for the 100 mile option. Five people with various goals were at the 7 AM start, with others starting at various times. The first loop was cloudy and cool, but the later loops were sunny and hot.
It was a pleasure to meet Wendy Montgomery and a few other elite athletes on Nine Mile Hill. They were running Stormy #11 on the original 64 K course. It’s good to see the Stormy tradition continue, hopefully the “official” Stormy events will be back next year.
Dana is training for her first 100 mile event, the Cascade Crest 100 Mile Endurance Run (http://www.cascadecrest100.com/). She ran well all day and would have finished much quicker if she hadn‘t been slowed down by a couple of old Fools. After last weekend‘s performance she should feel very confident about her chances of completing CC100.
Name Distance Time
Dana Samis 56 M 13:19     
John Machray 56 M 13:34     
Karl Jensen 56 M 13:34     
Jessica Glowacki 28 M 5:52     
Pamela Keck 28 M 5:52     
Deavah Sawyer 28 M 7:04     
Liza Fleming 14 M 3:20     
Carolyn King 14 M 3:20     
Dave Berg 14 M 3:20     
Neil Ambrose 14 M 3:20     



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