Flash - Pure Foolishness 25K Results

It was nice to meet Paige at the start on Saturday morning.  Like Kristyl and Chris the previous weekend she also got tired of listening to a couple of Fools natter away about their running.  Unfortunately she didn't know the course, so had no choice but to stay with them to the end.

Paige has aspirations to do a 100 mile race.  Based on her speed and hill climbing ability she should do very well at that.


Name Distance Time
Paige Morrow 25K 4:10
John Machray 25K 4:10
Karl Jensen 25K 4:10



Great Foolishness!

Many thanks to Karl for organizing this foolish event and for not allowing me to wander off on any detours! Not sure that I'm cracked up to be a 100 miler but tomorrow's Vancouver 100 should be a good test.

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