2011 Results - Foolish Gerbil 100 Mile Trail Run

There were only five starters at the 8 AM starting line.  Notably missing was Rachel, who, in addition to Adrian and Karl, had intended to do the full 100 miles.  That was very disappointing to the others who had planned to do the full distance and were looking forward to her company.  The cold weather was almost perfect for running, although the occasional very light showers caused significant anxiety for the event host who remembered the near hypothermic experience of the 2009 Foolish Gerbil 100 Mile run.  Fortunately nothing serious developed weather-wise.

Wendy, Janet and George led the starting pack.  Adrian and Karl followed at a slower pace in the hopes of completing the entire 100 miles.  Karl seemed a little lacking in commitment however, having arrived at the start with a foamy, blankets and a pillow in his van.

Adam and Meredith met the others part way through the first loop.  It seems they decided to do a little off course exploring of the park.  Pat and Sibylle took a more civilized 10 AM start.

At the completion of 90 K, without Rachel there to nag them to continue, Adrian and Karl decided that hot showers and warm beds were preferable to spending 14 or more hours on the cold, dark trails.  Once again the Foolish Gerbil 100 Mile Trail Run remains unconquered.


Name Distance Time
Adrian Powell 90 K 12:43  
Karl Jensen 90 K 12:43  
Wendy Montgomery 30 K 3:13  
Janet Rosenfeld 30 K 3:13  
Georege Foreshaw 30 K 3:20  
Meredith Cale 24 K 2:15  
Adam Way 24 K 2:15  
Sibylle Tinsel 10 K 1:18  
Pat Barry 10 K 1:18