2009 January - Foolish Gerbil 50km Run - Results

Flash - Foolish Gerbil 50K Trail Run - Results

January 25 - 10 starters

It was a great day weather-wise for this run, cold but sunny in the morning, warming to a comfortable temperature in the afternoon.  The only disappointment was the amount of snow still on the Imperial and Heron trails, although there was certainly less than the previous week.  Thanks to Kirsten for dragging along a couple of Fools again.  And to Chad for the donuts.  This is getting to be a bad habit we like.




 Chad Hyson    50K  5:13
 Lorie Alexander    50K  5:27 
 Barry Hopkins    50K  5:27
 Kirsten Ramage      50K  6:11
 Gilles Barbeau    50K  6:11
 Karl Jensen    50K  6:11
 Sylvie Jorger    30K  3:20
 Rick Arikado    20K  1:53
 Teresa Perri    20K  1:54
 Mitch Ma    20K  1:54
 Steven Lee    20K  1:54