Running the Nootka Trail by The Chaser

Hi Everyone !!

                      The Chaser here ! Mission to run the Nootka trail in under 8hrs, my friend Wanneta Beal would be the first woman to ever run this trail, The tides ,weather was right, the van was ready to go, we drove to Gold river boarded a float plane from Nootka Air at 7.00 off we flew up the west coast from Gold River to Srarfish Bay , we got got to see the trail by air before we ran it, the pilot was great explaining the difficult sections, it was a beautiful sunny day and the flight was amazing !

                     The Run ! STarfish Bay start of run depart floatplane , excited, twisted roots, streams, the usual trail challenges, 20 minutes later Third Beach a quick picture, off we go opps! Wheres the camera ? As Im running back to find the camera major fall, split knee wide open look like 3 stitches at least, tore right palm wide open. left palm and wrist turning black rapidly, never did find that darn camera ! Caught up with Wanneta blood streaming from knee , Im feeling pumped I knew it was only going to get better.

                    Running on the rockledge now in the water making awesome time, holding the pace strong for Wanneta, the woman has got some power, by far the most amazing trail of the 4 trails that I have run , wolf tracks,bear tracks , cougar tracks, we seem to be chasing them , this such a beautiful area.

                    Calvin Falls leg still bleeding starting to stiffen a bit, hydration and and fueling going well every hour on the mark ! My stamina is holding up , the tides have caught us though and now we are back on the trails where the going is slower and tougher on the knee.

                   It is so beautiful out here, I love this sport, The Tidal serge swin after 33 km I wasnt graceful but I got across !

There it was Nootka Lighthouse the finish line , Wanneta and I had done it in 7hrs and 39 minutes!!Mission accomplished

THe Chaser

Brad Holmes KBO

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Well done you two!

Good read and great pictures.


Thanks for doing the driving for the Frosty.What a fantastic event!

I hope you got home safely from this latest adventure of the "Big" Islanders.

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very cool.  thanks for

very cool.  thanks for sharing

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