TCT Social Club 2013?

I would like to see the TCT Social Club run again this year. In unrelated news, I would have a healthy headstart in the 2013 edition.
Yesterday, I ran from Willingdon Ave in Burnaby to the other side of the Golden Ears Bridge in Langley (Section 4.2 to Section 8.2), or 60.1 km of complete sections. I started at 1:30 and finished about 6h later. It was a beautiful day but it stayed nice and cool the whole time.
It was a repeat from my attempt last year, when I ran out of water on the other side of the Pitt River Bridge. It had been a hot day so I called in for a ride. Yesterday was cool enough that I was carrying enough water for the whole distance.
I got lost twice in the same exact spots as last year: that tells you something about my memory. I could only remember that I had been confused there before, but I made the same wrong choices again.
Here: http://goo.gl/maps/oXS8a you must take left and cross North over the bridge.
And here: http://goo.gl/maps/p0lsH, turn left right after the bridge, to the North.


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Nice.  I will ask Wendy about

Nice.  I will ask Wendy about the TCT this year.  I was hoping to run lot of it for marathon prep. but running seem a long way off right now.

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