No Nickel-and-Diming for NSR

To show my support for North Shore Rescue in the Knee Knackering North Shore Trail Run fundraising challenge in 2012, I collected pennies.  
I think you and I did a fine job of taking a tonne of pennies out of circulation, as we managed to contribute 28,437of them to NSR last year. (As well as 70-cents in Canadian Tire money and some euro cents and other foreign change.)  
This year, the pennies are all gone. 
Given that 2013 is the 25th Anniversary of the KKNSTR, I'm sure you'll agree this is no time for nickel-and-dimeing.  So this year, I'm asking for your quarters.

I'm sure you've heard the reports on the radio or tv about out-of-bound snowboarders, lost hikers, mountain bikers who have hit trees, or visitors in high heels who have come to grief on the Grouse Grind.  Maybe you know a trail runner or peak-bagger who has benefited from a helping hand?  The beautiful thing about NSR is that they aim to be there when you need them.  
Hopefully, you'll never need them.  If you believe in karma, this is a chance to buy some with what's sitting gathering dust in that beer mug on your desk, sitting under the cushion in your sofa or in the ashtray of your car.  
I'll aim to collect donations at Club Fat Ass events and KKNSTR training runs over the next few months.  If you're all out of quarters, you can chip in virtual quarters on my donation page.
This year, the Knee Knacker is on Saturday 13 July and that's when the last quarter drops.  I'll share progress reports here.


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