Athletic Turning Points - The Challenge

WRT a recent review of a running book (Born to Run), I belong to a book club.  For the upcoming book club meeting, each member of the club is supposed to write a little story about a "turning point" in their lives. 

This is an unusual request for this men's book club.  It has caused some controversy and actually seen one distinguished member decline to participate.  It's an interesting challenge, though.  Kind of like, "What personal stories should I share on the CFA website?"  

On the one hand, you don't want to make your friends puke.  On the other hand, stepping outside of the social comfort zone can take a friendship to another level.  Where do you draw the line with TMI (too much information)? 

Long trail runs tend to shake out these kind of stories.  With 6, 8 hours... sometimes more, alone with another person or in a small group, everyone with a passionate common interest, no distractions... I've heard some mind-blowing personal stories.  I've also come to know people on a completely different level because the time we share is quality time.  The cone of silence generally applies.  "What goes on the trail, stays on the trail."

Anyway, about a half-hour into my run the other day, I was in the zone and thinking about the book club challenge.  Nothing to lose.  Sure, I'd participate. 

Next, identify a few key forks in the road of that were worthy of sharing.  I assumed that I had 15 minutes to live.  In that short time, I had to look back at my life and shake out a few turning points that would make for a story.

The first things that came to mind all related to athletic stuff.  So I figured I'd share the stories here.  Give me something to think about during the next solo run.  Give you something to chat about the next time we run together.  Get me "blogging".  Have a choice when it comes time to pick a story for the book club.

Hopefully, you'll find the stories interesting.  Maybe you'll accept the book club challenge and share an athletic turning point of your own?