Reverse trail triathlon

Hello All

I am considering a format change to Mary Leliveld’s Happy Trails. As she was an avid triathlete I was thinking of putting on a reverse triathlon – which would be a trail run followed by a trail bike and then a lake swim. I am thinking that the run would be anywhere from a half hour to an hour, bike about an hour or two and then swim of about 20-30 minutes. You would still need to ride back to the start but I`m still going to call it a triathlon!  Please add a comment if you want me to put this on.




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I'd be game, although, I

I'd be game, although, I likely ride on the road as I do not have a mountain bike (could do easy stuff perhaps).

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Reverse triathlon is a GO!

OK, it is on!! Run will be shorter, likely 30 minutes and we will start at 2:00 pm. Details will be provided at my place when we depart.

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