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Five short companions and I conquered Suicide Bluffs, the newest addition to the Bagger Challenge.

Although not marked on official Mt Seymour trailposts, and cautioned on various maps as an "undeveloped route", the route is easy to find.

Two approaches: north of the Dog Mountain terminus (trail easy to find; leads to three steep climbs to the three highest bluff viewpoints); and off the main Seymour Mountain Trail, in a clear trail past a boggy tarn before Brockton Point.

The trail makes a good loop trail with the 'official' Dog Mountain trail. The quick-and-dirty approach is an out-and-back via the Seymour main trail. The longer and more satisfying climb goes via Dog Mountain, past pleasant views of Vancouver, the Seymour River valley, Cathedral, Grouse and other peaks, multiple small murkish lakes, bolete mushrooms, and some impressive old-growth cedars and Douglas Firs.

The peak is the second peak, immediately north of Second Lake.

It is not an easy climb for children, but my companions (those on foot aged 8 to 12) survived with minimal grumbles, with pride and joy at the viewpoints. There are fearsome cliffs at the north side of the peak, into the Suicide Creek Valley, that children should not approach.