Series of Dreams: the Bagger Quaich champions of 2011

The Bagger Quaich champions of 2011:

Munro Quaich: Bill Maurer: 50 peaks

Pippa Quaich: Carolyn King: 33 peaks

Harry Quaich: Harry Crerar: 10 peaks

Tundra Quaich: Tundra the Ultra Dog: 22 peaks

Twisted Quaich: tba

Congratulations, despite the summer of dismal weather.

Final results 2012




























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from the Custodian of the Pippa Quaich...















How time flies... a year has passed since the last Baggers Banquet.  What a fine evening it was!  Somewhere between the appies, a fine dinner, speeches, presentation of awards and the trip home, however, a trickster switched the quaichs!

No wonder my Scotch has tasted like perfume and lipstick... I went home with the Pippa quaich, the quaich that tradition dictates should go to the woman who bags the most peaks in the North Shore Bagger Challenge.

My sincerest congrats to Carolyn (the one on the left of the photo) who, for the unprecidented third year in a row, has won the Bagger Challenge.  Also to Bill, who takes my place as reigning Baggermeister.  

To insure there is no confusion in the future as to which quaich belongs to which bagger, I took the liberty of painting the "girlie" quaich pink.  

See you tonigh!


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Bagger Challenge 2011

Hey Ean,

We missed you out there this year! Despite the weather conditions we had some great adventures. Team Dodgy got ourselves into some challenging moments at times. Neil moved us on if we were Lollygagging. Thankfully we found solutions to carry on! 

Keep Calm and Carry On! 

Happy Trails!


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