Kennedy Falls


Secret for CFA runners: if you haven't discovered the west side of Lynn Creek yet, the trails have been greatly improved and marked. East off the first switchback length of old Mountain Highway, the very runnable Big Cedar trail leads to this glorious giant after about 3K. After that, west and uphill and then soon again due north, traversing the slope again, to arrive at the spectacular and seemingly endless cascades of Kennedy Falls less than 1K later. The entire trip is reasonably runnable. In years before, the trail to the falls was a gnarly mess, but it has been greatly improved and flagged. 

The only challenging bit was proceeding on from the falls. We intended to go the the next major creek, Wickenden Creek, and then down to Lynn Creek. As it turned out, there was no immediately convenient spot to cross Kennedy Creek (we first tried upslope, to discover a side cascade, but no obvious crossing spot), so we stumbled down the south side of Kennedy Creek before leaping across at a somewhat dicey spot. In lower waters, the exercise would be easy, I suspect. From the north side, we bushwhacked NE, joining Wickenden Creek near its confluence with Lynn Creek. Then an easy and refreshing fording of Lynn Creek, to the east side, and then a short upslope scramble to join the well-trod Lynn Headwaters/Cedar Mills trail. Much recommended.  


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What sort of time allowance should I beg from the family to do this one?

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easy-peasy: 3-5 hours.

easy-peasy: 3-5 hours.


I've never gone past that big galoot, but now I think I will. I love that the sensible end to this involves wading across the creek.

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