Craig Moore's 2006 Goals

Here's my 2006 athletic wish list. A long time ago I thought I wasn't very competitive ... but apparently I am so watch out!

1) Do at least 1/2 hour of heart raising activity six days per week, for the entire year, including: Run, walk, swim, hike, snowshoe, bike, lift weights, etcetera ... does sex count? If it does I'm golden.

2) Achieve a new Personal Best time at the Knee Knacker (working toward a sub 7:30h) ... better luck next year.

3) Do 50 pushups in a row ... I'm pretty sure I did 50 push ups this year ...

4) Do 10 complete full body chin-ups in a row ... I'll give myself 10 pretty good chin ups in a row with room for improvement.

5) Think longingly about doing the Forbidden Forest Run and hopefully be in good enough shape to accept an invitation ... favourable intuition prevailed ... I passed this time until a better opportunity arrises ;)

6) Do the Fluffy Bunny Trail Run and not be concerned about getting lost (it's a CFA event after all) ... something about this being "the toughest trail run ever" hasn't scared me off.  I'm feeling good enough to think about doing it still for the first time.

7) Dirty Duo 25 Km ... oh ya baby!  number 2 on the new course.

8) Do the CFA Vancouver World Run 50K on March 26 with Jesper Olsen ... yup but a shortened version 'cause I'm just not a road runner after all.

9) Crew the Crew and run one section at the new CFA Vancouver 100 trail run in June ... it was allll goooood!!!!  I watched the guys have a super day and joined Mike for the section between Cleveland Dam and Mtn Hwy.

10) Run the CFA Pure Satisfaction 24K in December ... short and fast for me this year and feeling awesome. Since there was one more event added after mine (Galbraith Mtn Run) I did it for good measure as well.  Nothing like a good run in December and it was awesome too.


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Craig's 2006 results

A few days ago I posted my detailed results next to my resolutions as you can see above.  Here's a synopsis with a couple more comments:

1) As always, I found myself doing regular exercise as part of my daily life.  If I could make the time to go for a walk at lunch time or after work, I would do it.  I continued to incorporate a variety of activities in my daily living and for me that is what it is all about.  For an honest score, relative to what I felt I wanted to achieve, I'll give myself 7 out of 10.  Hopefully my health remains well so I can do even more this coming year as that was a bit of a stumbling block in 2006.

2) My Knee Knacker time was my second slowest out of 7 finishes.  The best part is I had a very successful run because I felt great at the end and had lots of fun.  And for the first time I went for a massage at the finish line and that was definitely a good decision.  Score: 6 out of 10 for effort and a practical approach.

3) For some reason the push up thing did not materialize the way I planned.  I have no idea why.  Score: 3 out of 10.

4) I was quite successful with the chin ups. Score 8.5 out of 10.

5) Well, I thought longingly about the FFR and was in good enough shape to do it.  I even accepted the invitation initially but never did sign up because I had an odd feeling there was trouble brewing .... Score : 10/10 or 0/10, depending how you look at it.

6) The Fluffy Bunny Trail Run : nope ... 0/10

7) Dirty Duo 25 Km : yup  10/10

8) Vancouver World Run 50K on March 26 with Jesper Olsen : yup 10/10 (ran ~20km)

9) Crew the Crew and run one section at the new CFA Vancouver 100 trail run : yup 10/10 (ran Cleveland Dam to Mtn Hwy)

10) Run the CFA Pure Satisfaction 24K in December : yup 10/10 (ran ~10km)

Over all score, 7.5 out of 10.  I remained active the whole year, as much as I could, and I have finished up 2006 in great shape and completely ready for a planned 25k Fat Ass 50.  And I'm still aiming for a new PB in 2007 for the Knee Knacker.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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week one

the first week went well ... I actually considered buying road shoes this weekend to get ready for the Vancouver World Run ... haven't had any new roadies for several years as I'm been having way too much fun on the trails ... I'm feeling good and am very happy with my training so far this year except for that kink in my neck!  Over all an easy week with an awesome muddy run today for a couple hours in Lynn Headwaters (Sunday).


# 6 might be tough. Maybe you can come out with me on my "try to make better direction" runs!
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Invitation to the Forbidden Forest Run

Consider yourself invited.  Now it's up to you!
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oh oh

now that you guys have read my list and I'm solidly beholden to my goals I'm going to follow through with a vengeance ya know.  Maybe I'll just double up on everything I said, 100 push ups, 20 chin ups, DD50k, FFR back and forth, oh wait, 2005 was all about The Double, hmmm, maybe 2006 can be all about something new like, no, not the triple, how about something worldly, ya, like, maybe I'll just start running now and not stop until Jesper gets here ...  ;)

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