Fat Asses at Yeti Ascent

Great to see all the Fat Ass Club members at the Yeti Ascent today.  You guys rock!  From Deep Cove to the First Pump, on a really rainy day, now that's a challenge.  And Daniel was wearing his Fat Ass shirt..and shorts...good for you, Daniel! 

The day had its sadness too and when I heard how many racers responded, it made me glad to be part of this community of trail runners and snowshoers.


Thanks Cheryl

Thank for helping out at the ascent.  as I was running up the moutain I was thinking how cold the volunteers had to be just standing around in the rain.  I did my first 50 miler this weekend down at capital peak and was planning to showcase the new shirt but I forgot which aid station I had left it at.  and then I forgot to pick up my drop bags at the end of the race so I hope I can get my shirt back soon.

I didn't find out about Bob till they sent the email thursday.  I could see the look on peoples faces but I was hoping for the best

Thanks agian to every one, I agree great groop of people  

Need more info on Capital Peak

How was the Capital Peak 50 miler?  I think that one is held around Olympia, right?  Geez, Daniel,  we need to know more!  Is it a beautiful route?  Would you recommend it to others as a first 50 mile race?  How was the weather... better than pouring down rain, I hope.  Did it go well, were you pleased with your time? 

I really do love to hear about runs but if I'm being a nag, just ignore this blog.

Capital peak 50

Boy what a first fifty that was. luckly or not, some how all my long runs this winter were in the rain and snow because it rain and snowed.  you could say I'm a mosacicist because it really didn't bother me other than the numb feet and hands but I survived and even sprinted acrost the finish line. I came in 12 out of the 27 who finished 10 people dropped out. there were some Canadians down there I had met bruce grant the week before he dropped at mile 27 but I don't blame him he had also done the ascent the week before and we all know what the weather was like then.  The trail itself was awesome the last 10 miles were a nice steady down hill you could just fly. it's all kind of a blur now I just finished a 20 mile run today I think I'm somewhere past a 100 miles in the last three weeks.  there's some pics and the story at this link  My time was 9:45  http://www.theolympian.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20060416/SPORTS/604160304

Thanks for the interest


The article and the pics

The article and the pics were great, thanks for the link.  I think every runner interviewed said the same thing "I couldn't feel my hands". Good for you for finishing and with a good time.

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