Cheryl Johnson's 2006 Resolutions

Wow. The resolutions that have been posted are totally inspiring. Amazing and you are just the people to do it. But I have to say, don't wait. Do it now. Time goes by in a blink.

My main, number one 2006 goal is to run faster. I'm having fun but I need to work on that. It can be measured easily because I'm doing many of the same races, plus a few:

  • Dirty Duo
  • Kusam Klimb (awesome run in Sayward)
  • Keith's Idaho Run
  • Fluffy Bunny
  • Fall Mountain Hwy Madness x3
  • Rubble Creek
  • Kelowna Marathon to qualify for Boston
  • as many Fat Ass Runs as possible
  • Crew as much as possible, Vancouver 100, Badwater or WS, H2H Ultra

As Carlos says, I love this sport!

Cheryl Johnson