Lynn and Needle Peaks

The full trip report including photos for the 2011-07-05 trip is here:


There are a total of 5 peaks along the Needles / Lynn Ridge with the most direct approach for all being from Hydraulic Creek. The generally recognized main summit of Lynn Peak is the one immediately south of the Hydraulic Creek drainage (the north peak). The one immediately beyond the viewpoint at the top of the Lynn Pk trail is referred to as "South Lynn Peak" on bivouac.com.

I would propose that "South Lynn Peak" be added to the Bagger List.

Locations of the 5 summits (bivouac.com) from south to north are:

49.3850-123.0178 South Lynn Pk
49.3953-123.0147 Lynn Pk
49.4056-123.0144 South Needle
49.4097-123.0142 Middle Needle
49.4142-123.0144  North Needle

Here's a map identifying the summits and route from Hydraulic Creek:

needleslynnmap.jpg168.73 KB
LynnAndNeedlePeaks.gpx12.38 KB


How long does it take to get true Lynn from Hydraulic?

Hi Bill,

I did the mamby pamby south lynn Peak this morning before work. I knew it wasn't the true peak but was limited for time.

If i was to go up the road to Hydraulic creek (?km marker on road) how long would it take from the start of the road to bag Lynn, then South, Middle and North needles and get back to the road?

Appreciate your help.


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From the Gazebo at LSCR it's close to 6km to Hydraulic Creek on the paved path. 15 minutes by bike. Then it's about 1:15 to the ridge up Hydraulic Creek. From the ridge junction it's 15 minutes to the top of true Lynn Pk heading south. From the ridge junction it's 30 minutes to the top of South Needle heading north. Middle and North Needles are much more involved. I took 4:15 round trip from the ridge junction to do all 3 needles with the current snow conditions.

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You make a good argument. The prominence is sufficient is consider Lynn Peak a new Bagger Peak, and thus create an even more mega peak sweep route.


The popular "Lynn Peak" viewpoint is no peak at all.

South Lynn is a boring high-point just north of the viewpoint.

Then the handsome newish Needles trail plunges down to the north, towards the true Lynn Peak and then, beyond, to the Needles.

Has anyone done it so far this year?


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