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Michele's Rehab Resolutions 2009

A string of injuries (priformis, hamstring, SI joint, IT pain, hip socket pain/restriction , a mild groin pull . . . ) and a diagnosis of breast cancer have kept me from really attacking my running goals this past year. Seems I can beat cancer, but not the various leg maladies I’m still sporting. Could it be the fact that I continued to run, walk, ski throughout all my injuries and treatments? Hmm. Or that I was not always religious or exacting in the performance of my constantly evolving repertoire of physiotherapy exercises??

Thank you shirt design team!

Now that the weather has turned cool, I'm finally getting a chance to wear and appreciate the long sleeved Club Fat Ass T. Comfy stylish and (so far) non-stinky. Wish I had more than one. So, I just wanted to give a big long overdue thank you to Sibylle, Vanessa, and Jess (and everyone else who helped) for all your creativity and hard work. Can't wait to see what's cooking for next year!

Michele's 2006 Resolutions

My biggest goal, and one I started working on by joining CFA, is to focus on enjoying running instead of obsessing about pace and PBs. Since this is “non-measurable
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