10 Reasons for Running In The Rain

Getting serious with my plans to run the Vancouver New Year's Day Fat Ass 50 and to not neglect my midweek runs, I couldn't find an excuse this morning for not heading out.

It was raining, really hard. The roads were flooded and the trails looked like giant mud puddles. Our furnace had broken down the day before and I was slowly turning into an icicle. Moving could only be good!

Trutching along neighborhood roads I contemplated what I like about running in the rain. Unless you are made out of sugar like Rain No Train Jackson, it's really not so bad once you are out there...isn't that what they tell you before you jump into an ice cold glacial lake?

Here are my 10 reasons to run in the rain:

1. The shower afterwards feels really good.
2. It's good for your skin (is it really?).
3. It makes you tough.
4. Nobody else is out there.
5. I like jumping into puddles.
6. People think you are crazy.
7. The air feels purified.
8. You don't cheat and start to walk.
9. You can test how long it takes before you get hypothermia.
10.You run faster to stay warm.

What are your reasons to run in the rain...or not to run in the rain?


2 words

and the number 1 reason Free Laundry Service (yes I realize that's three)


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how many reasons do you want for running in the rain?

Oh this is way too easy ... here are my reasons for getting off my butt in the rain:

1. there's more running days in Lynn Valley throughout the year that are wet than dry.

2. I love mud.

3. I could go for a run with Sibylle.

4. I could think of Rain No Train dude sittin on his butt doin nuthin.

5. I could think about some of the most fun days I've ever had on the trails with my good friends in the rain.  Like the time we ran up Fisherman's and almost the whole way was a river under foot and a heavy shower from above .... now that was fun!  And we are still talking about it years later.

6. The warm bath/shower afterwards feels soooo good.

7. It's good for the circulation.

8. It cleans my shoes.

9. If we didn't run in the rain here, well, um, when would we run?

10. It makes me appreciate the sun a whole lot more ...

I got lots more reasons if you want 'em but I gotta go out for a run now.

Not running in the rain

I alway get a flu or sick after I run in the rain. To go out to run alone is already a hard choice, but in the rain? That makes an afternoon NFL football game or just reading a book looking like a very attactive alternative. I am a dry weather runner, if there is a drop from the sky then I am out of running mood. I renewed my membership for the gym today and expect to stay dry. By the way, I am already thinking I am more like a gym rat.


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You guys are all sissies...(and I mean this in the nicest, most respectful way possible - afterall I am married to sugar man)

Sugar man gets sick everytime he runs in the rain....beats me!  Must be some genetic thing ;-)

BTW, I am a gym rat, too and try to go twice a week.  However, nothing beats being out in the woods, on the beaches or just in the neighborhood for a run, bike ride or even just a walk.  We spent so many hours indoors that I often crave fresh air.  Because of my children and work commitments, I often don't have a choice as to when I run.  If I plan a run for Saturday morning, I better do it, rain or shine, because if I don't it might not happen during the rest of the day.

And, I admit it, I much rather run in the sparkling sunshine (as long as it doesn't get too hot!) than in a West Coast downpour.


Ok, I admitted I am a part-time sissies but I will committed myself if there is race I already sign up for. I like to work out in the gym for two reasons - one to stay dry (obviously ) and other is I live in area relatively flat and no technical trails nearby. Years of running in the same area and it get boring. Rather waste time in traveling which I rather can't do, I found equal quality workout on treadmill that included hills and speed trainings combined reasonable short period of time, 45 min. Then 20 min weight training which I like to boost my body muscles. That all exercise I needed n a day. So I really have no reason and time to go run outdoor. My reason for running is more for intensive cardio workout so I gain speed and endurance then just out for fresh air and friendship. I want to win a few races. If I have some leisure time in the weekend I will try to go outdoor to enjoy fresh air but is also has to included in the training as well.



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Gym Training

Thanks for your thoughts on this, Adam.  I am thinking about turning this thread about training in the gym into another blog post.  Very interesting.  While I certainly believe that you can have a great cardio workout on the equipment in the gym, I doubt, you can do the majority of your training on a treadmill, stair master or elliptical trainer and expect to win a race, especially a trail race.  Something to investigate further....
On a different subject,  please remember to sign-in before posting.  That way your comments go life without needing my approval.
Hope to see you out on the trails!

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10 Reasons Why *NOT* to Run in the Rain

Argh, just the thought of running in the rain makes me feel miserable!  Here are some thoughts off the top of my head of things to do rather than run in the rain.  (Give me 2 minutes and I can come up with a lot more):

1.  Roll over and  catch some more  ZZZ's in your warm bed
2.  Lie awake in your warm bed and listen to the rain outside
3.  Lie awake in your warm bed and read a good book on running
4.  Lie awake in your warm bed and listen to tunes and think of  how nice it is to run in warm, sunny weather
5.  Get up, have a coffee and read the newspaper until it stops raining, then go for a run
6.  If it is still raining when the coffee is gone and the newspaper is read, then do some chores
7.  If it is still raining when the chores are done, the books and newspapers are read, the coffee is gone, then check the Internet to see when the rain is supposed to stop.  If not today, then consider designating today an official rest day
8.  If you get itchy feet, drive to the gym and run on the treadmill
9.  If you don't have a gym pass, then drive to a multi-story parking garage and run up and down it
10.  Catch up on your blog

Ean "Rain, No Train" Jackson (aka "The Sugar Man")


Reason 11 not to run

Reason # 11 not to run: 2 words... nipple chaffing!

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Band Aid Works

Band Aids work.  I didn't know you were a sissy, too...;-)

Two more reasons

11.No need to wash your face when you get up at dawn to run the trails, the bushes and broom will do that for you. 12.Your heavily stained blotchy shoes will miraculously turn an even browny grey.... Any more?

About running in the rain

13. You can mud up a newbies clean gear, oops! sorry did I do that?
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Keep them coming!

Keep them coming!

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