How Can I Copy Content into My Post?

One would hope that cutting text from one place and pasting that text into another place (e.g. the CFA site) would be as simple as pie.  Unfortunately, it's not. 

What you cut from some software applications (Microsoft Word and Outlook come quickly to mind) comes with all sorts of invisible code that can make a mess of your contribution to the CFA site.  Here's how you can avoid problems:

  1. Select the content in Word, Outlook or scrape from a webpage (use the mouse or Ctrl+A to select all).
  2. Copy it to the clipboard (Ctrl+C or select "copy" from the edit menu).
  3. Place the cursor on the location in your CFA post where you want the copied text to begin.
  4. Press the "Paste from Word" icon (small blue W icon) on the little text editor above the post's body.
  5. A pop up window will appear. Paste your text into the window (Ctrl+V) and click "insert".