Who Can Use and Contribute to this Website?

Anyone is welcome to use the Club Fat Ass "online clubhouse". Use of our facilities is free.

We want the site to be a great resource for you, and people like you, who are looking for information about running and related activities.

We also want the CFA "online clubhouse" to be a place where you, and people like you, feel comfortable. Our community is very welcoming and sharing. We value your race reviews, your photos, your comments on our adventure stories and your advice. We value your opinion and trust that you will respect those of others you meet at the "clubhouse".

Like most clubs, we do get the occasional bad apple coming through the door. In the online world, this frequently means spammers, people who might vandalize our clubhouse or otherwise be mean to our members and guests.

To minimize the impact of "bad apples" and to make it easy for you and other "good apples" to benefit from our community, we ask that you create a User Account and that you sign in when you want to contribute to the community.