What are the Different Types of Content?

So you're ready to contribute a report about a running adventure, or something similar.  You click on "Create Content" and now have to make a choice about what type of content you want to create.  Here's a clarification:

  • Event
    Club Events are scheduled for a specific date and time. Scheduled Events will be posted by admin. Flash Events can be posted by CFA members any time. To post an event, log in, look for your navigation block on the left side bar, select "create content", and select "event".
  • Forum post
    A forum is a threaded discussion, enabling users to discuss a particular topic. You can post a forum topic here. Forum topics will also be posted on the right hand column under Active Forum Topics.
  • Image
    We use Flickr to share photos of our events and the Traveling Colours Contest.  Instructions are posted here.
  • Personal blog entry
    A blog is a regularly updated journal made up of individual entries, often called posts, that are time stamped and typically arranged by the day, with the newest on top (a diary is the reverse). They tend to be quite personal, often containing links to things you've seen, or to editorials that you find interesting. Some blogs also contain original material written solely for the blog. Since a blog is personal, you and only you have full control over what you publish. Blog posts on the CFA website will automatically be posted to the front page, so make sure you check your spelling before hitting submit!
  • Poll
    A poll is a multiple-choice question which visitors can vote on.
  • Story
    A story is similar to a newspaper article. It automatically gets promoted to the front page. As an Event Host you can use the story function to announce your event or results. Stories can also be used to announce events in the community, as long as the announcement/event is relevant to Club Fat Ass. Please use this feature responsibly. Any inappropriate content will be removed and might result in the cancellation of your posting privileges.