Calendar of Canadian Ultras - Submission Form

Please complete this form if you (or your club or association) host a qualifying Canadian ultra event and you would like a free listing on the Calendar of Canadian ultra events.

We maintain this calendar as a free service to people around the world who are interested in participating in ultra endurance sports events in Canada.   We hope that by making it easy to find events, more people will get outdoors and play.  We also hope that a listing on this calendar will help you, the person who is hosting the event, get free exposure which will lead to more people entering your event.

As far as the calendar goes, a qualifying ultra event is:

  • an event located in Canada
  • an "ultra" endurance sport event
What's an "ultra"?  Depending on the discipline, the definition is a bit open to interpretation.  It is generally accepted that for a triathlon, an "ultra" means greater than the 3.8K, 180K, 42.2K Ironman distance.  For a run, an "ultra" is longer than the 42.2 kilometer marathon distance.  For a mountain bike or road bike competition, an "ultra" is longer than 180K and a swim ultra is longer than 3.8K.  It gets a bit hazy for snowshoe races and other endurance sport events that are not as main- stream.  If your event is a bit funky and you feel it belongs on this calendar, tell us why in the comments section below and we will gladly list it.
please fill in the city, province/state and country
please add a valid url.  If you don't have a website, you might want to consider hosting through Club Fat Ass and get a free website.
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please use this field to indicate the distance, type of terrain, surface and other relevant details. Keep it short and sweet!
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