2013 Calendar of Canadian Ultras

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1 Jan 2014 @ 09:00 Vancouver, BC Vancouver New Years Day Fat Ass 50

50K / 25K / roll your own (out and back, mixed trail, bike path)
Maple Ridge
Yours Truly 50

50K (25K loops, trail)

Contact: Rob Lang  604-585-0885-tel
 Feb 2014 Calgary, AB

Gord's Frozen Ass 50 (out and back, bike path). Extremely Flat and could be very exposed to cold or wind. Event is race number 1 of the Alberta Ultra series.

Contact: Gord Hobbins  (403) 270-8606-tel

 Feb 2014
Whitehorse, YT
Yukon Arctic Ultra 

It is the world's coldest and toughest ultra. We have a marathon, 100, 300 and a 430mile distance. The race takes place on the Yukon Quest trail. 

Contact: Robert Pollhammer +49 8823 937842-tel
(Did not happen in 2012 and date not set for 2013)
La Peche, QB
Chilly Dog Trail Race

25/50km  trail race. This is a race for hardcore trails runners who are looking for a new challenge. No wimps allowed!

contact: chillydograce@gmail.com
9 Mar 2013
Noth Vancouver, BC

Dirty Duo

50K (2 loops, trail)

contact: Heather MacDonald

17 Mar 2013 North Vancouver, BC Mountain Highway Madness

15km, 30km, 45km, 60km or as far as you can go (100% dirt and gravel road)

Port Moody, BC
Diez Vista 50K

50K (loop on mountain trails)

contact: Wendy Montgomery
Cancelled in 2013
Pickering, ON
Seaton Trail

25K, 50K

Contact: Michael Samarelli info@mudpuppies.ca
27 Apr 2013, Orillia, ON

Pick Your Poison

trail runs 12.5km, 25km, 50km

11 May 2013
Victoria, BC
Harriers Elk Beaver Ultras

100K, 50M, 50K (10K circuit on trails)

contact: Carlos Castillo elk.beaver.ultras@gmail.com
4 May 2013
North Vancouver BC
North Shore Enduro

6 hours (100% dirt trails, 7.6 km loop)
25 May 2013 @ 06:00 Ancaster, ON Sulphur Springs Trail Run

100M, 50M, 50K, 25K, 10K trail and 100M Relay. The race is run in the Dundas Valley Conservation Area. The are 6 aid station on each 20km loop through the park. The trails are prepared shaded and rolling.

contact info on website
28 May 2011 @ 05:00
near Edmonton, AB
Blackfoot Ultra

100K, 50M, 50K, 25K (25 loop on grass and dirt trail, no asphalt. Undulating terrain. Race # 2 in the AB Ultra Series)

contact: Gary Poliquin info@blackfootultra.com

(780) 431-2775-tel
01/02 June 2013
North Vancouver, BC
Vancouver 100

Challenge yourself to the toughest 100km run in Canada. Out and back course on the entire length of the Baden Powell Trail. Shorter versions possible as well.
1 June 2013
Thasis, BC

Tahsis Lions Great Walk

63.5K walk or run from Gold River to Tahsis. Raise funds for your favourite charity or organization. Test you own endurance or challenge records.  Earn the Great Walk t-shirt and the Burning Boot Award.  Participate in North America's Toughest Walkathon

contact: Mike Nicolaye greatwalk@greatwalk.com
(250) 245-1045-tel; ((250) 245-4821-fax

8 June 2013
RMC, Kingston, ON
Kingston Self-Transcendence 6 Hour Rac

paved 1K loop, Canadian Championship contact: Hladini Wilson (613) 547-3089-tel(613) 547-9945-fax or Jeff Simpkins (OUS Coordinator)
8 June 2013
North/West Vancouver, BC
Vancouver Skyline XTC (X-Country Trail Challenge)

A Club Fat Ass event featuring  50K / 25K / custom courses (100% technical trails)
. Beautiful ocean and city views.
9 June 2013
Edmonton, AB
The Slack Ass and Half Ass

A Club Fat Ass event featuring 13 miles or 50 miles on Edmonton's beautiful trail system.
22 June 2013 Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON Niagara Ultra 50K

50k, marathon, 1/2 marathon and 10k (with a run or walk option in all events) on the Niagara Parkway with the turnaround at the brink of Niagara Falls. Course is fairly flat. This event is part of the Ontario Ultra Series and hosted by the St. Catharines Roadrunners

contact: Tony Power mntngoat@vaxxine.com 1-800-541-2303
29 June 2013
Kelowna BC
Scorched Sole

25 and 50km. Course changes every year.

contact: Race Director Shirlee Ross (250) 862-2515
6 July 2013 Creemoore Vertical Challenge

25K and 50K.  A 25K loop with 50% trail, 50% country road and almost no cliffs. The course is hilly (60% uphill and 30% downhill), climbing the Niagara Escarpment twice, with about 875 metres of vertical ascent per loop.
13 July 2013 West Vancouver, BC Knee Knackering North Shore Trail Run (Knee Knacker )

30 Miles (48.6 K); point-to-point, rough trails
contact: Kelsy Trigg  604-787-8097
6-7 July 2013
Blairmore, AB
Sinister 7 Ultramarathon

27h solo or relay stage race. 146km in 7 stages

contact: info@sinister7.com
20 July 2013
Victoria, BC
Full Monty

25km; 50km - very scenic single track trails
13 July 2013
Huntsville, ON

The Limberlost Challenge

TLC is held at the beautiful Limberlost Forest and Wildlife Reserve, just east of Huntsville, Ontario. A gorgeous course with race distances of 14km/28km/56kmkm. It is 80% single and double track trails and 20% gravel roads.

contact: Neil Jefferson jumanji96@hotmail.com  (705)789-9716

2-4 August 2013 Grande Cache, AB Canadian Death Race

125km over rough, mountain trails
10 Aug 2013
Squamish, BC
Squamish 50
50 Mile 50K 23K over 85% singletrack and more than 12,000 feet of climbing and descent

Contact: Gary Robbins
16-18 Aug 2013
Keremeos, BC
Fat Dog 100

100 mile, 100 km and 100 mile relay options

Contact: Heather MacDonald info@mountainmadness.ca
9-11 August 2013
Mansfield, ON
Dirty Girls

6h, 12h, 24h trail race; 10 km loop course on mix of single and double track trails.  Pretty much all under tree cover; one Ontario-size big hill.  Decent amount of climbing. Solos and 3-5 person relay teams

Contact:  Diane Chesla - heydiane (at) dirtyrunnerproductions (dot) com
17 August 2013
Kananaskis Country near Calgary, Alberta

Iron legs 50 Miler

Trail run that loops around Moose Mountain, in Kananaskis Country and offers fantastic single track and stunning views of the Canadian Rockies.  There is approximatly 20,000 feet of elevation change in the race with about 15,000 of it coming within the first 50k, which makes this one of the toughest ultras in the Alberta Ultra Series.

Contact: Jamie Nott ironlegs@telus.net 403-804-0776

11-18 August 2013

8 days, 7 stages, 160km. Mix of road, trails and cross country
1 September 2013 Meet Your  Maker

50 mile ultra trail marathon and a relay race. Winding participants along an awe-inspiring 90% single track course.

Contact here
1 September 2013
Kamloops, BC
Walk in the Park 18k-36k-54k

An excellent Ultra for the faint and not so faint of heart. An 18km loops of mostly non-technical single track with a few hills thrown in for good measure... i.e. if you're not climbing you're probably descending. Check out the website for more info.

Contact: Chris Larouche  1-250-374-8072-tel
7 Sept 2013
West Guilford, ON

Haliburton Forest
50K, 50M, 100M (out and back trail)

Contact: Helen Malmberg (416) 422-5130-tel

6-7 September 2013
Lethbridge, AB

Lost Soul Ultras

50K, 100K, 100M (54K laps, mostly trail)

Contact:  hundredmiler@gmail.com

8 Sep 2013
North Vancouver, BC
Mountain Highway Madness
15km, 30km, 45km, 60km ....as far as you can go (100% dirt and gravel road out up  and back down)

Ean Jackson
21 September 2013 Lake Cowichan, BC Great Lake Walk

56K (dirt and paved road)
21 September 2013
Manning Park, BC

13 km 27 km and 50km trail race

contact: Gottfried Grosser
21 September 2013
London, Ontario
That Dam Hill
3/6hr Times race
1.4 Mile Loop On paved road through Springbank Park.  With Certified marathon and 50K times
Contact: Dave Carver; davecarver1961@gmail.com; Tel: 519-617-1379
28 September 2013
Ottawa, ON

Self Transcendence Ultra Classic 24 Hour 1K track

24h race on 1km track

Contact: Alan G. Ferguson (613) 991-6792-tel (613)993-2681-fax

29 September 2013
Kaslo, BC
50K Cody Claim Run 

25km and 50km trail race
29 September 2013 North Vancouver, BC Mutha's Nature Trail Run 

10km, 25km, 50km on mountain trails
5 October 2013
Cambridge, ON
Pinehurst Lake Conservation Area
Run for the Toad

25k & 50k Trail Run

Contact: George & Peggy Sarson sarson@toadpatrol.com (519) 576-1824-tel 
5 October 2013
St Paul, AB
Iron Horse Ultra

Three events that run simutaniously. 100km and 100mile runs for Teams and Solo runners. Our course is a continuous route though the lakes lands of the county of St. Paul AB. Featuring the Iron Horse Trail, Back county roads, Private Farmland and the historic Buckingham house at Fort George.

Monique Poulin 780-645-4044  ironhorseultra@gmail.com,
19 Oct 2013
London, ON

Vulture Bait Trail Run

25K, 50K (95% trails, 25K loop)

Contact: Nicki Lauzon  (519) 951-0119-tel

26-27 October 2013
West Vancouver, BC
Seawall 100

100, 75, 50 and 25 Miles on the Seawall of Vancouver/West Vancouver.  Mostly paved.
19 October 2013
Whistler, BC
Whistler Relay & Ultra

Formerly Haney-to-Harrison 100K / The 8-person, 50 mile relay race or solo ultra-marathon is centred around Whistler Village and the picturesque Valley Trail system. Relay legs alternate between 13k & 7k.

Contact: Ron Adams ultrah2h@bcathletics.org 
(604) 988-3284-tel  (604)987-1100-fax
23 Nov 2013 @ 08:00
North Vancouver, BC
Seymour Super Fun Run

26K / 52K on technical trails
15 Dec 2013 @ 08:30
North Vancouver, BC
Pure Satisfaction Run

12.5, 25k (99% trails)












































































































































































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