How Do I Edit My Account Profile?

  1. Log in with your Username and password
  2. Scroll down to your personal navigation block on the left sidebar (you will see your Username in orange.)
  3. Click on "My account".
  4. From the tabs on the top of the page, select "Edit"
  5. Fill in the form as desired (i.e. if you wish to change your password, do it in the appropriate field).
  6. In the "Block Configuration" box, please select "Navigation" with the check-box. Note, if you don't check "Navigation", you will not be able to see the commands that allow you to post to the website.
  7. In the "Subscription settings" box, we recommend you select "Autosubscribe"(check-mark).  This way you will get an email to let you know if someone responds to something you wrote.
  8. Click "submit" when you are done