100km Biel running days 2013 (oldest 100km run of its kind)

We are from the Organization committee for the international running event “Biel running days” in Switzerland. This event contains: a kids run, a half marathon, a marathon and an 100km ultra run (which can be done alone, as a couple or in a 5 person team). What makes these runs particularly special is that they take place at night (except the kids run); the first runners begin at 10pm. The 100km main event is one of the oldest of its kind and next year it will be the 55th anniversary. Another unique aspect of this 100km is that it is run in one big 100km loop, so that the runners do not pass by any one point more than once. Runners from all over the world participate at this unique night run and maybe some of you would like to join the Biel 100km club too J

If you have some questions concerning the event, do not hesitate to answer in this forum or check www.100km.ch






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This brings back fond

This brings back fond memories.  My parents both have run the 100km Biel numerous times when I was a teenager/young adult.  I recall crewing for them, meeting them at the old, covered wooden bridge about 10km in and at various other points.  I also will never forget sleeping in the bomb shelter underground the night before the race.  In recent years, my sister has participated and finished the 100km Biel.  If I ever run that far again, I guess Biel is on my bucket list.

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