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Agenda - Sweet Go Deep

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Sunday 3 November 2013

06:30? Get up. Check the weather. Print off this agenda so you can be sure to find the start.
08:00 Arrive at Panorama Park in Deep Cove. Find a parking spot. Check-in.
08:20 Welcome and final briefing
08:25 Photo
08:30 Start
09:30 First Go Sweet 14K finisher?
11:00 First Go Home 20K lap finisher?
13:30 First Go Deep 40K finisher?
12:00 Finisher party See details below

How to get to the start?

  • From Trans-Canada Highway (Highway #1) in North Vancouver, take Seymour Parkway exit heading eastward approximately 4 kilometers toward Deep Cove. At intersection with Deep Cove Road/Dollarton Highway, go left.
  • continue 10 blocks along Deep Cove Road. Turn right onto Gallant Road heading toward the ocean. (Note Kayak shop on your left.) Take first left (Panorama Drive) and park in or near the parking lot
  • start/finish is in Panorama Park next to the playground between the parking lot and the beach
  • additional information at http://www.deepcovebc.com/deepcovebcparks.html

What to Bring?

  • bring your own food and fluids. There is a water tap at the start, but be prepared in case it is out of service. 
  • bring your own official timing system (a watch will do, even if the second hand doesn't work.) There will be a pen and paper at the start/finish and likely someone to record your split times.
  • Don't forget a towel and change of clothes for afterward.

Post-Event -  cheeky


  • For those left standing, a post event celebration will be held at Honey Doughnuts & Goodies immediately following the event. Honey Doughnuts & Goodies is only a few steps (literally!) from the finishline at 4373 Gallant Ave. Their telephone number is 604-929-4988
  • Come and celebrate your accomplishment together with other runners, crew and friends. Please be sure to note how many people you plan to bring with you on your registration form so we can be sure to accommodate them

Other Notes

  • Join us after the event at Honey Doughnuts & Goodies
  • the 40K course is 2 loops of the 20K "Go Home" course
  • expect difficult terrain, very technical trails with lots of ascents and descents




Results - Sweet Go Deep

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Sweet Go Deep - 2012

17 November 2012 - 17 starters

Event Report:

A surprisingly dry sky and relatively warm (12C/53F) morning greeted the starters of the 2012 edition of Sweet Go Deep.  14 enthusiastic runners joined for the 8:30 start, including some familiar faces and a even a CFA first timer!  To round things out we had an early starter and two later starters, including yours truly to make 17 runners total this year.  

In typical club fashion, a few custom distances were recorded this year, including a popular 9km run up to the Old Buck / Baden Powell junction “base-of-the-lollipop” route, while others ran 14km, 18km and 20km versions of the lollipop-shaped course route.  The standard 14km option introduced last year proved popular and welcomed a new course record by Jay Jardine at 1hr 46min.   James Clarke, with canine partner Stetson, quickly zipped around the 20km standard course in 2:26, taking fewer detours and 30 fewer minutes compared to his time last year.  Way to go!

The 9km and 14km runners were all pretty much off the course before the rain finally made its expected appearance, giving the 18km and 20km runners a fair spritzing before the finish.  Spirits were high at the post-run get together at Honey Donuts, where recovery was buoyed by hot coffee drinks, iconic chocolate and maple-glazed donuts, and other assorted goodies.  Trail Runner magazine subscriptions were won by first-timer Joanna, James (who may read some of the better stories to Stetson), along with Rob, and Carlie.  Many others won a chocolatey sweet to take home.  

Thanks for signing up, showing up, and making it easy and fun to be your host.  Please join us again next year and hope to see you on the trails again soon!

Survey:  Please take a moment to fill out this Post Event Survey to help us improve this and other CFA events.  Please also post your own impressions of the run via your CFA blog or the comment function below.

Photos and Video.  More coming soon.


If you have photos of the day please upload them to Flickr.com, add to the Club Fat Ass group and tag with SweetGoDeep2012 SweetGoDeep GoDeep ClubFatAssEvents  ClubFatAss ClubFatAssEvents2012.  They will automatically be added to a slideshow posted here.  


First Name Last Name Distance Time (h:mm) 2012 Point Series Notes
James Clarke 20km 2:26 2 With Stetson the Dog
Marc Schmitz 20km 2:29 2  
Carlie Smith 20km 2:29 2  
Patricia Jensen 20km 2:36 1  
Eric Rannaud 20km 3:15 2  
Julie Flynn 18km custom 3:10 1  
Pushpa Chandra 18km custom 3:10 1 *** Membership status needs updating
Craig Slagel 18km custom 3:10 2  
Jay Jardine 14km 1:46 1  
Robert Jones 14km 2:03 2  
Joanna Pedersen 14km 2:35 1 Welcome, CFA first-timer, and way to go!
Glenn Cameron 14km 2:35 1  
Craig Moore 14km? ? 2+1* Early starter
Katie Longworth 9km custom 1:21 2  
Ean Jackson 9km custom 1:21 2  
Sibylle Tinsel 8km custom 1:24 2  
Reagan White 9km custom 1:41 2+1*+2** Minor scrape


*     garbage point
**   EH points
*** Membership status needs updating


Sweet Go Deep - 2013

3 November 2013 - 17 Starters

Event Report:    The 10th annual running of Sweet Go Deep started on several positive notes – an extra hour of sleep due to daylight savings time, a couple of first time Club Fat Ass participants, and finally, a gloriously sunny morning. 

16 starters started the party at 8:30am.   Nearly everyone took a stab at the 20km Go Home course and finished with times ranging from 2:26 to 3:32 - way to go!  One runner opted for the 14km Go Sweet distance this year - way to go to you as well!  Speaking of sweet, that’s what greeted those who stuck around for the post-run gathering at Honey Doughnuts, just a few steps from the start/finish. 

Two trail runner magazine subs went to the first timers, and, in Sweet Go Deep tradition, chocolate was won by those who correctly guessed answers to trivia questions about this event, upcoming events, and Club contests.   Finally, Jim Swadling won a chocolate bar on the merit of his impressive knee gash – may the sugar aid your recovery, Jim.

It was a pleasure playing host to such a group of friendly, positive people and I hope you got out of the day what you had hoped to.  I look forward to seeing each of you at upcoming events!  

Survey:  Please take a moment to fill out this Post Event Survey to help us improve this and other CFA events.  Please also post your own impressions of the run via your CFA blog or the comment function below.

Photos and Video. If you have photos of the day please upload them to Flickr.com, add to the Club Fat Ass group and tag with SweetGoDeep2013 SweetGoDeep GoDeep ClubFatAssEvents  ClubFatAss ClubFatAssEvents2013.  They will automatically be added to a slideshow posted here.  



First Name Last Name Distance Time (h:mm) 2013 Point Series Notes
Marc Schmitz 20km 2:26 2 + 1*  
Eric Rannaud 20km 2:26 2  
Jason Cagampan 20km 2:32 2  
Jim Swadling 20km 2:32 2  
Carlie Smith 20km 2:32 2  
Bradley Roulston 20km 2:38 2  
Katie Longworth 20km 2:46 1  
Andy Healey 20km 2:50 2 + 1*  
Pamela Saunders 20km 2:50 2 + 1*  
Kate Montgomerie 20km 2:50 1 + 1*  
FrankieDocs Wimberley 20km 2:50.5 2  
Karen Shaw 20km 2:51 2  
Doris Leong 20km 2:52 2  
Rob Ruff 20km 3:13 2  
Catherine Hopkins 20km 3:32 1  
Ean Jackson 14km custom 1:35 2  
Reagan White 1km custom 0:20 2 + 2**  

*     garbage point
**   EH points
*** Membership status needs updating


Sweet Go Deep Results - 2011

12 November 2011 - 32 starters (25 pictured above)

Event Report:

The 8th annual Sweet Go Deep is complete and what a day it was.  27 starters assembled at Deep Cove for the 8:30 am start, plus 5 more started earlier or later for the largest turnout in this event's history.  And to think it could have been 33 if only we had convinced an eager Sue that we were the "Lemmings", but alas the real Lemmings hollered from the far side of the parking so she escaped while she could.  Turns out, Fat Asses and Lemmings both spurn hibernation through the colder months.

At 8:30 under a dry sky we were off!   As we climbed the Baden Powell above Deep Cove, rain drops started slipping through the forest canopy.  Up Old Buck the rain became sleet.   At the apex near Vancouver picnic area it was snowing. 

After climbing, the descent refreshed and at Mushroom Parking lot we got to choose our own adventure; roughly half leaped left for the cruising 14km Go Sweet course, while the rest ran right to Mystery Falls, Dirty Diapers, and Ned's for the extended challenge of the 20km course.   By now, the steady rain and riverlike trails were an extra challenge for all.

The course record withstood a spirited challenge from Ran Katzman and Mike Palichuk who tore around the long course in 2hrs 12 min, a mere six minutes off the best ever.  The dynamic duo were so fast they finished their tasty refreshment at Honey Doughnuts before the rest of us could say Indian Arm Road.  Patricia Jensen led the 14km Go Sweet runners in 1hr 51 min.  12 runners stuck around for the extended recap at Honey D's, swapped war stories (James Clarke tweaked an ankle on Ned's, Lysanne travelled all the way from Victoria and identified some poisonous mushrooms, Baldwin started a little late but ended up the muddiest), and everyone went home with some sort of goodie - from Trail Runner subs to gourmet chocolate and beer, there was even a shirt and a toque!

Thanks for signing up, showing up, and making it easy and fun to be your host.  Please join us again next year!


Survey:  Please take a moment to fill out this Post Event Survey to help us improve this and other CFA events.  Please also post your own impressions of the run via your CFA blog or the comment function below.

Photos and Video.  More coming soon.

If you have photos of the day please upload them to Flickr.com, add to the Club Fat Ass group and tag with SweetGoDeep2011 SweetGoDeep GoDeep ClubFatAssEvents  ClubFatAss ClubFatAssEvents2011.  They will automatically be added to a slideshow posted here.  


    Distance Time (h:mm) 2011 Point Series Notes
Pamela Keck 30km custom 4:45 2  
Dana Samis 30km custom 4:45 2  
Ran Katzman 20km 2:12 2  
Mike Palichuk 20km 2:12 2  
Desmond Mott 20km 2:36 2 + 1*  
Bill Dagg 20km 2:43 1  
Spencer Sheinin 20km 2:45 2  
Katie Longworth 20km 2:46 1  
Bill Maurer 20km 2:46 2 + 1*  
James Clarke 20km 2:57 1  
Mark Feng 20km 3:05 2  
Paul Martin 20km 3:05 2  
Todd Kennedy 20km 3:05 2  
Deavah Yerxa 20km 3:05 2  
Jessica Glowacki 16km custom 2:43 1  
Mike Kuiack 16km custom 3:00 1  
Patricia Jensen 14km 1:51 1  
Carolyn King 14km 2:20 1  
Neil Ambrose 14km 2:20 1  
Baldwin Lee 14km 2:20 2  
Rob Kay 14km 2:22 2  
Lara Spence 14km 2:22 1  
Josee Houle 14km 2:22 2  
Kim Taylor 14km 2:22 2  
Reagan White 14km 2:36 2 + 1* + 2**  
Jess Dagg 10km custom 1:54 1  
Jackie Montgomery 10km custom 1:54 1  
Jay Jardine custom   2 + 1*  
Lysanne Lavigne custom   1  
Gabi Kwan     1 + 1*  
Ean Jackson custom   2 + 1*  
Sibylle Tinsel custom   2 + 1*  
Eric Rannaud DNS      
Karl Jensen DNS      
Helen Tilley DNS      
Bob McCormick DNS      

* garbage point
** EH points


Sweet Go Deep Results - 2010

13 November 2010 - 27 Starters

Last night I dreamt that the 2010 edition of Sweet Go Deep started in a river, with participants jockeying for a favourable current, heads bobbing just above the waterline.   When I awoke to wet windows and a gray sky, I figured for sure the day ahead would be cold and wet in the hills above Deep Cove. A fine mist greeted 27 enthusiastic runners at the 8:30am start – a mist that turned into neither rain nor river.

Glistening roots and rocks were the order of the day, as the runners ascended the Baden Powell.  Roots and rocks gave way to pavement, smooth rolling trails, and then more rocks on Old Buck, though somehow I doubt the speedsters were slowed at all – I heard reports afterwards of fast runners running all the way uphill.

Speaking of speed, this year saw 4 runners go sub-2:10 for the 20km loop – an unprecedented occurrence in this event.  According to previous results, only 3 runners had gone sub-2:13 in the past 5 years.  

An abandoned blue suitcase on the steep and technical Dirty Diapers trail and a derriere contusion suffered by Craig “Gazelle” Moore just before the Mushroom lot rounded out the greens, grays, and browns that dominated today’s colour palette.

The post-event get together at Mosquito Creek Grill rewarded those who attended.  Trail Runner Magazine subscriptions and a deluxe fanny pack were won by Desmond, Marla, and Rhonda respectively.  Nancy won some local Salmon jerky, and everyone else won bottled beer from around the world, astronaut ice cream from the U.S.A or chocolate from Europe. 

Thanks again for attending Sweet Go Deep 2010!  Join us again next year and may all of your adventures between now and then be just as sweet!

Survey:  Please take a moment to fill out this Post Event Survey to help us improve this and other CFA events.  Please also post your own impressions of the run via your CFA blog or the comment function below.

Photos and Video.  

If you have photos of the day please upload them to Flickr.com, add to the Club Fat Ass group and tag with SweetGoDeep2010 SweetGoDeep GoDeep ClubFatAssEvents  ClubFatAss ClubFatAssEvents2010.  They will automatically be added to a slideshow above.  


      Time (h:mm) Points Notes
Ryan Conroy 20km 2:06 1  
Mike Palichuk 20km 2:06 1  
Hassan Lotfi-Pour 20km 2:08 1 + 1*  
Ran Katzman 20km 2:10 2  
Jay Jardine 20km 2:23 1 + 1* undisclosed injury
desmond mott 20km 2:30 2 + 1*  
Julie Flynn 20km 2:58 1  
Katie Longworth 20km 2:59 2  
Bill Maurer 20km 3:03 2  
Heather Urquhart 20km 3:03 2  
Jessica Glowacki 20km 3:06 2  
Helen Tilley 20km 3:06 2  
Philip Waters 20km 3:10 2  
Nancy Veres 20km 3:10 2  
Eric Rannaud 20km 3:11 2  
Rachel Fouladi 20km 3:38 2 + 1*  
Liza Flemming 20km 3:40 2 + 1*  
Carolyn King 20km 3:40 2 + 1*  
Craig Moore 20km 3:40 2 + 1*

derriere contusion, assorted abrasions

Marla Weinheimer 20km 3:40 2 + 1*  
Reagan White 20km 3:40 2 + 1* + 2**  
James Clarke 17km custom 2:17 2  
Tracy Wakaluk 17km custom 2:17 1  
Tamsin Anstey ?km Custom ? 1  
Rob Ruff 14km 1:55 1  
Rhonda Schuller 14km 3:15 2 + 1*  
Sibylle Tinsel 14km 3:15 2 + 1*  
Gabriela  Stoian  DNS      
lysanne lavigne DNS      
samantha drove DNS      
Navid Rahemtulla DNS      
Steve  Deller DNS      

* garbage point
** EH points

Go Deep Results - 2009

14 November 2009 - 15 Starter

What can you say about a wonderful run with a great bunch of people on a day made for running.  It was sweet!  Sweet Go Deep is a great, great course. To make it even better 15 of my favourite Fat Assses came out to the start, including two new members. Welcome Heather and Scott! 

The weather was cool with traces of snow in the air on the higher trails. The trails were nearly empty - maybe that's why no one claimed garbage points - and higher up a layer of crusty snow and ice made for an additional challenge. The sight of a big snowplough zooming down Seymour Mountain Road sure was a surprise.  And didn't you like those rickety boardwalks before Mystery Falls and all the muddy puddles.  A welcome distraction were the Phantom runners on the Powerline trail and a few Fat Asses volunteering to keep them on track. 

Everyone said they had a good run. Desmond, hope you feel 100% soon and please can you send us your time. Thanks Sybille and Jonathan for helping the new kids stay on course. 

Coffee, hot soup and burgers sure hit the spot at the pub. Prizes were given out and Scott and Rhonda won a TR subscription, Laddie and Ryan goodies from Kintec (everybody got something).  Thanks to Mosquito Creek Bar and Grill who always treat us so well.  And most of all big, big thanks to Sibylle - you make it great fun to to host a FA event!!

Survey:  Please take a moment to fill out this Post Event Survey to help us improve this and other CFA events.

Photos and Video.  If you have photos of the day please upload them to Flickr.com, add to the Club Fat Ass group and tag with GoDeep2009 GoDeep ClubFatAssEvents and ClubFatAss and ClubFatAssEvents2009. They will automatically be added to a slideshow. To view photos uploaded so far, please click on the photo below:



Feedback. Please post your own impressions of the run via your CFA blog or the comment function below.


Name   Distance Time Points
Ryan Conroy 20 km 2:13 1
Ran Katzman 20 km 2:18 2
Carolyn Goluza 20 km 2:29 2
Chris Benn 20 km 2:32 1
Jonathan Weresch 20 km 3:17 1
Philip Waters 20 km 3:18 2
Scott Brammer 20 km 3:25 2
Heather  Mitchell 20 km 4:08 2
Sibylle Tinsel 20 km 4:08 2+1*
Desmond Mott custom 1:30 (yellow gate) 2+1*
Neil Ambrose custom 1:50 1
Carolyn King custom 2:00 1
Cheryl Johnson custom 2:00 2+2**
Rhonda Schuller custom 2:00 1
Laddie Hannam custom


* garbage point
** EH points

Go Deep Results - 2008

15 November 2008 - Starter photo

Survey:  Please take a moment to fill out this Post Event Survey to help us improve this and other CFA events.

Go Home Report

Gotta love the Vancouver Fat Asses. In spite the rainy, cool weather, 27 runners showed up to run Go Deep and we enjoyed it.  Many people commented on the beautiful day and the beautiful course. 

Adrian was the fastest finishing in 2 hours with Bill, Ran, Des and James close behind.  I'm surprised that very few people got lost.  Some did go off course but made their way back  - Jonathan, Claudia, Phil, and Michelle added a kilometer or two. 

Several of us followed the time-honored Fat Ass tradition of customizing the course for a shorter run. Laddie completely customized the day by starting late.  Amazing to see Neil Ambrose there after finishing the H2H 100k just the weekend before....but the girls said he did do some whining about being tired or something. 

Eric Zeller came all the way from Germany to run and set a good pace for Ean Jackson.  Eric won a Trail Runner subscription for coming  the furthest. 

Thanks to Trail Runner, Kintec Footlabs and Kinesys who contributed such good draw prizes.  Especially thank you to Mosquito Creek Bar and Grill for the free beverage and a great lunch. Lastly, thanks to Dom Repeta for designing the course. 

Where were you, Gilles?

Photos. More photos are posted at here.  If you have photos of the day please upload them to Flickr.com, add to the Club Fat Ass group and tag with GoDeep2008 GoDeep ClubFatAssEvents and ClubFatAss.

Feedback.Please post your own impressions of the run via your CFA blog or the comment function below.

Here is some footage from our German guest.  In case your German is a bit rusty, he says in so many words that he is totally blown away by the trails, the mud, the climbs, the rocks, the huge trees, the roots...


First Name Last Name Time Distance Points
Adrian Rothwell 2:00 20k 1
Bill Dagg 2:26 20k 3*
Ran Katzman 2:26 20k 2
Desmond Mott 2:33 20k 3*
James Montgomery 2:35 20k 2
Jess Bassil 2:45 20k 2
Ean Jackson 2:52 20k 2
Eric Zeller 2:52 20k 1
Chad Hyson 3:02 20k 2
Karl Jensen 3:02 20k 2
Philip Waters 3:31 20k - detour 1
Claudia Bullington 3:37 20k - detour 2
Jonathan Weresch 3:37 20k - detour 2
Michelle  Allen 3:32 20k - detour 1
John Smalley  ? 20km 1
Carrie Walsh 3:45 20k 2
Carolyn King 3:50 20k 2
Marla Allen 3:50 20k 2
Neil Ambrose 3:50 20k 2
Arthur Gee 4:02 20k 1
Paul Young 4:10 20k 1
Sibylle Tinsel 4:10 20k 3*
Lorraine Suomi 1:40 custom 2
Laddie Hannam 2:25 custom 1
Arlene MacAulay 2:30 custom 2
Rhonda Schuller 2:36 custom 2
Cheryl Johnson 2:40 custom 3**
Doug Keir 4:46 custom  2
Gilles  Barbeau DNS   -1
* extra point for garbage, ** EH Point    


Go Deep Results - 2007

2007-08-25 Go Deep 001

25 August 2007 - Starter photo

Go Home Report

The Fat Ass Eastern Alliance was well-represented in the 19 fresh, frisky runners at the start of the 2007 Go Deep or Go Home event.  The day started cool and overcast, as predicted, with rain holding off until well after the beers at Mosquito Creek had been downed. The dry trails kept the Deep Cove Baden-Powell and Ned’s interesting.

Curb, Geoff, Rob and Desmond, had a fast first loop.  Great job guys.  

We were joined by visitor Sebastian, fresh off his plane from Montreal late the night before and wondering if there would be rocks on the course. Seems Sebastian runs roads and had never run 20 K before. Kudos to Monty for keeping Sebastian on-trail and under 3 hours. That was a flying finish!  Awesome job, also, for Arlene and Cynnimon who have now got the route nailed.

Lorraine took the Purple Heart, not for the cracking sound of her ankle, but for the trail-rash on her knee. Seems she had a dust-up on dusty Ned’s.

Soon-to-be birthday girl Carolyn and entourage of the running-accomplished Maple Ridge FA’ers used the run as a kick-off for a party-hard day.

Awesome day. Mellow, mellow, good vibes and karma. Many thanks to Arlene and Kinesys for the prizes and to Mosquito Creek Bar & Grill for the après-run beer!

More photos are posted at here.  If you have photos of the day please upload them to Flickr.com, add to the Club Fat Ass group and tag with GoDeep2007 GoDeep ClubFatAssEvents and ClubFatAss.

Please post your own impressions of the run via your CFA blog or the comment function below.

Please take a moment to take the post event survey.

Name Distance Time Points
Curb Ivanic 20km 2:22 1
Geoffrey Palmer 20km 2:22 2
Rob Ruff 20km 2:24 2
Desmond Mott 20km 2:31 3*
Sebastien Flamand 20km 2:59 2
Monty Watts 20km 2:59 2
Arlene MacAuley 20km 3:09 2
Kim Taylor 20km 3:09 2
Neil Ambrose 20km 3:10 2
Baldwin Lee (LS 8:30) 20km 3:30 2
Cynnimon Rain 20km 3:30 2
Craig Moore 20km 3:32 2
Carrie Walsh 20km 3:32 2
Carolyn King 20km 3:38  2
Marla Allen 20km 3:38 2
Lorraine Suomi 20km 3:48 2**
Sibylle 20km 3:48 2
Rhonda Schuller Custom 3:13 2
Cheryl Johnson Custom 3:13 3***
Philippe Flamand DNS   -1
* 1 point for picking up garbage
** Purple Heart Award
*** EH Award

My Go Deep

The run started with a relentless uphill from Deep Cove all the way to  the Mushroom Parking lot.  While it was a cold day for late August, we soon were hot and sweaty and I was happy not to have brought my jacket along.  Lorraine and I soon fell into a nice rhythm and every once in a while we caught up with the group around Cynnimon, Craig and Carrie.  Once past the parking lot we soon found ourselves on the very steep and technical Dirty Diaper trail.

I didn't realize that yesterday's Go Deep was only the second time I had run that course. No wonder I had to refer to my route descriptions a few times and at one point thought I was lost on Bridle path.  Turned out Lorraine and I were on the right trail, but it sure looked different...  Maybe it was all the blow downs from the winter storms or perhaps all the new bridges and steps built over the summer by the KK trail maintenance crew or the local mountain bikers.  The trail classifications on Ned's and Dirty Diapers were quite funny.  I prefer the green runs ;-)

Lorraine had a few tumbles, skinning her knees, smashing her food stash (a banana) and going over her ankle.  Luckily, she was able to venture on, but we navigated down Neds with a bit more caution.

The Seymour Grind sure was much longer yesterday than I remembered and the sign for the Severed Dick trail (who names these trails...) at the top of the Grind was a welcome sight.  Downhill from here...well almost.  The rolling trail past Old Buck invited us to increase our speed - maybe a bit too early - as we slowed down the closer we got to Deep Cove.  At one of the last bridges we got a good chuckle out of the reaction of a hiker to my iceberg blue Club Fat Ass shirt.  The lady was going crossing the bridge when she recognized that she wore the same shirt from MEC and she called out, "nice MEC shirt, eh!"  As I ran past her she read the logo on my chest and horror stricken, looked down at her chest...You could read her thoughts..."does my shirt say THAT and I haven't realized it?" 

Finally at the Cove, we were welcomed by Rhonda and Cheryl (who took a bit of a short cut), Sebastien from Montreal, Craig and Carrie who had come in before us. My time was about 20 minutes faster than the last time I ran this course a few years ago.

The food (very delicious)and free beer at the Mosquito Creek Bar and Grill hit the spot....despite the waitress asking if we wanted the beer "NOW?"...it was just past 12:00 and I guess we didn't look like early afternoon drinkers ;-)Thanks Cheryl, for carrying on the Go deep tradition!

Go Deep Results - 2006

Go Deep or Go Home - 2006 Starter Photo
26 August 2006 - Starter Photo

What a way to end the summer. 30 odd folks out to have fun on the North Shore trails for the 2006 Go Deep or Go Home.  A lot of things on the line: course records, best wipe out, 4 primes, 4 Montrail shoes, a $2500 entry into the Rock and Ice Ultra and a few more goodies. 
The large pack (best turn out yet) went out relaxed but Gary Robbins and Adrian LaSalle-Lowe wanted to push for the $20 prime for North Shore Athletics. As they went ahead, veteran runner Andy Nicol showed these young guns. They missed the turn running an extra half hour up the mountain while Andy stayed with me and snatched the first prime (and fastest time). Megan Rose managed to push for the woman's prime just ahead of Christine Rybak. 
We had Erik Jackson and Johanna Jackson taking part in the custom version setting the record for the youngest to take part in th run, and we had Phil Dove from New Zealand testing his footwork (he fell off one bridge). 
So who took this photo? Well, apparently Red Bull cruises race web sites because two twenty-something gals showed up with Red Bull at 7:00 a.m. 
Ali and John Jones ran strong but pulled one of my tricks. Going really off course but they still ran a custom two laps for approximately 4 hours. Good work. Ali will get the female 40km Prime but David Cerar was the only person to complete two full laps and snagged the male 40km Prime.
Desmond Mott informed me there were too many instructions and Arlene MacAuley uttered something about getting lost and directions ;o) They both earned an extra point for picking up garbage.
Best Wipe-Shay Wilson-I hope to get the pic of her knee!
Best quote-I asked Rhonda Schuller what her time was and she told me "I had an excellent time" so that is what it goes down in the record book as!
Wade Repta (my brother) won the Rock and Ice ultra entry (it was not fixed!!)
Thanks to everyone for coming out, thanks to the supporters (sponsors) of the race and see you in November for Go Home. The Go Deep is yet to be run. Next year I'll up the purse for that distance. Maybe old Jackson will take a stab at it.

Name Distance Time Points
David Crerar 40km 5:32 2
Andy Nicol 20km 2:10 2
Bill Dagg 20km 2:16 2
Mark Grist 20km 2:17 1
 John Dove  20km  2:17  2
Patrick Thrift 20km  2:17 2
John Macgrath 20km 2:18 1
Mark Fearman 20km 2:18 2
Megan Rose 20km 2:18 2
Dom Repta 20km 2:21 3**
Wade Repta 20km 2:21 2
Desmond Mott 20km 2:24 3*
Christine Rybak 20km 2:28 2
Russ Chore 20km 2:28 2
Phil Dove 20km 2:29 2
Lannie Thielen 20km 2:30 1
Derrick Johnstone 20km 2:45 2
Adrian Lasalle-Low 20km 2:46 2
Gary Robbins 20km 2:46 2
Michelle Fredette 20km 3:00 1
Isabelle Thielen 20km 3:10 1
Arlene MacAuley 20km 3:10 3*
Elke Bauer 20km 3:20 2
Shay Wilson 20km 3:30 2
Cheryl Johnson 20km 3:40 2
Cynimmon Rain 20km 3:40 2
Sharon Bryson 20km 4:45 2
 Steve  Deller  4:45  2*
Rhonda Schuller 20km Excellent Time 2
Ali Jones Custom 4:00 2
John Jones Custom 4:00 2
Erik Jackson Custom Fun Time 2
Ean Jackson Custom Good Time 2
Johanna Jackson Custom Good Time 2
Louise Oram DNS   -1
Paul Purin DNS   -1

*   Bonus Point
** Event Host Point


Go Deep Results - 2005

2005 Starter Photo

24 Starters / 24 Finishers

40km = 2 Loops
# First Name Last Name 1 Loop2 Loops Points
1 Bill Dagg 2:165:13 2
2 Russ Chore 2:265:26 2
? Desmond Stephens ?? 1
20km = 1 Loop
# First Name Last Name  Time  
1 Andy Nicol  2:13:00 2
1 Scott Riddell  2:13:00 1
3 Desmond Mott  2:20:00 2
3 Wade Repta  2:20 1
5J.P.Obbagy 2:23:002
6 Shane Eby  2:26:00 1
6 Ean Jackson  2:26:00 2
6 Derrick Johnstone  2:26:00 2
6 Dom Repta  2:26:00 3**
6ChristineRybak 2:262
11 Craig Moore  3:30:00 3*
11 Sue Nicholson  3:30:00 2
11 Cheryl Picot  3:30:00 1
14 Eileen Bistrisky  3:35:40 1
14 Ryan Russell  3:35:40 2
14 Diana Mulvey  3:35:40 1
17 Cheryl Johnson  4:05:00 2*
18 Ruth Capron  5:00:00 1
18 Susan Jensen  5:00:00 1
18 Michelle Porter  5:00:00 1
? Adam Shih  ? 2

* = earned extra point for collecting garbage
** = earned extra point for hosting

Go Deep Results - 2004




Home Town



5:00am official start time




Rob Mackay








5:00am official start time




Ann Taylor (7:30am start)

North Vancouver



Wade Repta






12:00am official start time




Patricia Jensen

North Vancouver



Andy Nicol




Bill Dagg




Ron Adams

North Vancouver



Jim Mandelli

North Vancouver



Sue Nichol

North Vancouver



Terry Lewis

North Vancouver



Desmond Mott (5:00am start)

North Vancouver



Wendy Montgomery (5:00am start)

North Vancouver



Berglind Hafsteinsdottir (7:30am start)

North Vancouver



Laddie Hannam (7:30am start)

North Vancouver



Kate Dugas




Paul Hawman




Derrick Johnstone




Deanna Lindsay




Craig Moore

North Vancouver



Michelle Fredette-Nicol




Patricia Barry

North Vancouver



Sibylle Tinsel

North Vancouver

22 starters - 22 finishers

Event Report

The inaugural Go Deep or Go Home 80/20 has come and gone and it was a great success for everyone involved. Saturday November 20 brought an amazing sun rise, cool temperatures, no rain and perfect running conditions.

Going Deep?

Starting the day off, Wendy Montgomery, Rob Mackay, Desmond Mott and Wade Repta started the difficult 20km loop at 5:00a.m. Goal distances for this group ranged from 20km to 60km. Beginning the run with headlamps, stars and the fresh air of the North Vancouver woods, this group remained running together until the final descent back into Deep Cove in the last few km of the route. Desmond Mott (2:59:59) and Wendy Montgomery (3:02:10) (just off a win at H2H 100km), decided 20km on this route was enough for one day. I decided Rob Mackay, not being a local resident, needed Wade to guide him through the route. Wade had no intention of doing another loop as he has been fighting the flu. It was a late Friday phone call by myself that actually got him to run on Saturday a.m. As Wade stopped for a washroom break before heading into lap two, Rob Mackay decided to carry on and Wade would catch up. Well, that never happened, and Wade needlessly went out after Rob. Rob found his way through the loop just fine, and Wade returned after 40km to admit he might have hoped Rob got lost (just joking of course). Rob decided he would try for three loops, but 47 km in, Ean Jackson found him dazed and confused in mushroom parking lot. Ean fed him, pointed him in the right direction, and Rob headed back to Deep Cove. 9:25:00 and 55km later, Rob Mackay ran into Deep Cove headquarters. His longest run ever, in preparation for Marathon des Sable 2005, Rob deserves a big congratulations!!!

The next crew arrived ready to run 40km at 7:30am. Ann, Berg, Laddie and Terrance Lewis headed out together. Ann and Terrance broke from the crew and ran a faster tempo. Ann felt so good she even told me upon returning from her first loop she might even do three loops. Laddie and Berg, not bringing course instructions, decided it might be wise to double back and add a few more km's to the route. They returned to Deep Cove, and contemplated another lap, but the thoughts of two laps on this course got the better of them and they decided it might be more fun to hang around and chat. Ann was the only one of the group to turn around and face the beast. As she grinded her way through the course and returning to Deep Cove, the aspirations of 3 laps were void and her first remarks to me was "that is a long 20km". Laughing, I assured her is only 20km, but a tougher 20km one might not find. She agreed and finished her 40km in 5:34:00. Not a PR but in the Go Deep or Go Home it is a CR!!

Going Home!

The noon start of the 20km distance saw 14 eager runners toeing the line ready to take on the demanding course. The ever ready Patricia Jensen was there, always one to push the pace. Andy Nicol, coming off some injuries resulting from his stunning run at Western States 100 was there to take it "easy". Veteran Ron Adams was there to share his wisdom and hammering a great run, and ultra queen from Ontario, Deanna Lindsay showed up for her first ever North Shore trail run. The usual Club Fat Ass suspects were there to round out the great turn out. There were 3 course records set. Patricia Jensen ran a monster 2:12:00 and getting the most bang for their buck was Sibylle Tinsel and Patricia Barry, taking 4:09:00 out of the Go Home 20km.

Getting ready for next weekends Seattle Marathon, Jim Mandelli and Sue Nichols ran a comfortable 2:35:00. Having Jim say it is a great course is really meaningful as he has raced all over the world in spectacular places!

Paul Hawman, running with Kate Dugas (and Lucy), Deanna Lindsay and Derrick Johnstone, had severe cramping but stuck with it and the group of 4 finished in 3:20:00. Wade and myself thought Andy Nicol would be sleeping on the couch that night for leaving spouse Michelle Fredette on the course. But after 3:49:30, Michelle ran in with Craig Moore with a smile from ear to ear. Looks like Andy got the bed. All in all, everyone returned with great stories and tired legs, but it was a great event.

Special Thanks to: Ean, Erik and Johanna Jackson, Troy Angrignon (crew); Geoffrey (donated aid station goodies), Gottfried Grosser (aid station goodies), Wendy Montgomery for donating Blurr bags for door prizes, Marc Cooney for donating Yeti Snowshoe race entry, Dave Cressman for donating Buffs, Kelly Nielson of Mosquito Creek Bar and Grill for hosting the after party and pouring a free pint to each participant; and Montrail for donating 3 pair of Montrail shoes as prizes.

Prize winners:

Buff-Desmond, Buff-Berg, Yeti Entry-Terry, Blurr Bag-Ron, Blurr Bag-Kate, Blurr Bag-Laddie, Blurr Bag-Craig, Montrail-Jim, Montrail-Sue, Montrail-Andy;

Please sign up for Mike and Melissa's run next weekend!! http://www.clubfatass.com/CABCVan_MM/


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Background - Sweet Go Deep

2011 Sweet Go Deep logo

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The Go Deep or Go Home has morphed over the years.  Conceived 2004 by Dom Repta as a fall ultra to fill the need for a little late season competition for both the hard core ultramarathon runner, the beginning trail runner, and everyone in-between, he realized the following year the need for more daylight during a tough 80km trail run. He moved the ultra into August and kept a 20km option (the Go Home) in the fall. 

Turned out 80km might have been a bit too much to chew.  While the 20km course became a favourite summer run, the 80km never took off.  In 2007 Dom decided to explore organizing another ultra, a 100 miler in the Sea To Sky country, and handed event hosting over to Cheryl Johnson (Go Deep) and  Des Mott (Go Home). In 2010, Reagan White hosts this event and introduces a new course option (Go Sweet).

The Go Deep or Go Home is held almost entirely on trails in the spectacular North Shore mountains above Vancouver, Canada. The trail surface is a mix of steep ascents and descents, technical terrain and fast, rolling groomed trails with approximately 2500m (8,000') of vertical change. In order to appeal to a wide range of experience levels and abilities, the course now offers 1 or 2 loops of 20km, and *updated for 2011* the 14K course option follows a "lollipop" route.

In keeping with Club Fat Ass guidelines, we aim to tread lightly and leave no trace of the event on the trail or the environment. The course will not be marked with surveyor tape. Directions won't be painted on rocks. There will be no flour used at intersections or along the trail that could wash off or alert the hazardous materials squad. Written course directions that note existing signage and key landmarks can be downloaded from the Agenda page.


The Glory

  • Completing either distance on some of the most spectacular trails in North America!
  • Take a chance at setting the course record at one of the distances
  • *insert your reason for glory here*
  • Earn bragging rights
  • Finish!

The Differences

This event follows the guidelines provided by Club Fat Ass for safe and successful, informal endurance sports "parties":

  • It is free for Club members
  • It is hosted by a Club member
  • It is small and informal. Guests should come prepared for the weather and the terrain and not expect aid or course marking. They should expect to follow detailed written course instructions
  • It is environmentally friendly. We aim to leave our route in better shape than it was before we passed though.
  • It is as much about the camaraderie as the competition.

Guests at the event download from the Internet directions based on natural and physical landmarks. As with orienteering, those who aren't familiar with the course will pause frequently to consult the written directions, giving a slight competitive advantage to those who have trained on it. Course directions are available year 'round on this website and we encourage everyone to enjoy the route as often as they please throughout the year.

Detailed questions and clarifications specific to this event are provided in the Go Deep or Go Home FAQ.

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Thanks! - Sweet Go Deep

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Our hope is to make this event totally self-supporting. In other words, do all of the organization beforehand and also participate. This would be an impossible dream without a lot of behind the scenes help.

If you'd like to support the Sweet Go Deep event in some way, we'd love to have you onboard. At the very least, we can promise you a place on this Thank You page!

Please contact us with your thoughts on how you'd like to participate.

Many thanks to:

Kintec Footlabs
Thank you for the bags that helped keep the event host organized. 

TrailRunner: Thank you for the 2 gift subscriptions to your popular magazine as draw prize. Also for offering members of Club Fat Ass a special discounted subscription price

Mosquito Creek Bar & Grill:Thanks to Manager Kelly Nielson, all Fat Asses who showed up to the finisher party were offered a pint on the house!
Club Fat Ass: Club Fat Ass helps the race with web hosting, online registration and coaches us on how to host a safe, fun, environmentally-friendly event.  






FAQ - Sweet Go Deep

2011 Sweet Go Deep logo


Q: I've never done a trail run before. Is this a good place to start?
A: It's a toughie, but if you can run a 1/2 marathon on the road and are comfortable carrying your own food and water, you should be good for at least a lap. (Each lap is 20 kilometers.)
Q: Do I need to print off course instructions and bring them with me?
A: Yes. Otherwise, we guarantee you will get lost!
Q: What if I get lost?
A: You shouldn't get lost! Follow the route directions. If you do feel you are lost, ask a mountain biker or backtrack to the last place you saw a runner.
Q: What if I have to heed the call of nature.
A: There is a public washroom at the start/finish in Panorama Park. If you have to go on the trail, be discreet, do your business at least 10 meters from the trail and bury anything solid at least 10 cm deep.
Q: What should I bring on race day?
A: Please check the agenda for thoughts
Q: I am supposed to be self-sufficient because there is no aid provided. Can I get a friend to come out and give me food and drink along the route?
A: Absolutely! In fact, it would be nice if your friend were to help everyone. See aid stations and crew for some thoughts on what they might be able to do.
Q: Where can I park? Where can I change?
A: There is parking at Panorama Park.  In the morning you should find a spot without problem.  Later the parking lot tends to be full.  There is a public washroom with change facilities and an outdoor shower (cold).
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New!   GPS and elevation views

Elevation Profile Sweet Go Deep
courtesy Bill Maurer Nov. 2, 2010


Please print out the course description and put them into a zip-lock baggie for the event (scroll down for a printer friendly version). I strongly encourage you and your friends to run the course in training. The course will not be marked.






Meet at Panorama Park in Deep Cove 



Welcome, final briefing, group photo



Start – Panorama Park



(Deep Cove Baden Powell to Old Buck Section)The climb out of Deep Cove begins at the Baden Powell sign at the North end of the Panorama Park parking lot. The “trail” begins about 200 meters north down the road off Panorama Drive on the left hand side. Look for a steep little driveway and a BP Sign. Take the stairs up, way up. The section takes you up over 9 bridges (most new), 1 long set of stairs and to the power lines.



BP Sign: Turn left (right turn is the Indian Arm Lookout)



Run under the power lines  and then take the immediate LEFT (just past the road) and go UP. There may be a little bit of pink flagging tape on a tree near the entrance of the trail.  If you end up taking the service road under the power lines this will come out at the same spot but is slightly shorter. When you come to a old dirt road-just cross go a few meters left and then keep going up on Baden Powell toward Indian River Road.



BP Sign: Arrive at Indian River Road: Turn left and follow the road straight for about 0. 5km to the water tanks on the right. Notice the nice house in the middle of nowhere. There is a BP Sign here at the water tanks, pay attention, go straight.



The BP Trail rolls nicely and is very easy to follow over a number of bridges. But it’s all up.



RP (Reference Point)#1. Seymour Road. There are toilets here and a garbage can. Please watch carefully for speeding cars as you cross the road back on to the nice rolling trail.



Another trail intersection. Old Buck and Baden Powell. Our trail goes Right uphill. Turn Right! You will cross over a bridge with a small creek and another bridge approx 200 m further up.



Cross section-Old Buck and Power Line Road-Stay on Old buck. Keep heading straight up. (Do not turn left as that is power line road). This trail has head sized rocks.



Come to a Yellow Gate and paved Seymour Road. At road turn right - you can see the trail entrance across road to the right (short downhill).  Be Careful Crossing Road.  



When you get to trail entrance this is Old Buck and it continues uphill. (There is a Mtn Biking prohibited sign here). Take this trail up. There are a few switch backs here.



You will come to a sign “Old Buck Access Trail to Vancouver Picnic Area”. Turn Left here. You will also see orange square markers on this trail. This trail is slightly uphill with rolling sections. It is very runable and faster than the previous section. You will cross a couple bridges on this trail. Nearing end of this trail it begins a slight descent and also becomes a gravel trail.


Major Reference Point

You will come to Vancouver Picnic Area Parking Lot. This has Washrooms, Information Booth and this is a place where Aid could be waiting (ours or your own crew)

See this location on a map

Turn Left from trail into parking lot and continue running down to Seymour Road. Cross road carefully and turn right on the shoulder behind the road barrier. The trail entrance is approx 100 m up on the left hand side.



Look for a “Mushroom Parking Lot Trail to Baden Powell” (BP)-sign post. This is where you turn left.



There are two trail options. Stay straight and DO NOT go down Corkscrew (which would be a left). The trail is downhill, technical, rocky and fast. Don’t get too excited and start hammering though-it is ankle twisting territory.




Cross Section-Turn right at the sign that says “Mushroom Parking Lot Trail to BP”. This is very technical and downhill



Cross Section- About 500m further down the trail, you'll see two historic Mushroom Parking Lot information displays on the right side of the trail.  Ponder history for a bit and then just keep going straight another 20 meters or so.


Which Way Will You Go?

Come to another Cross-T Section.

Next, choose your own adventure:

For the Go Sweet 14K course,  turn left and follow the trail 1km as it slopes gently down and becomes wide and somewhat rocky road before popping out at a junction with Powerline trail. Go straight past this junction and rejoin the Baden Powell.  Follow the signs back to the starting line in Deep Cove!  Ignore everything below this line.  Yeah! 


For the Go Home 20K and Go Deep 40K distances:

You'll see the entrance to Ned's just to your right (look for an "NDS" marker on a tree to the right of the trail entrance to Ned's) and look just a little further to the right of that for some skinny, 1ft-wide plank bridges -- go over the plank bridges -- that's our course!  We are heading up toward Mystery Creek Falls. You will hit Mystery Creek Falls and cross over. You might get wet feet.



After Falls, keep going up the hill and take First Trail LEFT (about 100 m-there may be two pink markers on tree). Dirty Diapers is the trail name. At entrance of the trail there is a body-sized boulder on the right. This is the start of a very technical trail. 50 m down trail you will see a Yellow number “8” Sign. This trail has lots of Mtn Biking ramps and if wet will be very slippery.  It is very technical!!



Cross T Section-You will come to an intersection where you must turn Right heading downhill. This is Neds and continues to be very technical.  Keep running down hill.  Do NOT take the first left where the trail marker and map are  -- keep going straight downhill.



At  the bottom “T” intersection (there is a Yellow "18" on tree) turn LEFT and follow trail through bushes. 



You will come to a Power Line clearing. Turn LEFT heading uphill. You will see a fire pit on the right and a trail that goes straight and left. Do NOT go Left. Keep heading straight slightly downhill over a bridge and creek. Veer Right after Bridge. This trail is quite wide and, further down the trail about 500m or so, are 13 old tree stumps are lined up on left hand side of trail.



Cross Section-You will come to a sign “Bridle Path Trail to BP”(on the right side). Turn Left at this trail. You will also see orange squares.



Cross Section-Stay on main bridle path. DO NOT turn right onto Will’s Way.



Cross Section-A sign that reads Mt Seymour Rd (This is still Baden Powell Trail) 3.6km. Head this way (left).



You will hit another sign 100 m up. Take the left on Baden Powell (follow Baden Powell back to Deep Cove). You will see a triangular BP marker.



Keep following BP signs . There is one section that the BP is difficult to see. If you come out to a Power Line clearing-you have just missed the BP trail approx 100m back. Basically, you keep climbing. This section is steep, slow and tough (there is a triangular BP sign and a Red and silver BP sign with an arrow that is partly covered by a tree branch keep an eye for that and it is a slight right)!  This section is known as the Seymour Grind.



Keep following BP trail markers on trees. You will arrive at a Cross T Section. There is a sign that says BP or Bridle Path via Good Samaritan Trail (Severed Dick Trail on right) **Stay on Baden Powell**



You will finally hit a T Intersection where left or right are the only option. Turn Right following Baden Powell. This will be heading down hill and the trail is wider and covered in loose rocks.(you will be heading east) You will pass side trails but just continue on this main BP trail.



You will finally come back to Old Buck Trail and Baden Powell Intersection. Turn Left on Old Buck and head up. You will only be on this for a minute before you will see Baden Powell Trail sign Right and turn Right heading back down toward Deep Cove. Retracing Route at beginning!



You will be heading down hill on Baden Powell. You will come to Seymour Road and cross. There are toilets here and a garbage can. Please watch carefully for speeding cars as you cross the road back on to the nice rolling trail.



You will come to Indian Arm Road-Be careful! You will Turn Left and run along road until you see Baden Powell Trail sign. Turn Right and head down hill.



You will now just continue down to Deep Cove. When you come to Power Lines take a Left and then a quick right following Baden Powell.



Continue downhill over a number of bridges and technical terrain.  At the last bridge, be sure to take the trail left and downhill.  If you overshoot this and go straight you'll end up at a neighborhood cul-de-sac and a paved road, back track to get back on course if necessary.  On the last downhill section, get your smile ready, you're almost done.  When you hit the road at the bottom of Baden Powell, turn right toward turn around/finish area.  Congratulations, you did it! 


(Repeat to attempt the 40K Go Deep course)





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This is a Club Fat Ass (CFA) event, so we adhere to CFA event management guidelines and privacy policy. Please complete the whole form. Your personal information is required in case I need to contact you... or your next of kin! Also, to make sure I spell your name right in the results. The other information helps me to plan any aid or post-event activities. Please help me to host a safer, better event by registering early and by notifying me if you can't make it. I'm constantly looking for ways to improve, so please share your thoughts or questions with me in the Suggestion Box below. After you click on "Submit" below, your registration details will be confirmed.

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