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Event Registration - Vancouver New Years Day Fat Ass 50

Thank you for registering online and in advance.

This is a Club Fat Ass (CFA) event, so we adhere to CFA event management guidelines and privacy policy. Please complete the whole form. Your personal information is needed to make sure I spell your name right in the results and so I can contact you... or your next of kin! The other information helps me to plan the finisher party. Please help me to host a safer, better event by registering early and by notifying me if you can't make it. (It's only $25. Sorry, no refunds.) Even after hosting this 21 times, I'm constantly looking for ways to improve, so please share your thoughts or questions with me in the Suggestion Box below. After you click on "submit" below, your registration details will be confirmed.

Ean Jackson - Host of the Vancouver New Years Day Fat Ass 50K run and Freeze Your Fat Ass Swim
Vancouver NY Fat Ass 50 Information.

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If you are planning to run more than 7 hours, you will need to start 1 hour early at 8:00am. For safety reasons we also ask you to arrange for a pacer for the last 10km, and that you carry a flashlight and a charged cell phone. Please include your cell phone # in the phone field above.
For those left standing, a post event celebration will be held at the Two Lions Pub. The Two Lions Pub is about 10 minutes from the finish in the Westview Plaza at Westview and Highway #1. Their telephone number is 604-983-3083.
Please let me know if you have any questions that aren't answered on the event web page. If anything isn't clear, there are any problems with the website, you have any suggestions as to how I might improve the event or you have any special needs, please tell me here.


Best you print this and the course description off if you don't want to get lost! Go to the bottom of this page and click on "printer-friendly version" for best results

Wednesday 1 January 2014

07:00? Drag your sorry, hung-over carcass out of bed. Check the weather. Be sure to print off this agenda and the course description!
08:30 Arrive at Brockton Track, Stanley Park, Vancouver. Check-in next to the fire hydrant in front of the change rooms.
08:50 Welcome and final briefing
08:55 Photo
09:00 Start
11:00 First 25K finisher
13:00 First 50K finisher
16:00 Brunch and celebration - Two Lions Public House, North Vancouver (#1 at Westview)


Despite the detailed description and warnings (e.g. If in doubt, read the directions!!), people get lost on the course every year. Consider it a rite of passage.

This is an informal, environmentally-friendly event. Be sure to print this agenda and the course description and bring them with you on the first of January as there are no flags, marshals or other directions. (I recommend you put them in a plastic baggie, as they will otherwise surely turn to mush.) Better yet, train on the course during the year and bring the directions.

Getting to the Start

The start and finish is at Brockton Oval in Stanley Park in downtown Vancouver. Follow the signs as if you were going to the aquarium. Just past the aquarium, take the road to your right and follow it to Brockton Oval. Best to park in the lot nearest the change rooms, as that's where the start is. Note that it's pay parking.

What to Bring?

  • bring your New Years resolutions. (Use the New Years athletic resolution logger to keep yourself honest... and maybe win a prize, too!)
  • if you want a race number, bring one (for example, your favorite or most exotic race)
  • bring your own aid (if you don't know what that is, better wait another year)
  • bring your own official timing system (a watch will do, even if the second hand doesn't work)
  • bring shower stuff and a change of clothes for afterward
  • Freeze Your Fat Ass 50. Celebrate surviving the Fat Ass 50 and kick-off the new year with a 50 second (or longer) "polar bear" swim in Burrard Inlet. Bring a towel and, if you want, a bathing suit.
  • there's no cost to enter if you're a member of Club Fat Ass, but bring a few bucks to pay for parking, to buy yourself some junk food along the way and for the finisher party

Post-Run Brunch 

  • runners, friends and family are encouraged to meet afterwards for brunch and beverages at the Mosquito Creek Grill...about 10 minutes from the finish in North Vancouver.
  • From Brockton Oval in Stanley Park, drive down to the water and turn left (you can't turn right!) Go to the very end of the road, up the hill and onto Lions Gate Bridge heading toward the north shore. Stay in the right lane (North Vancouver) then turn left at the first set of lights (Capilano Road.) Go straight about a kilometer then go right onto Highway #1 East. Take the first exit (Westview) and go to the shopping mall on the north side of the street where you will find the Two Lions Pub. (Call 604-983-3083 if you get lost.)
  • Great runner food. Liquor license means no kids, sorry. May be some draw and recognition prizes. 


  • it's not a race, but I do keep track of your times so you have something to compare to next year
  • I hope everyone will run the same course, but won't disqualify folks for getting lost and running extra distance
  • this event is not sponsored, sanctioned, permitted or anything else that would qualify it as an official event
  • parking, showers and change facilities (08:30 to 16:00) are available at Brockton Oval. It's pay parking. The machines take credit cards. The showers are lukewarm, but seem hot after you've been for a dip in the ocean
  • results will be submitted to the the media for the sake of posterity. We often get coverage on the television news. It seems a lot of people think we are odd because we willingly do this to ourselves.
  • expect rain, maybe snow, some trails, some pavement, some old friends and maybe some new


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Please print out this course description (scroll down for a printer-friendly version) and bring it with you in a plastic baggie to the start.  You can find GPS waypoints from Keith Nichols 2010 run here.

(4:45 finish)

Vancouver New Years Day Fat Ass 50



meet at Brockton Oval change rooms, just in front of the track. (Go right just after the aquarium.)



start - Brockton Oval fire hydrant.  If you're not going for a record, try to run together for first 15 minutes!



Stanley Park Trails. This 6.3 km section of the route is for the most part on tame dirt trails that contour the shoreline. Be sure to look up and around as you pass through the ancient old growth Douglas firs.



- straight along Kinglet Trail to Lumberman's Arch, pass on the left of orange concession stand and rejoin trail



- straight along trail (right at only fork) to Pipeline Road and bridge. Straight across road, then go right at the "Beaver Lake Interpretive Trail" sign and descend trail marked 'No Cycling Environmentally Sensitive' down to creek



- turn left at creek and zigzag up the creek until you reach Beaver Lake. Go right at the lake and continue along lakeside path



- go right at the next 2 forks. You should be back on a narrow trail that borders a small creek (North Creek Trail)



- zigzag up the creek, over a couple little bridges until trail merges into gravel access road.  Note big storage bins for dirt and compost to right of trail



- follow gravel road straight up until you reach the paved road. (Don't go left or right at the "T"!) Cross the paved road carefully and rejoin small trail directly in front of you



- follow small trail through trees, then left on large gravel path (Avison Trail.) Continue along trail to highway bridge with lion statues, then along sidewalk to Prospect Point washrooms (first building.)



Reference Point (RP) #1 - water / washrooms at Prospect Point



- take crosswalk opposite washrooms to regain wide gravel trail. Stay right at trail intersection then cross paved road onto gravel road that leads downhill toward water. After 50m, go right down gravel road (Siwash Rock Trail)



- continue downhill to the cliff edge, then stay left on gravel road. Follow along cliff edge through blowdown of 2006, then steeply uphill to a lover's bench. Note concrete World War 2 lookout bunker above Siwash Rock (the little island) on your right.



- turn right after the bench onto the larger gravel road and continue downhill to Third Beach washrooms and concession



- after concession stand, follow the paved road straight ahead and slightly uphill. Take small trail on your left (away from water). This will take you to a paved road crossing after about 50m. Cross road and turn right onto large trail that parallels the road. (Rawlings Trail.)



- follow Rawlings Trail until you come to a wooden shelter at a major trail intersection. Turn right and cross the road to Second Beach pool and concession stand



- at concession stand, go left and stay on paved seawall trail



The Sea Wall. This 13.4 km section of the route follows the ocean shore back to the woods along one of Vancouver’s most popular paths.



- continue along seawall to English Bay bath house (site of big polar bear swim on return leg). Fountain may be working.



- follow seawall to Burrard Bridge.  Almost under bridge, cut left through Aquatic Center parking lot. Carefully cross street.  Go up stairs, then turn right onto bridge.



- cross to Kitsilano on bridge sidewalk closest to English Bay



- at end of bridge, south of big green apartment building, turn right at the first street (Chestnut St). Note there is no sidewalk for the first bit on the east side of Chestnut. Watch for cars! Follow to Maritime Museum (big A-frame) at the end of Chestnut



- at the parking lot, go left along the upper trail past the totem pole.  (20 bonus scenic meters and some stairs if you take the oceanside trail.)



RP #2 - water / washrooms at Kitsilano Beach (junk food is 2 blocks east at Mac's Milk - Maple Avenue at Cornwall and Starbucks is across the street at Yew and Cornwall)



- continue along trail near to water past Kits Pool, then take paved trail past Kitsilano Yacht Club where it turns into dirt path. At end of path, take concrete stairs up to street and run up one short block to Point Grey Road



- go right on Point Grey Road. Stay on sidewalk 7 blocks to Alma Street then straight along beach past Vancouver Yacht Club. At Jericho Beach parking lot zig left, then right onto bike path.



- continue along path to left of Jehrico Sailing Club.  (10 bonus meters if you take scenic oceanside path in the sand.)  Pass to the left of the concession and water fountain at Locarno Beach, then enjoy the refreshing breeze off the beach.



RP #3 - water / washrooms at Spanish Banks 



Pacific Spirit Park. This 7.7 km section to the turnaround is on dirt trails that range from rooty and muddy to wheelchair-accessible.



- just after the washrooms, go left.  Look both ways before you cross the paved road into a ravine.  Take the trail up, then right through a gate to the top of the ridge.  



- take Admirality Trail along the escarpment parallel to beach.  It flatens out and ends at a T-intersection.



- go left (south) on Salish Trail. There's a long, tough uphill. Go past school on left to Chancellor Blvd. Cross street and reenter Salish Trail directly opposite



- continue along Salish Trail past UBC golf course (on left) to University Blvd. Cross street and take Cleveland Trail (the one on the left, nearest the golf course)



- continue straight on Cleveland Trail to the park offices (some trailers) at 16th Avenue.



RP #4 – Park office. Water / washrooms



- Cross street and turn right (toward UBC) following trail next to woods. Rejoin Salish Trail on left after about 400m



- continue along Salish to t-intersection (Powerline trail.) This is where a lot of folks get lost. Turn left and go 125m uphill



- rejoin Salish trail on right, then continue on Salish to junction with Clinton trail and a clearing with a garbage can and wooden bench. Go right, then left and along trail next to the paved roadway (SW Marine Drive).



- continue about 700m parallel to road to the park sign (Southwest Marine Drive, Comosun Street and 41st Avenue.)



Half Way - RP #5 - Southwest Marine/41st/Comosun. This is a good place to have someone meet you if it's your first 50K



- follow larger path back to the smaller trail and go right to the clearing with garbage can and bench. Take large trail on left (Salish) to Powerline Trail. Turn left.



- follow Powerline 120m, then turn right onto Salish Trail. Stay on Salish until you get to 16th Avenue



- go right approx. 300m on trail parallel to road next to the woods. Cross street to park office



RP #4 - water / washrooms at park office.



- run straight along Cleveland Trail to University Blvd. Cross the street carefully. Regain Salish Trail at the corner of the golf course (diagonal to left)



- at major trail intersection keep running straight. At Chancellor Blvd., cross street and regain Salish Trail at far left of the school



- descend long hill to bottom.  Before you get to the paved street, go right onto Admirality Trail 



- follow Admirality Trail back along escarpment to end.  Go through the gate to bottom of ravine.  Carefully cross the paved road back to the beach and go right on bike path



RP #3 - water / washrooms at Spanish Banks



The Sea Wall. This 10 km section of the route follows the ocean shore back to Stanley Park. Yes, that’s it way off in the distance!



- retrace steps along bike path then straight along Point Grey Road until at curves to the left at Bayswater, up little hill and left at Trafalgar Street to beach. Descend stairs, turn right and follow beach trail to Kits Beach



RP #2 - water / washrooms at Kits Beach



- retrace steps around Kits Point. At the A-frame (Marine Museum) just after the totem pole, go right onto Chestnut Street. At the corner of Cornwall (big green apartment) go left and onto the Burrard Bridge



- At far end of bridge, go down stairs on left. Cross road.  Go through parking lot toward ocean.  Turn right onto paved seawall path.



- pass gathering crowd of polar bear swimmers at Sunset Beach. If the crowd is too thick, take the upper bike path



- past the crowds, return to seawall and follow to Second Beach concession. (Washroom, fountain may be working.) At the concession, turn right.  Note:  You're almost home.  This last bit takes you around the seawall rather than through the park.  Do not go back through the park unless you want to add a couple of km and maybe get lost!



- Cross road at crosswalk when it is safe. Continue straight (east) on path that parallels a little river then contours north and east sides of small lake (Lost Lagoon). Don't take the first underpass.  When you almost reach the tall buildings, go left through the big pedestrian tunnel, then left again at the seawall.



- follow the paved seawall path with the ocean and the city skyline to your right. Pass the big white rowing club, yacht club and Deadman's Island. Pass the totem poles and say "Hi" to the statue of Canadian Olympian Harry Jerome breaking the tape. You should be able to smell the barn!



- pass under the white and red lighthouse. The Brocton Oval track should soon be in view in the distance on your left. Look for a short staircase from water with a paved road directly opposite. Go left and carefully cross the road. (Note: if you reach the mermaid statue in the water, go back!)



- Zone in on the fire hydrant and sprint!



finish - Brockton Oval fire hydrant. Kiss it! You're done.



- now run 100m back to the beach and jump in Burrard Inlet or someone might call you a wimp. You will need to get the plastic entry card to enter the change rooms. If showers at the track are not warm or they are closed, call City of Vancouver Parks and Rec at 604-873-7000 (or 311 if you live in Vancouver) to let them know how you feel.


15:30 -

celebrate – Mosquito Creek Grill – Westview Mall at Westview Drive and Highway #1, North Vancouver (604-983-3083). We have about 50 seats reserved together until 4:30, after that they will open the area to general seating. Friends are welcome, but under 19 not allowed. (Sorry. Stupid BC liquor laws don't permit.) Free pint for runners and crew!


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Vancouver New Years Day FA50K Route - 25K Turnaround.pdf1.41 MB
Vancouver New Years Day FA50K Route - Pt. Grey.pdf1.23 MB
Vancouver New Years Day FA50K Route - English Bay.pdf1.85 MB


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How time flies... it seems like only yesterday that I hosted the first Vancouver Fat Ass 50 in 1994.

Some years were better for record keeping than others, so my apologies in advance if your name is missing.  I'm very interested in getting photos and starter info for those missing years, so please contact me (click on my name below) if you can help.

Ean Jackson
Host of the Vancouver New Years Day Fat Ass 50 and Freeze Your Fat Ass Swim

2013 - Year 20 - Vancouver New Year's Day Fat Ass 50 Run and Freeze Your Fat Ass Swim


1 January 2013  -  over 100 registered starters

New Year's Day: Now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions. Next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual. ~Mark Twain


Tuesday 1 January 2013 was the 20th anniversary of this event. I guess that officially makes it a Vancouver "classic".

It was a standout year. When I look back over the past 20 years, the things that stand out most about 2013 will be the weather, the records that were broken, the lack of showers and the surprise finisher party.

I don't have a Farmer's Almanac to consult, but if I did, I'll bet it would show that the weather in Vancouver on New Years day is consistently crappy. My fading memory reminds me that, at best, there's any sun at all 20% of the time. Today was truly exceptional. We were greeted with sun and blue skies and treated with the best day for running one could possibly ask for of a January in Vancouver.

I like to call this a fun, resolution run... but let's face it, some of us have a competitive streak. When you combine talent, friendly competition and perfect running weather, records are bound to be threatened. Today, Dave Papineau's course record of 3:46 was broken by 2 men. Ellie Greenwood whooped her own record of 4:06. Loads of people who make this event an annual resolution run broke their own PBs, and a surprising number of plain, old runners can now call themselves "ultrarunners" after completing their first 50-kilometer run today. The only records I keep that that weren't broken are Tim's 100K "double-dip" and Sammy's post-run 22-minute post-run bath in the Pacific.

Here are some of my highlights and some statistics. (Please share your observations and comments by clicking on "Add New Comment" below):

  • almost 1/2 of the people who showed up today signed-up in the past 3 days. 'Must have been the weather!
  • it was the first year I offered "free love" with the "free run". If you missed your hug, you can collect it at any time
  • it was the first year I offered a free Trail Runner magazine special annual calendar to participants at the start. If you missed getting one and would like one, please contact me. I still have a few
  • it was the first year I took much notice of how participants got to the start. I found it noteworthy that Wendy Montgomery ran and Ellie Greenwood, Andy Healey and Keith Nichol rode their bikes. Keeners!
  • the cameraman (Sergio) from Global TV who came out to film the start, was a bit taken aback when I interviewed him.
  • the best New Years day kiss was between Valerie and Brent on Kits Point. (See photos below). The wet one that smelled of Sambuca that John Machray gave me at the start was right up there, too.
  • David Crerar, the guy who ran 50K in his kilt, ran a marathon less than 24 hours beforehand on New Years eve. I overheard several folks at the start openly wondering what, if anything, he was wearing underneath the kilt. (The answer was apparently quite obvious to those who followed him up the steep stairs on Burrard Bridge!) Reliable sources also reported back that Crerar was seen catching a few winks in the comfy, warm washrooms where Cleveland Trail meets 16th

Given the men's change room and showers were out of commission due to a fire, and the woman's showers were apparently inaccessible due to the electronic key, fewer runners opted to hit the drink after their run. This is unfortunate, because the weather was so ideal. Ideal weather for January 1st, however, is still freaking cold and the water is always glacial. Given that I opted out of this long-standing New Years day ritual, I figured best to not call too many folks, "wimp!" for fear of being thrown in with my warm post-run gear on.

Looks like I may have goofed-up regarding the finisher party venue. When I drove up, I wondered why so many runners were chatting outside in the cold rather than drinking beer and commiserating inside where it is warm. Turns-out, the Mosquito Creek Grill was closed... and the manager hadn't told me. Thankfully, the Queens Cross pub just up the street was open, their taps were not dry and their food was warm and copious.

A great, big, fat "Thank you!" to the following folks who dedicated their day to helping us with their time, their food and their drink on the course today: Ran and Gili Katzman (hot soup and goodies), Pete Stace-Smith (Norco sag wagon that sagged under the weight of so much good stuff), Benji Chu (gels), Maureen Forrestal (aid at Point Gray), Janet Mackintosh (hot coffees) and Ruedi Aschwanden (roving sag wagon).  I'd also like to recognize Dave Cressman of Distance Runwear for the prizes and Sibylle Tinsel, your Chief Executive Fat Ass, for helping me a lot with registration and results.

Happy New Year... and may all of your 2013 resolutions come to pass!

Ean Jackson
Host of the Vancouver New Years Day Fat Ass 50K Run and Freeze Your Fat Ass Swim


  • Please email me if I missed or screwed-up your time/distance, missed awarding you points for picking up trash, missed your finish time or otherwise.
  • Please also tell me how I did by completing the Club's Post Event Survey
  • A housekeeping note for the Club: I need to make sure everyone who participated and was recognized was a bona fide Club member.  If you haven't signed up for your 2013 CFA membership in CFA yet, please join at so you don’t have to wear a patch over one eye and talk pirate talk at the next Club event

Related Stuff:  

  • Post your 2013 New Year's athletic resolutions and enter the contest (deadline 15 January)
  • Check Global News news to see yourself on TV!  (Did anyone find a streaming video link?  If so, pls share in a comment.)


Did you or yours take any photos?  If so, please share them on Flickr.  (Help on how to do that here.)  Add to the CFA Flickr group and tag your pix with VancouverNewYearsDayFatAss50 VancouverNewYearsDayFatAss502013 VancouverNewYearsDayFatAss ClubFatAssEvents ClubFatAssEvent2013.  

Here is a slideshow of photos shared so far:

I'd love to see you add your story either via the comment function below or through a post on your CFA blog.  (If you use your blog, I'll attach it to this page)

In the media:  coming soon if I can find the video link

Your posts:

  • Barry Young's blog about the run is here.
  • Brent and Valerie's video is here.

Preliminary results are posted below. If I don't have your trash pick-up points or time/distance or have either recorded incorrectly, please email me.


First Name Last Name City Age Event Points Time
Nathan Barrett Vancouver 30-39 50km 2 03:35:41
Barry Young Vancouver 30-39 50km 2 03:43:49
Gary Robbins North Vancouver 30-39 50km 2 03:47
Ellie Greenwood North Vancouver 30-39 50km 2 03:59
Jim Swadling North Vancouver 60-69 50km 2 04:16
Dave Cressman Vancouver 40-49 50km 2+1 04:23
john grindon vancouver 50-59 50km 2 04:23
Chad Hyson Vancouver 40-49 50km 2 04:23
Michael Senior North Vancouver 50-59 50km 2 04:26
Chris Benn Vancouver 50-59 50km 1 04:30
Marc Schmitz North Vancouver 30-39 50km 2+1 04:44
Esta Cormack Vancouver 30-39 50km 1 04:49
Bob Hermanutz Vancouver 40-49 50km 2 04:49
Pat Malaviarachchi Vancouver 30-39 50km 2 04:49
Matt Sessions Port Moody 40-49 50km 2 04:49
Wade Repta Vancouver 40-49 50km 2 04:49
Rebecca Reid Vancouver 40-49 50km 2 04:49:14
Helen Ritchie Vancouver 40-49 50km 2 04:49:14
Mary Walsh Vancouver 40-49 50km 1 04:49:15
David Han Burnaby 30-39 50km 1 04:49:15
Matt Colpitts Vancouver 30-39 50km 1 04:53:00
ben patience vancouver 30-39 50km 2 05:15
ken legg North Van 40-49 50km 2 05:17
Jackie Muir Vancouver 30-39 50km 2 05:17
Norma Bastidas Delta 40-49 50km 2 05:17
suzanne johnson north vancouver 30-39 50km 1 05:25
Shannon Mychajlyszyn Vancouver 40-49 50km 2 05:25
Gordon Spooner Port Coquitlam 50-59 50km 2 05:25
Mark MacRae Coquitlam 50-59 50km 2 05:25
Neil Boudville Menora 40-49 50km 2 05:50
Eric Rannaud Vancouver 20-29 50km + some 2 05:53
Linda Barton NV 30-39 50km 2 05:57
sam chiu vancouver 30-39 50km 1 05:57
Patricia Macduff Vancouver  30-39 50km 2 05:57
Andy Healey Vancouver 40-49 50km 2+1* PB 05:57
David Crerar North Vancouver 40-49 50km 2 06:05
Judith de Niet Vancouver 30-39 50km 2 06:09
John Fitzgerald Vancouver 20-29 50km 2 06:09
Cheryl Lynch Vancouver 50-59 50km 1 06:10
Keith Nichol Vancouver 50-59 50km 2+1* 06:18
Irene Aschwanden North Vancouver 50-59 50km + some 2 06:18
Annette Wotherspoon North Vancouver 40-49 50km + some 2 06:18
Craig Slagel Vancouver 40-49 50km 2 + 1* 06:56
Ruth Vincent Vancouver 50-59 50km 2 06:56
Sarah Wilson Coquitlam 20-29 50km 2 7:09
Donn  Miller Salem 60-69 50km 2 7:09
Jonathan Wornell Vancouver 40-49 25km 2 2:10
Mark Gilbert Moscow 50-59 25km 2 02:14:07
Nicola Gildersleeve North Vancouver 20-29 25km 1 02:35
Peter Watson North Vancouver   25km 1 02:35
Susan Kamachi Vancouver 40-49 25km 2 02:38
lara spence vancouver 40-49 25km 2 02:38
Reagan White Vancouver 30-39 25km 2+1* 03:16
Ron Adams North Vancouver 60-69 25km 2 03:16:44
Rachel Fouladi Burnaby 40-49 25km 2+1 03:51
Jessica Glowacki Vancouver 30-39 25km 2 ?
Geoffrey Holan Vancouver 50-59 25km 1 ?
Paul Kennedy Vancouver 40-49 25km 2*** ?
Susan MacRae Coquitlam 50-59 25km 2 ?
Gunnar Ramslie Vancouver   25km 1*** ?
Suzanne Bedford Vancouver 40-49 custom -48km 2 05:27
John Machray North Vancouver 50-59 custom 2 05:25
Hashem (Shem) Sharifi North Vancouver 40-49 custom 2 05:14
Jon Mahoney Vancouver 60-69 custom -42km 2 04:28
desmond mott north vancouver 50-59 custom - walk 2 ?
Shane Onufrechuk Vancouver 40-49 custom - 43.3 2 03:40
Geoff Watts Vancouver 20-29 custom 2 04:26
Benoit Gignac Vancouver 30-39 custom - 39km 2 04:01
Joel Hernandez Vancouver 40-49 custom - 39km 2 04:01
Mirabelle Tinio3:47 Vancouver 30-39 custom - 39km 2 04:01
Angela Cullen-Spooner Coquitlam 50-59 custom - 35km 2 3:47
Peter van Gaalen Coquitlam 50-59 custom - 35km 1 3:47
Benji Chu Richmond 50-59 custom - 34km ***2+1**** 04:05
Cendrix Bouchard Vancouver 30-39 custom 2 04:01
Pamela Keck North Vancouver 30-39 custom - 30km 2 03:10
wendy montgomery north vancouver 40-49 custom - 30km 1 03:10
Kris  Duncan Squamish 30-39 custom 30km 2+1* 3:20
Brent Seal Vancouver 20-29 custom - 26km 2 03:35
Valerie Williams Vancouver 20-29 custom - 26km 2 03:35
Janet Mackintosh North Vancouver 50-59 custom - 20km 2 + 1*+1**** 03:07
Craig Moore Lynn Valley, North Vancouver 19 or younger custom - 17km 2+1* 02:04
Sibylle Tinsel North Vancouver 40-49 custom - 17km 2+1*+2** 02:04
Christine Lang Vancouver 30-39 custom - 16km 1 01:55
Mylene Leblanc Vancouver 20-29 custom - 16km 2 01:55
glenn pace North Vancouver 40-49 custom 2+1* 02:35
Melanie Ellery Vancouver 40-49 custom 2+1 02:32
Rick Arikado Vancouver 50-59 custom 2 02:20
Ean Jackson North Vancouver 50-59 custom 2+2**+1* 02:20
Carl Anderson Vancouver 50-59 custom - 13km 2 01:26
Christine Hoffmann Vancouver 50-59 custom - 13km 2 01:26
Ran Katzman Vancouver 40-49 custom walk 2+1**** 01:00
Mike Kuiack Vancouver 40-49 custom - 11km 2 01:05
Lori Belancic Burnaby 40-49 custom - 8.5km 2 01:25
Kristie Congram Vancouver 50-59 custom - 8.5km 2 01:25
James Clarke Vancouver 30-39 custom 2 ?
Peter Stace-Smith Coquitlam BC 50-59 custom 2+1**** ?
Mike Palichuk Langley 40-49 crew 1  
Rudi Aschwanden North Vancouver   crew 1  
Maureen Forrestal     crew 1  
Gili Katzman Vancouver   crew 1  
Alison Abell Garibaldi Highlands 40-49 DNS -1 0
Dave Berg Burnaby 40-49 DNS -1 0
Astrid Bonter Vancouver 30-39 DNS -1 0
Gina DiMenna Port Coquitlam 30-39 DNS -1 0
michelle ford vancouver 20-29 DNS -1 0
Kate Fremlin North Vancouver 20-29 DNS -1 0
Newton Hoang vancouver 30-39 DNS -1 0
Randy Hunter North Vancouver 40-49 DNS -1 0
Sean Lavin Vancouver 40-49 DNS 0 0
Brent Mansfield Vancouver 30-39 DNS -1 0
Laurel Richardson Vancouver 20-29 DNS ***-1 0
Tara Robinson Vancouver 30-39 DNS -1 0
Carie Moran Port Moody 40-49 DNS 2 ?






















































*      bonus point (garbage point/good sportsmanship)

**     Event Host point

***   Membership status needs to be updated at

**** crew point/good sportsmanship

The Twitter hashtag for the Vancouver New Year's Fat Ass 50km is #VNYDFA50. Tweets from spectators and participants are streamed below (for those of you not on Twitter)


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2012 - Year 19 - Vancouver New Year's Day Fat Ass 50 Run and Freeze Your Fat Ass Swim - Results


1 January 2012  - 93 Starters

New Year's Day: Now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions. Next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual. ~Mark Twain

Why do we do this?  

Just before the start of the 2012 Vancouver New Year's Fat Ass 50, I was asked this question by both of the television news reporters who showed up to cover this freak show.

One of the advantages of participating in a run you organize is that you get to meet some great new people and catch up on what's new with your old pals.   I always look forward starting this run dead last.  If I'm in any kind of shape, it allows me to weave my way up through small groups of enthusiastic runners and see the event from their perspective.  I thought it would be fun to take the reporter's question to some of the people I ran with this year.

Here are some of the reasons why folks made the effort to show up in Stanley Park on New Year's Day in 2012:

  • For Todd, the answer was simple:  He had to!  His resolution was to run an ultramarathon in each month of this, his 50th year.
  • For several of the 2012 starters, it was to kick off the new year with their first ultra.
  • Many participants had heard about Club Fat Ass and had resolved to start the new year by checking-out a new tribe with a bit of a reputation.
  • For most, however, the simple reason was to celebrate the beginning of a new year with a fun run.

This year saw just short of 100 people sign-up and show up.  While it is considered nobler to show up and run what one can than stay at home in bed, most starters chose to attempt the 50-kilometer distance.  There were no takers for breaking Tim Wiens' record of running the course twice (100K).  Of note, however, was that the husband and wife team of Ran and Gili completed 100K, and David Crerar (the guy in the kilt) completed the last marathon of 2011 a few hours before starting the 50K.

With temperatures in the 6-8C range, partially cloudy skies, no ice and minimal wind, we were blessed with "shorts weather"!  Looking back on the 19 (not 18, as I announced at the start) year history of this event, veterans of the Vancouver NY Day FA50 will agree the weather was about as good as it has ever been.

Here are some of my observations about this year's event:

  • First time I can recall where someone showed up with a baby stroller (Congrats Ali, John and Ama)
  • First time we had 2 people running in skirts (Alanna in her silver mini and David in his kilt)
  • Arthur sporting a big Dr. Seuss hat (What about the wind resistance, Arthur?)
  • Despite the threats, the Coquitlam crew did not wear tutus (Something to consider for the 20th anniversary run next year!)
  • Kristie and Gary's positive attitudes regarding 2012 in light of a crappy 2011
  • Some new years revelers where still staggering home at noon
  • The thoughtful, handmade sighs of encouragement on Point Gray Road
  • Pete of the Coquitlam crew, who spent his day driving the sag wagon
  • There were bald eagles in the trees near Jericho Beach
  • The loud noise out near Spanish Banks came from a passing hovercraft
  • I had my first birthday balloon sighting of the year (just off Admiralty Trail near Salish)
  • I was able to find and share the Model T tire that has a tree growing through it (It is on the course.  Tell you where for a beer!)
  • First 50K male finisher, Dario, kissing the fire hydrant in 3:48 and first woman, Allison, for her 4:24.  (Sammy, sorry I missed you break your own record of 20 minutes in the ocean for the swim part of the event. I hope you found the boys this morning!)

If you participated this year, I'd love to hear from you about what you found to be neat and interesting. Also, any particular reasons why you chose to toe the line in this event on new year's morning.  Please share by clicking on "Add new comment" below.

Some final thoughts:

  • One day amnesty on logging your 2012 New Year's athletic resolutions.  (Counts for the contest if they are in before Jan 3)  
  • Check Global News and CTV news to see yourself on TV!  (Did anyone find a streaming video link?  If so, pls share in a comment.)
  • A housekeeping note for you:  Please email me if I missed or screwed-up your time/distance or missed awarding you points for picking up trash.  Please also tell me how I did by completing the Club's Post Event Survey
  • A housekeeping note for the Club: I need to make sure everyone who participated and was recognized was a bona fide Club member.  If you haven't signed up for your 2012 CFA membership in CFA yet, please join at so you don’t have to wear a patch over one eye and talk pirate talk at the next Club event

A great, big "thank you" to Norco and Kintec for the draw prizes, to Ron Adams for the Cliff bars, to Sibylle for all of her help on the admin side and to the Mosquito Creek Grill for the free beer.

Ean Jackson
Host of the Vancouver New Years Day Fat Ass 50K Run and Freeze Your Fat Ass Swim

New Years Fitness Resolutions
May be too late to get into the contest for 2012, but never too late to make them!

Did you or yours take any photos?  If so, please share them on Flickr.  (Help on how to do that here.)  Add to the CFA Flickr group and tag your pix with VancouverNewYearsDayFatAss50 VancouverNewYearsDayFatAss502012 VancouverNewYearsDayFatAss ClubFatAssEvents ClubFatAssEvent2012.  

Here is a slideshow of photos shared so far:

I'd love to see you add your story either via the comment function below or through a post on your CFA blog.  (If you use your blog, I'll attach it to this page)

In the media:  You can see our little run on Global News here.

Preliminary results are posted below. If I don't have your trash pick-up points or time/distance or have either recorded incorrectly, please email me.

First Name Last Name City Age Event How many times have you participated in this event? Points Time
Dario Herrera New Westminster 30-39 50km 2 2 3:48
Chris Barth White Rock 40-49 50km   2*** 3:57
Craig  McMillan Vancouver 30-39 50km   2 3:57
Shane Onufrechuk Vancouver 30-39 50km 1 2 4:09
Chad Hyson Vancouver 40-49 50km 4 2 4:17
Allison Ezzat North Vancouver 20-29 50km 1 2 4:24
Ran Katzman Vancouver 40-49 50km 4 2 4:24
Chris Benn Vancouver 50-59 50km 4 2 4:29
Dave Cressmann Vancouver 40-49 50km 6 2 4:29
Michael Senior North Vancouver 50-59 50km   2 4:32
David Wylie Vancouver 30-39 50km   2 4:36
Jude Ultra Vancouver 20-29 50km 2 2*** 4:38
Meredith Cale Vancouver 20-29 50km   2 4:44
Adam Way Vancouver 20-29 50km   2 4:44
Man Kong Chan Vancouver 30-39 50km   2 4:52
Gili Katzman Vancouver 40-49 50km 1 2 4:52
Murray Cameron     50km   1*** 5:06
Chris La Rose Vancouver 30-39 50km 1 2+1* 5:06
steve barnes Surrey 40-49 50km 1 2 5:07
Ray Levasseur Vancouver 50-59 50km 2 2+1* 5:10
David Crerar North Vancouver 40-49 50km 6 2 5:21
Todd Sewell Bellingham 40-49 50km   2 5:23
Suzanne Johnson .   50km   1 5:25
ken legg North Van 40-49 50km 6 2 5:25
Rhonda Gallant Port Moody 50-59 50km 5 1 5:32
Mark MacRae Coquitlam 50-59 50km 5 2 5:32
Shannon Mychajlyszyn 40-49 50km   2 6:00
Shinobu Homma North Vancouver 50-59 50km   1 6:00
Gordon Spooner Port Coquitlam 50-59 50km   2 6:01
Angela Spooner Port Coquitlam 50-59 50km 6 2 6:01
Peter Stace-Smith Coquitlam  50-59 50km 8 2 6:01
Matt Sessions Burnaby 40-49 50km 5 2 6:08
Ward Beemer White Rock 40-49 50km   2 6:13
Linda Barton Tacoma   50km   1 6:29
Karl Jensen North Vancouver 60-69 50km 7 2 6:29
John Machray North Vancouver 50-59 50km 4 2 6:29
Sam Chiu Vancouver 30-39 50km   2 6:45
Keith Nichol Vancouver 50-59 50km 6 2+1*+1**** 6:48
Laurie  Brookbank Port Coquitlam 50-59 50km 1 2 7:07
Alanna Aldous Port Coquitlam 30-39 50km     7:54
celina  coombs delta 40-49 50km 6 2 ?
Adrian Powell Burnaby 30-39 50km 1 2 6:15
Eric Stacey Delta 50-59 50km 3 2 ?
James Clarke Vancouver 30-39 25km   1 2:11
Paul Kennedy Vancouver 40-49 25km 1 2 2:18
Bob Hermanutz Vancouver 40-49 25km 4 2 2:21
Ean Jackson North Vancouver 50-59 25km 15 2+2** 2:31
Glenn Pace North Vancouver 40-49 25km 9 2 2:31
Mike Kuiack Vancouver 40-49 25km 2 2 2:35
scott donatelli Vancouver 40-49 25km 2 2 2:37
Dave Berg Burnaby 40-49 25km   2 2:42
Lori Clerkson Port Coq 40-49 25km 5 2 2:42
Liza Flemming Vancouver 30-39 25km 1 2+1* 2:42
Monika Kriedemann Vancouver 40-49 25km 1 1 2:42
Gord  Lord Coquitlam 50-59 25km 4 1 2:42
Steven Lowe Coquitlam 60-69 25km   2 2:42
Craig Moore North Vancouver 50-59 25km 7 2+1* 2:42
Carie Moran Port Coquitlam 40-49 25km 5 2 2:42
Don Murray Vancouver 50-59 25km 3 1 2:42
Herb Yang Coquitlam 50-59 25km   2 2:42
Bill Maurer North Vancouver 50-59 25km   2 2:49
Eric Rannaud Burnaby 20-29 25km 1 2 2:49
Lara  Spence   40-49 25km   1 2:50
Dan Daoust Coquitlam 40-49 25km 5 2 2:52
Susan Kamachi     25km   1 3:00
Peggy Brown Port Moody 40-49 25km 1 2 3:01
Pam Kostecki Mission 50-59 25km   2 3:13
Pat Love North Vancouver 50-59 25km   2 3:13
Arthur Gee Vancouver 60-69 22.5km 2 1*** 3:06
Ian Kerr Vancouver 40-49 25km   1 ?
Emily Kerr Vancouver 30-39 25km 1 2 ?
Jessica Pingel Vancouver 30-39 25km   1 ?
Jonathan Wornell Vancouver 40-49 25km   2 ?
Sibylle Tinsel North Vancouver 40-49 custom - 10km 17 2+1* 1:15
Tom Craik North Vancouver 30-39 custom - 10km   2 ?
Gary Robbins North Van 30-39 custom - 10km 5 2 1:00
Rob Kay Vancouver 50-59 custom   1 1:30
Lori Belancic Burnaby 40-49 custom - 12.5km 2 2:00
Kristie Congram Vancouver 50-59 custom - 12.5km 1 2 2:00 + swim
Pete van Gaalen Coquitlam 50-59 custom - 12km 5 2 1:30
Jackie Montgomery Vancouver 40-49 custom - 16km 1 1 1:59:30
Allison Tai Vancouver 20-29 custom - 20km   2 ?
Ron  Adams North Vancouver 60-69 custom - 21km 13 2 2:25:38
Alice Beaudet Surrey 50-59 custom - 27km 1 2 2:52
Kerry Ward N. Vancouver 40-49 custom - 28km 1 1 2:16
Gottfried Grosser North Vancouver   custom - 28km   1 3:45
Hassan Lotfi-Pour North Vancouver 40-49 custom - 28km 3 1 2:16
Mike Heiliger Squamish 50-59 custom - 33.5km 2 ?
Barry Berg Vancouver 40-49 custom - 33km   2 3:15
Greg Burnham Vancouver 40-49 custom - 33km   2 3:15
desmond mott n.vancouver 50-59 custom - 35km   2+1 3:16
Rick Arikado Vancouver 50-59 custom - 37.5km  8 2 3:30
Jessica Glowacki Vancouver 30-39 custom - bike 1 1 3:35
Helen Tilley White Rock 40-49 custom - bike   1 3:35
Pamela Keck North Vancouver 30-39 0 1 -1 DNS?
Todd Kennedy Surrey 30-39 0   -1 DNS?
mark rowat New Westminster 30-39 0   -1 DNS?
Philip Waters Vancouver 60-69 0 3 -1 DNS?











































































































































*      bonus point (garbage point/good sportsmanship)
**     Event Host point
**** crew point/good sportsmanship

***   Membership status needs to be updated at



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2011 - Year 18 - Vancouver New Year's Day Fat Ass 50 Run and Freeze Your Fat Ass Swim - Results

Starter Photo - 1 January 2011 - 118 Starters

New Year's Day: Now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions. Next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual. ~Mark Twain

If our little resolution run is an omen of things to come, 2011 is going to be an extraordinary year!

As the person who loosely organizes this unique event, I feel it is important to set expectations appropriately. To that end, I try to make clear to anyone who might be interested in participating in the Vancouver New Years Day Fat Ass 50K run and Freeze Your Fat Ass Swim that, in exchange for a free celebratory pint, they must expect to suffer through heinous weather, expect to feel totally miserable for at least the first hour of the run (longer if their New Years eve celebration was intense), expect to get lost, and expect to suffer at least mild hypothermia after finishing their run with a dip in the Pacific Ocean.  
This was the 18th year in a row that a select group of crazy runners kicked-off a new year doing what they love. It was an extraordinary year from several perspectives:

Club Fat Ass - Vancouver New Year's Day Fat Ass 50km Run - View of Vancouver from Kits Beach

It was a bluebird day. Sunny. Cloudless skies. Above freezing temperatures. We've never had it so good. 'Hate to say it, but we probably won't live long enough to see better conditions!
Records were set. Congrats to David "Paps" Papineau for breaking his own course record and establishing a new mens speed record of 3:46. Second place mens finisher, Sammy "Numbnuts" Lofti-Pour, maintained Pap's relentless pace for most of the 50K distance, but his visions of kicking Pap's fat ass were destroyed by a brutal face-plant that took precious time to shake-off. 
I personally witnessed Paps and Sammy duke it out in the ocean in round 2. At the 3-minute mark in their grudge match, a crowd had gathered to watch the spectacle of grown men slagging each other with trash talk as they stood in ice-cold water above their waists.  "Why?", the growing throng of onlookers asked. Pap's will cracked at about the same time as his voice did, but Sammy remained steadfast. At 10 minutes, his teeth had not even started to chatter. At 15-minutes, he came clean with his intention to break his own world record of 16:30. The crowd let out a roar as the waterproof chronograph showed 20 minutes. Congrats to Sammy for establishing a new record of 20:04!
Unfortunately, I had to award the Purple Heart award to 2 people this year, both of whom missed receiving their free beers because they ended up in the hospital. Marla fell on her finger and dislocated it. Ryan fell on his head and broke a few ribs. Both are OK. This is a record I hope will not be broken.
A record number of former course record-holders were also present:  Paps and myself.  Dave Cressman dragged his sorry ass back from retirement.  Gary Robbins came out and did a few Ks on his crutches and established a new category of record by so doing. 
There were the usual number of lost lambs who zigged when they should have zagged on the labyrinthine trails of Stanley or Pacific Spirit Park. I tend to not sympathize with the locals who have ample opportunity to train on the course all year long.  My cold heart does go out to guests from out of town, however. Thank you to Scotty, Rich, Sarah and Noal from the Seattle-Tacoma area for establishing a new missing persons record for this event. (Edward, no excuse for you, but you earn my praise for keeping our visitors company in the cold and dark forests of downtown Vancouver.)  I am glad you all made it back in time for your free beers and that your lips were not as blue as Sammy's!
As the host of a Club Fat Ass event, I get to award Club points to my guests who pause to pick up trash along the trails and otherwise do good deeds during their run.  I am proud to award a record number of Club participation points this year.  
A record 118 people showed up at the start.  Back when I started this run as a joke, I figured it would be a miracle if I could cajole 9 friends to join me for a New Years day ultra by bribing them with a beer. Drawing the line at 100 participants in year 10 was totally an act of wishful thinking.  The last few years, I've allowed more than 100 to sign up, as inevitably, many will give up on their first resolution of the year and opt to sleep in. Not so this year. More than 50 people signed up between Christmas and 11:48 on New Years eve. To everyone who resolved to show up and did make it to the start, congrats to you!
Many thanks to our friends and families for helping out with aid and encouragement along the course, for those who helped me organizing behind the scenes and to those who provided the many recognition prizes.  I like to recognize all of the special people on the event Thanks page.  If there's someone you feel I've missed, please let me know.
Newbies, take note of the annual club contests.  It was a bit loud at the Mosquito Creek pub, so you might not have heard why Sibylle and Graham were handing out shoes and other great prizes.  I hereby resolve to get a leg-up on the travelling t-shirt contest by get 4 years worth of photos in during the month of January.  =;-)
May all of your resolutions come to pass and may 2011 be extraordinary for you!
Ean Jackson
Host of the Vancouver New Years Day Fat Ass 50K Run and Freeze Your Fat Ass Swim

New Years Fitness Resolutions
Too late to get into the contest for 2011, but never too late to make them!

Did you or yours take any photos?  If so, please share them on Flickr.  Add to the CFA Flickr group and tag them with VancouverNewYearsDayFatAss50 VancouverNewYearsDayFatAss502011 VancouverNewYearsDayFatAss ClubFatAssEvents ClubFatAssEvent2011


coming soon

Post Event Survey. Please give me your feedback via this brief survey:

I'd love to see you add your story either via the comment function below or through a post on your CFA blog.  (If you use your blog, I'll attach it to this page)

Preliminary results are posted below. If I don't have your time/distance or have either recorded incorrectly, please email me.

First Name Last Name City Age Event Points EH Garbage Crew Time Notes
David Papineau Vancouver 40-49 50km 2       3:46:28 course record
Hassan Lotfi-Pour   40-49 50km 1       3:49:55 21min swim
Dario Herrera New Westminster 30-39 50km 2       4:05  
Mike Palichuk Langley 40-49 50km 2       4:09  
Chris Tomkinson Port Moody 40-49 50km 2       4:10  
Pat Malavi Vancouver 30-39 50km (49.2km) 2       4:08 inadvertent shortcut
Jim Swadling North Vancouver 60-69 50km 2       4:15  
Ran Katzman Vancouver 40-49 50km 2       4:22  
Christopher Benn Vancouver 50-59 50km 2       4:30  
Chad Hyson Vancouver 30-39 50km 2       4:30:29  
David Parker Vancouver 30-39 50km 2       4:36  
Shane Onufrechuk Vancouver 30-39 50km 2       4:40  
Richele Frank Vancouver 30-39 50km 2       4:47  
Jude Ultra Vancouver 20-29 50km 2       4:48  
Tim Nixon Nixon 40-49 50km 2       4:51  
Heather Vestergaard Anmore 40-49 50km 2       4:59  
Gili Katzman Vancouver 40-49 50km 2       5:04  
Mark Feng Vancouver 40-49 50km 2       5:05  
Mike Kuiack Vancouver 40-49 50km 2       5:05  
scott donatelli Vancouver 40-49 50km 1       5:18  
David Crerar North Vancouver 40-49 50km 2       5:24  
Adrian Powell Burnaby 30-39 50km 2       5:24  
Eric Rannaud Burnaby 20-29 50km 2       5:35  
Rick Arikado Vancouver 50-59 50km 2       5:36  
desmond mott north vancouver 50-59 50km 2   1   5:37  
Ray Levasseur Vancouver 50-59 50km 2   1   5:39  
neil ambrose Maple Ridge 40-49 50km 2       5:55  
Jonathan Weresch Vancouver 40-49 50km 2   1   5:56  
ken legg North Van 40-49 50km 2       5:59:59  
Daryl Funk Burnaby 40-49 50km 2       6:00  
Reza Gharazadly North Vancouver   50km member status       6:00  
Angela Cullen Spooner Port Coquitlam 50-59 50km 2       6:03  
Peter Stace-Smith Coquitlam 50-59 50km 2       6:03  
Debbie Suzuki Vancouver 50-59 50km 2       6:03  
Pete  van Gaalen Coquitlam 50-59 50km 2       6:03  
Susan Hui Vancouver 40-49 50km 2   1   6:07  
Rainy Kent   50-59 50km 2       6:07  
Michael Richen   30-39 50km 1       6:07  
Rachel Fouladi Burnaby 40-49 50km 2   1   6:11  
Tanya Jones Coquitlam 30-39 50km 2   1   6:11  
Alice Beaudet Surrey 50-59 50km 1       6:19  
celina  coombs   40-49 50km 2       6:19  
Eric Stacey   50-59 50km 2       6:19  
Norma Bastidas Delta 40-49 50km 2       6:20 ran with broken finger
Keith Nichol Vancouver 50-59 50km 2       6:33  
Sarah Anderson Seattle 30-39 50km 2       6:45 plus some extra kms
noal cattone seattle 30-39 50km 2       6:45 plus some extra kms
Edward Sargisson VANCOUVER 30-39 50km 2       6:45 plus some extra kms
Scotty Railton Tacoma, WA 40-49 50km 2    1   7:07 plus some extra kms
Rich White Tacoma, WA 30-39 50km 2       7:07 plus some extra kms
Donovan Watts Vancouver ? 25km member status       1:55  
Ryan Conroy North Vancouver 30-39 25km 1       2:05  
Dave Cressman Vancouver 40-49 25km 2       2:12  
Sukhi Pawa Vancouver 40-49 25km 2       2:18  
Bob Hermanutz North Vancouver 40-49 25km 2       2:22  
Paul Kennedy Vancouver 40-49 25km 1       2:25  
Ean Jackson North Vancouver 50-59 25km 2 2 1   2:34  
Kristin Ohm-Pedersen Malmo, Sweden 20-29 25km 1   1   2:35:47  
Stephen Parslow Vancouver 30-39 25km 2       2:36  
Glenn Pace North Van 40-49 25km 2       2:40  
Lori Clerkson Port Coquitlam 40-49 25km member status       2:45  
Gord Lord Coquitlam 50-59 25km 1       2:45  
Don Murray Vancouver 40-49 25km 2       2:45  
Sarah Weinkam Port Coquitlam 30-39 25km 2       2:45  
Peggy Brown Port Moody 40-49 25km 2       2:48  
Rhonda Schuller Vancouver 60-69 25km 1   1   2:53  
Sibylle Tinsel North Vancouver 40-49 25km 2   1   2:53  
Jessica Glowacki   30-39 25km 2       3:00  
Scott Richen Burnaby 30-39 25km member status       3:00  
Brad Yerxa north vancouver 40-49 25km 1       3:00  
Herb Yang Coquitlam 40-49 25km 2       3:06  
david montgomery vancouver 40-49 25km 2   1   3:07  
Jackie Montgomery Vancouver 40-49 25km 2   1   3:07  
Gottfried Grosser North Vancouver 60-69 25km 1       3:25  
Craig Moore Lynn Valley, North Vancouver 40-49 25km 2   1   4:10  
John Machray North Vancouver 50-59 25km 1       4:15  
Vijay Cuddeford   50-59 25km 1       ?  
Dan Daoust   40-49 25km 1       ?  
BRADLEY JONES   30-39 25km member status       ?  
Paul Kennedy Vancouver 40-49 25km 1       ?  
Emily Kerr   30-39 25km 1       ?  
Monika Kriedemann Vancouver 40-49 25km 1       ?  
Susan  Leung Vancouver 40-49 25km 1       ?  
Hileray Shackelford Coquitlam 30-39 25km         ?  
Ryne Melcher North Vancouver 30-39 custom - 16km 2     1 1:20  
Andy Nicol Vancouver 50-59 16km 2       ?  
Penny Jakobsen North Vancouver 40-49 custom 1       1:27  
Gary Robbins North Vancouver 30-39 custom - 10km 1   1   1:28 on crutches
Debra Nicol   50-59 custom 1       ?1:28  
Graham Archer Coquitlam 30-39 custom - 20km 2   1 1 1:45  
Steven Lowe Coquitlam 60-69 custom - 20km 2       2:09  
Liza Flemming Vancouver 30-39 custom -15km 2   1   2:20  
Maureen Forrestal North Vancouver 40-49 custom - 28km member status       2:34  
Christine Moric   40-49 custom - 28km 1       2:34  
Susan  Reynolds Vancouver 40-49 custom - 33km 1       2:59  
Alan Thompson   40-49 custom - 33km 1       2:59  
Pamela Keck North Vancouver 30-39 custom - 25km 2       3:00  
Laurie  Brookbank Port Coquitlam 50-59 custom - 27km 2       3:00  
Doug McConnell   50-59 custom -35km 1       3:18  
Patrick  Lewis Austin 19 or younger custom - 28km 2   1   3:22  
Reagan White Vancouver 30-39 custom - 28km 2   1   3:22  
Philip Waters Vancouver 60-69 custom - 28km 2       3:38  
Karl Jensen North Vancouver 60-69 custom 1       3:40  
Matthew Seftel Winnipeg 40-49 custom - 42km 2       4:15  
Carolyn King Maple Ridge 40-49 custom 2       4:20  
Marla Weinheimer Maple Ridge 40-49 custom 2       4:20 fell and broke finger
Ruby  Ferguson (Willis) Coquitlam 50-59 custom - 38km 2   1   4:37  
Lucy  Ryan Coquitlam 40-49 46km 2       5:10  
John Little Vancouver 60-69 custom 1       ?  
ryan keefe Langley 30-39 custom - 35km 2       ? fell and broke some ribs
Kristie Congram Vancouver 50-59 crew         There in Spirit ;-)  
Neil  Ferguson     crew       1    
Sarah Galazin     crew       1    
Carie Moran Port Coquitlam 30-39 crew       1    
Roxy The Dog     crew       1    
Norco Truck     crew            
Joe Turtle     crew       1    
Man Kong Chan Vancouver 30-39 DNS -1          
Lindsay delayen victoria 20-29 DNS -1          
Ross Fleming Vancouver 30-39 DNS -1          
patricia  Jensen North Vancouver 40-49 DNS -1          
Jeanne Kim Vancouver 30-39 DNS -1          
Sean Lavin Vancouver 40-49 DNS -1          

 *      bonus point (garbage point/good sportsmanship)
**     Event Host Point
***   Membership status needs to be updated at
**** crew point 

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2010 - Year 17 - Vancouver New Year's Day Fat Ass 50 Run and Freeze Your Fat Ass Swim - Results

1 January 2010 - 106 Starters

 New Year's Day: Now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions. Next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual. ~Mark Twain

Like many running friends, I have managed to accomplish many running goals because I established goals in the first place. Getting those running goals out in front of each other while doing something we love was what I had in mind when I loosely organized the first Vancouver New Years Day Fat Ass 50 in 1994. 

Straight up, I also needed to get out of the house and move a bit.  I figured that by picking a stupid run distance, for a day that has the worst weather in the year, on a day when most friends have the least amount of sleep and are the most hung-over, I'd find an equally stupid friend to run with and earn bragging rights. I was shocked and amazed that New Year's day 17 years ago when 10 friends showed up.

With the weather forecast calling for record rainfalls on the first day of the second decade of the second millennium, I was even more shocked an amazed that 106 running friends should show up for this bizarre resolution run. It was a record-breaking year in many ways.

First, and most obviously, the weather. It rained at the start. It rained at the finish. It rained the whole freaking day. I've experienced torrential downpours in Singapore, but during this lifetime of running, I've never experienced the type of cloudburst Des and I ran through as we approached the home stretch at Second Beach. Even the ducks headed for cover!

Second, the turnout. I accepted 116 sign-ups for this free resolution run assuming that at least 20% would roll over on the morning-of, hit the alarm button and go back to sleep. An unbelievable 106 showed up from all over North America.

Third, the times and distances. Several new world records were established. Tim Wiens earned the "Double Bagger" award and bragging rights for becoming the first person in the history of the world to run the 50K course twice.  Congrats, Tim, for setting the high bar at 10:48... and not even puking once!  First Dave Papineau, then Sammy Lotfi-Pour broke the record of longest swim.  Sammy earned the "Numb Nuts" award for spending 16 1/2 minutes in the icy Pacific, and is apparently still looking for his boys. This is a run, not a race, but the fact that four (4) men broke the previous speed record deserves mention. Congrats to Dave Papineau for his record time of 3:51.

Fourth, the smiles. A confession: I don't love to run in the rain. Did I mention it rained all night on New Year's eve? I had nightmares of running 50K in the rain and didn't sleep a wink. I was in a less-than-ideal frame of mind when my nightmares became reality. However, everyone I spoke to before and during the run told me they either enjoyed the rain, preferred it to the snow of last year or didn't even notice it was raining. Despite the rain and the wind, the pavement and the mud, the very challenging distance and all of the other physical and mental hardship, everyone I spoke to during the run was either smiling or outright beaming.

Ran Katzman barely made it to the start after a long flight from Israel.  Ran ran the 50K in a great time but almost fell asleep at the wheel, so opted for bed and felt bad for missing the finisher party. Gary Robbins ran 10K to the start, broke his own record for the 50K and ran home. Robbins felt bad for missing the swim for the first time. Glenn Pace was injured, but still came out and ran the first 500m with his pooch, then drove out to several points along the course to encourage the other runners. Pace felt bad for not being able to keep his streak of 50Ks on New Year's Day alive. David Crerar ran the last marathon of 2009 on New Year's eve and a 50K on New Year's Day. Crerar just felt bad all over the next day!

A great big "Thank you" to the Kintec crew. Kirsten, for the second year in a row, thank you for standing out on Spanish Banks in the cold to host the aid station. I'm sorry your car broke down on New Year's eve and that you had to scramble and bum a ride to even get there with all of the goodies.  Graham, thanks for the recognition prizes. Ryne, congrats on being one of the 4 participants to break 4 hours this year. Thanks, also, to Trail Runner Magazine for the prizes and to Kelly and Lucie at the Mosquito Creek Grill for the free celebratory pint at the finisher party!

To Sibylle Tinsel, Manager of Club Fat Ass, thank you for all of the help with the event website and other aspects of organizing this run. Club Fat Ass is the best running club in the world and you make it run. Congrats, as well, on overcoming your injuries and completing the 50K.

This was my 100th ultramarathon. Thank you for celebrating it with me.

Whatever your distance you ran or time you finished in, congrats to you for your accomplishment and my sincerest best wishes to you for a happy, healthy and prosperous 2010!

Ean Jackson
Host of the Vancouver New Years Day Fat Ass 50K Run
and Freeze Your Fat Ass Swim

New Years Fitness Resolutions
Too late to get into the contest for 2010, but never too late to make them!

Preliminary results are posted below. If I don't have your time/distance or have either recorded incorrectly, please email me

Did you or yours take any photos?  If so, please share them on Flickr.  Add to the CFA Flickr group and tag them with VancouverNewYearsDayFatAss50 VancouverNewYearsDayFatAss502010 VancouverNewYearsDayFatAss ClubFatAssEvents ClubFatAssEvent2010

Click on the start/finish line (the fire hydrant, silly!) for a slideshow of photos and entertaining little videos shared so far:


Post Event Survey. Please give me your feedback via this brief survey:


I'd love to see you add your story either via the comment function below or through a post on your CFA blog.  (If you use your blog, I'll attach it to this page)

Keith Nichol kindly supplied the GPS readings from his Garmin at




First Name Last Name City Event Points Time Comments
Tim Wiens Vancouver 100km 2 10:48 50km 4:43
David Papineau Vancouver 50km 2 3:51:51 Course Record
Hassan Lotfi-Pour North Vancouver 50km 2 3:55:11 Swim Record = 16min
Ryne Melcher North Vancouver 50km 2 3:55:11  
Gary Robbins North Vancouver 50km 2 3:59:55  
Ryan Conroy Vancouver 50km 2 4:12  
Brooke Spence North Vancouver 50km 2 4:15:37 First Woman
Mike Palichuk Langley 50km 2 4:16  
Dario Herrera New Westminster 50km 2 4:19  
Chris Benn Vancouver 50km 2 4:21  
Michel Richard Chilliwack 50km 2 4:26  PB
Bob Hermanutz Vancouver 50km 2 4:29 PB
Ross Fleming Vancouver 50km 2 4:42:05  
Carolyn Goluza North Vancouver 50km 1 4:43  
Ran Katzman Vancouver 50km 2 4:52 Swim
Kate Burrage Vancouver 50km 2 4:56  
Jackie Muir Vancouver 50km 1 4:58: 49  
Wade Repta Vancouver 50km 1 4:58: 49  
John  Seed maple ridge B.C. 50km 2 4:48: 49  
Mike Kuiack 802-1200 Vancouver 50km 2 4:59:57  
Angela Cullen Port Coquitlam 50km 2 5:02  
Debbie Suzuki Vancouver 50km 2 5:02  
ryan keefe coquitlam 50km 2 5:05  
suyin lum min winnipeg 50km 2 5:10  
John Neels Vancouver 50km 2 5:10  
Heather Urquhart North Vancouver 50km 2 5:13  
Kerry Ward N. Vancouver 50km 1 5:13  
Phil Hughes Port Coquitlam 50km 1  5:15 ***Membership Due
David Crerar North Vancouver 50km 2 5:24  
Lisa Richardson Port Moody 50km 2 5:24  
Neil Ambrose Maple Ridge 50km 2 5:25  
Chris La Rose Vancouver 50km 2+1* 5:28  
Ray Levasseur Vancouver 50km 2+1* 5:35  
Rick Arikado Vancouver 50km 2 5:38  
Desmond Mott north vancouver 50km 2+1* 5:38  
Ean Jackson North Vancouver 50km 2+2**+1* 5:38 Swim
scott donatelli Vancouver 50km 2 5:40  Swim
ken legg North Van 50km 2 5:49  
Anh Vuong Vancouver 50km 2+1 5:49  
Kirsten Ramage Vancouver 50km 2 5:49:55  
Karl Jensen North Vancouver 50km 2 5:49:55  
Keith  Nichol Vancouver 50km 2+1* 6:00  
Jonathan Weresch Vancouver 50km 2+1* 6:01  Swim
eric stacey delta 50km 1 6:03  
celina  coombs delta 50km 1 6:03  
John Machray North Vancouver 50km 2 6:10  
Lori Clerkson Port Coquitlam 50km 2 6:15  
Gord Lord Coquitlam 50km 2 6:15 Swim
Duncan McRae Port Moody 50km 2 6:15  
Don Murray Vancouver 50km 2 6:15  
Steven Lowe Coquitlam 50km 2 6:15 Swim
Herb Yang Coquitlam 50km 2 6:15  
Carie Moran Port Coquitlam 50km 2 6:16  
Rachel Tanya Fouladi Burnaby 50km 2 6:30:45 Dip
Sibylle Tinsel North Vancouver 50km 2+1* 6:30:45 Swim
Anthony Yung Vancouver 50km 1 6:30:45 Swim
ronald ness north vancouver 50km 2 6:55  
Rod  Hatful North Vancouver 50km 1 ?  
Chad Hyson Vancouver 50km 2 ?  
Suzanne Johnson North Vancouver 50km 1 ?  
Lucy Ryan Coquitlam 50km 2 ?  
Christina Sanders maple ridge 16km 2 1:30  
Rainy Kent Burnaby 49km 1 5:22  Swim
Bob Brough North Vancouver 48km 1 5:48  
Craig Moore Lynn Valley, North Vancouver 45km 2+1* 6:15  
Rhonda Gallant Port Moody 40km 2 4:00  
Stephen Blyth N Vancouver 35.5km 1 4:05 hrs.  
Jude Ultra Surrey 34km 1 4:05  
Lara Seguin Vancouver 34km? 2 ?  
Sarah Weinkam Port Coquitlam 32km 2 3:20  
Scott Brammer Whistler 32km 2 3:30  
Stephen Parslow Vancouver 30km 2 2:48  
Rea Blyth N Vancouver 30km 1 3:20  
Sarah Gallazin Vancouver 30km 2 3:28  
John Little Vancouver 30km 2 3:28  
Sukhi Pawa Vancouver 29km 1 2:40  
Penny Jakobsen North Vancouver 27km 1 3:14  
Rob Smith North Van 25km 2 2:13  
Bradley Jones Vancouver 25km 2 2:15  
Hileray Shackelford Burnaby 25km 1 2:15  
Doug McConnell Vancouver 25km 1 2:28:22  
Ron Adams North Vancouver, BC 25km 2 2:52:15  
Edward Sargisson VANCOUVER 25km 2 3:21  
Lara Taylor North Vancouver 25km 2 3:21  
Anna Tarnowski North Vancouver 25km 2 4:27 Swim
Dan Daoust Coquitlam 25km 2 ?  
Joanne  Denis North Vancouver 25km 2 ?  
Mark Macrae Coquitlam 25km 2 ?  
Susan MacRae Coquitlam 25km 2 ?  
Caitlin O'Leary Vancouver 25km 2 ?  
Pete van Gaalen Coquitlam 25km 2 ?  
susan reynolds Vancouver 24km 2 2:25  
Troy Angrignon Vancouver 24km 2 2:30  
Gilles Barbeau Vancouver 23km 2 2:38  
Reagan White Vancouver 23km 2+1* 2:38  
Carolyn King Maple Ridge 20km 2 2:00  
Wendy Montgomery Brackendale 20km 2 2:00  
Maureen  Forrestal Vancouver 18km 2 1:50  
Rhonda Schuller Vancouver 18km 2 2:09  
North Vancouver 18km 2 2:09  
Kailee Tarnowski North Vancouver  16km 1 2:37  
Kristie Congram Vancouver 12.5km 2 1:52:32 swim
glenn  pace North Vancouver 0.5km 1 0:02:45 record for shortest run
patricia  jensen north Vancouver 20K 2 ?  
Baldwin  Lee Burnaby custom 1 ?  
Claudia Bullington Richmond Richmond Run 21km 1   Special Mention 2:20
Kintec Kirsten     crew  1****    
Bike Dude (Ray)     crew 1****    
Dave Berg Burnaby DNS -1 DNS Did not sign in
Antoine Charras Burnaby DNS -1 DNS Did not sign in
Tim Hill North Vancouver DNS -1 DNS  
Charles Mackey Richmond DNS 2 DNS Did not sign in
Philip Waters Vancouver DNS -1 DNS Did not sign in

*      bonus point (garbage point/good sportsmanship)
**     Event Host Point
***   Membership status needs to be updated at
**** crew point 

2009 - Year 16 - Vancouver New Year's Day Fat Ass 50 Run and Freeze Your Fat Ass Swim - Results

78 total starters - 37 ran 50K

We live in interesting times.  What an interesting day it was for our little Club resolution run.  We were served-up a smorgasbord of winter conditions:  snow, sleet, rain, wind, ice, slush, mud, puddles, all with a little blowdown thrown in for good measure.  Given that the snow was deeper than at any time during the run's history, let's call the 2009 run "The Year of the Big Snow."

Snowed-in driveways, icy roads and hangovers aside, a near record number of fat asses made it to the start.  We had representatives from as far away as Toronto, Prince George and Vernon including an enthusiastic mob of 18 from snowed-in suburban Coquitlam.  Despite the frozen pens and wet sign-in sheets, we managed to start skating down the trails of Stanley Park promptly at 9.  (Hey Vernon, where were 'ya?)

The running may have been less sure-footed than normal as we traversed Stanley Park, but the snow and ice gave the park a surreal beauty.  Funny, too, how something so familiar looks so different when blanketed in snow.  Ask Baldwin, Chad and Ellie how they earned a few bonus k's by missing the turn to Second Beach! 

I've been injured on and off so long, I'm becoming quite creative at finding the positive in not being able to hang with the big dogs in our Club runs.  First, I get to set records for the shortest "custom" distance run in my own event.  Second, I get to see a wider cross section of friends and their families and offer them encouragement in my event.  Third, I get to take a lot of pictures and try my hand at making a movie... so be sure to check the links below (as soon as they are available) to see if I managed to capture you in a moment of glory.

After checking in with runners along the way, I stopped at the Kintec aid station at Spanish Banks.  Eight runners had managed to beat me there... very impressive given the conditions.  Kristin and Graham were trying to stay warm against the icy wind off the ocean by pampering passing runners with goodies and encouragement.  Who was the gentleman who brought the muffins and big coffee container full of hot soup?

The turnaround at Camosun and SW Marine was busy with family and friends out to cheer their runners on.  While shuffling from one foot to the other to stay warm, I was entertained by trying to guess which of Bradley's 3 kids would be first to fall into the icy mud puddle.  Then came the Coquitlam Crew.  It was an instant party!

Fishtailing down an icy Point Grey Road, heater on high with a car full of soaked runners, we shouted encouragement to the 50K runners who still had a good 20K ahead of them.  Although we were back to the start by shortly after 1:00, Ryne Melcher had beat us and was already cracking his first celebratory ale after completing his 127th ultramarathon. 

In between triumphant runners who stopped briefly to kiss the fire hydrant before heading off to the beach for a brisk dip, 4 of Vancouver's finest stopped by followed by a paddy wagon.  Oh, oh... did one of our number rob a bank while out on the course?  Was it the howling of the security alarm at the showers?  (Honest, ossifer, I have a key!)  No, "Just on our break," quoth the gendarme who, after we got to chatting, implied that he'd be signing up for our little New Years day run/swim challenge in 2010.

Speaking of the showers, how much hot water was there when you got there?  Claiming to have set the record at 45 minutes last year, Gary Robbins took another run at improving his "longest under the shower" record in 2009.  Not sure if he set a new record, but there was apparently quite a number of contestants in the mens' facilities this year.   What goes on the trails, stays on the trails...

As always, the Mosquito Creek Grill hosted our motley post-event party in fine style by offering all finishers and crew a cool, craft ale and some warm "real" food.  With thanks to Norco and Kintec, everyone who showed up also received a prize for their particular accomplishment.  

On behalf of the Club, Sibylle also announced the 2008 Club recognition awards.  Congrats to:

  • Baldwin Lee, who won a pair of shoes from Kintec for achieving 91% of his 2008 New Years Resolutions
  • Desmond Mott, who won a pair of shoes from Kintec for getting the highest score in the 2008 Club Points contest (he participated in and astounding 16 CFA events in 2008 and got bonus points for picking up trash at most of them.)
  • Lucina Iglesias, who won a refund of her 2009 Club membership dues for obtaining the greatest number of votes for her photo in the travelling t-shirt contest and
  • Dom Repta who won a jam tart for signing up, but not showing up, to the most Club events in 2008.

Whatever the distance you ran today, my sincerest congrats to you... and I hope that you achieve all of your New Years resolutions!

Ean Jackson
Your Club Fat Ass Event Host

Photos can be posted to Flickr, added to the CFA Flickr group and tagged with VancouverNewYearsDayFatAss50 VancouverNewYearsDayFatAss502008 VancouverNewYearsDayFatAss ClubFatAssEvents

Photos posted so far are displayed in a slide-show here.


Post Event Survey. Please give us your feedback via this brief survey:

*      bonus point (garbage point/good sportsmanship)
**     Event Host Point
***   Membership status needs to be updated at
**** crew point


First Name Last Name Event Points Time
Ryne Melcher 50km 2 4:12
David Papineau 50km 2 4:17
Gary Robbins 50km 2 4:27
Ellie Greenwood 50km + 2 4:42
Tim Wiens 50km 2 4:46
Mike Palichuk 50km 2 4:49
Ran Katzman 50km 2 5:13
Bob Hermanutz 50km 2 5:38
Jackie Muir 50km 2 5:42
scott donatelli 50km 2 6:02
glenn pace 50km 2 6:03
Matt Sessions 50km 2 6:03
ken legg 50km 2 6:10
David Crerar 50km 2 6:15
steven lee 50km 2 6:15
Lara Seguin 50km 2 6:17
warren laird 50km 2 6:17
Gilles Barbeau 50km 2 6:33
Kirsten Ramage 50km 2 6:33
Sarah Konefal 50km 2 6:34
Claudia Bullington 50km 2 6:35
Mark MacRae 50km 2 6:37
Angela Spooner 50km 2 6:37
Rhonda Gallant 50km 2 6:37
David Kam 50km 2 6:37
Peter Stace-Smith 50km 2 6:37
Debbie Suzuki 50km 2 6:37
Phil Kong 50km 2 6:37
Lorie Alexander 50km 1 6:57
Barry Hopkins 50km 1 6:57
Sharon Skitch 50km 2  7:15
Hardial  Athwal 50km 2 7:15
Keith Nichol 50km 3* 7:15
Michael Grosso  50km 2 ?
Gottfried Grosser 25km 1 2:40
Benni The Ultradog 25km    2:40
Bradley Jones 25km 2 3:01
Tim Hill 25km 2 3:11
Rick Arikado 25km 3* 3:15
Dan Daoust 25km 2 3:25
Donna Smood 25km 1 3:25
Susan MacRae 25km 2 3:25
Ron Adams 25km 2 3:32
Deirdre Arscott 25km  2 5:22
Susan Barr 25km 2 5:22
Edward Mills 25km 2 ?
Chad Hyson custom - 46km 2 6:10
John Neels custom - 40km 2 4:26
Simon Driver custom - 40km 1 ?
monica foell custom - 43km 2 6:30
Ryan Conroy Custom - 36km 2 3:40
Pete van Gaalen custom - 36km 2 4:05
Rob Ruff custom - 35km 2 3:50
Philip Waters custom - 35km 2 4:50
susan reynolds custom - 30km 2 2:55
Baldwin Lee Custom - 30km 2 3:44
Terry Bushnell custom - 30km 1*** ?
Sukhi Pawa custom - 22km 1 2:22
Eric  Stacey custom - 23.8km 1 3:13
Celina Coombs custom - 23.8km 1 3:3
Carie Moran custom - 20km 3* 2:10
Sarah Weinkam custom - 20km 2 2:10
Lori Clerkson custom - 20km 2 2:10
Steven Lowe custom -20km 3* 2:10
Penny Jakobsen custom - 18km 2 1:54
Lara Taylor custom - 18km 2 2:30
Sibylle Tinsel custom - 18km 3* 2:30
Janice Vallis custom - 18km 3* 2:30
desmond mott custom - 17km 3* 1:45
Craig Moore custom 3* 2:30
Graham Archer custom - 4km/crew 2**** 0:30
Ean Jackson custom - 4km 4*   ** 0:30
Kristin   crew 1**** 0:30
Chris Benn Custom 2 ?
Maureen  Forrestal custom 2 ?
Mark Gilbert custom 1 ?
Reg Hornsby custom 2 ?
John  Machray custom 2 ?
Dave Berg DNS 0 ?
Sian Echard DNS 0 ?
Sean Lavin DNS 0 ?
Don Phillips DNS 0 ?
Perneet Sekhon DNS 0*** ?
Shannon Shum DNS 0 ?
Donald Smith DNS 0 ?
Marguerite  Stolar DNS 0 ?
Katherine Thomas DNS 0 ?
Michele Mitchell DNS 0 ?
carol mulder DNS 0 ?
Laddie Hannam DNS 0 ?














































2008 - Year 15 - Vancouver New Year's Day Fat Ass 50 Run and Freeze Your Fat Ass Swim - Results

2008 Vancouver NY Day Fat Ass 50 - 85 Starters

Yes, I guess you could say we kicked off 2008 on the right foot... or 2008 is off to a running start... or har, har har (add your own corny running-related play on words in the comments below!)

Just under 100 runners participated in the 15th running of this Vancouver tradition, and for some reason, we received an unusually large amount of media coverage this year. "What's the big deal?", I asked many of the runners as we enjoyed our little resolution run. It got me to thinking about what is normal and my circle of friends.

Take Gilles Barbeau, for example. For a warm-up, he and 9 friends ran our 50K course last week. Gilles ran a marathon yesterday and broke 5 hours today. Is Gilles normal?

Or Ellie Greenwood. Ellie finished 3rd overall, broke the woman's course record by a good bit but didn't appear to break a sweat. Then there's Gary Robbins: Partied until 3, took a spanking from Ellie, says he got lost, and still sets a new course record by opening a can of whoop-ass on the home stretch.

A lot of signups came in between Christmas and New Years, as if running a 50K was something folks do on a whim. I lost track of how many people whined about not running over the last 6 months (Craig, Sibylle...) and then waffle about whether they do 25 or 50K at Comosun and SW Marine. "Oh, Hell, we've run 25K with no training so why not double up and call it 50?" Is that normal?

Is it normal to drink 50 beers on New Years eve and hope to run 50K on New Years Day? How about with a bad Achilles tendon? Wade Repta gave it a try. He make it about 35K before deciding it would be better to save the Achilles than set a course record for drinking and running.

To my knowledge, none of the participants in this years' event tried to break the record of 5 minutes or more in the ocean after their run. Not sure why, because the water was almost tropical this year!

Benny the ultraPooch became the first dog I know of to complete the entire 50K distance. Thanks to Gottfried Grosser for being the hare and bringing Benny to the finish in well under 6 hours. For that accomplishment, Benny got steak for dinner.

The weatherman promised rain and high winds. The weatherman delivered temperatures around 6C, little or no wind and not a trace of rain. Thank you, weatherman! In the 15-year history of the event, I believe that's only the second time we’ve not been pissed on.

Mea culpa. I screwed up and left the shower key in my car. Sorry to those of you who ended up spending an hour or more jogging on the spot at the end of your 50K. Robbins, the one who waited for me the longest, also set the record for longest under the shower at around 30 minutes.

Many thanks to Danielle and Graham from Kintec for the great aid station, Pete Stace-Smith of Norco, Kintec and Baldwin Lee for the draw prizes, to the Fat Asses who picked up trash during their run and to the many people who helped measure the course and otherwise help during the year. Thank you, as well, to Tim, Craig and those of you who chipped in for the nice recognition trophy. Sibylle and I apprecite it very much.

The reporters at the start, Spanish Banks, the turnaround and the finish said their audience thought it wasn't normal to run, swim in the ocean or do anything at all active with a hangover on New Years day, for that matter. Too bad, they missed a good run!

To Caitlin from Texas, Penny who came from North Van, and all of you other first-timers, congrats, thanks for picking this run to loose your "virginity" and welcome to the fraternity of ultrarunners. Whatever distance you ran and for whatever time you spent in the ocean, congratulations on your accomplishment today. In my eyes, you are normal.

Happy, healthy 2008 and may all of your resolutions come to pass!

Ean Jackson
Host of the Vancouver New Years Day Fat Ass 50K


Preliminary 2008 Results

Here are the results I have from those of you who wrote your times down at the finsh or sent them to me in the interim. Please email me with your corrections and updates.


First Name

Last Name City/Town Age Event Points Time
Gary Robbins Squamish 30-39 50km 2 4:04
michael spagnut coquitlam 40-49 50km 2 4:05
Ellie Greenwood Vancouver 20-29 50km 2 4:06
Chris Benn Vancouver 40-49 50km 2 4:23
Matt Sessions Burnaby 40-49 50km 2 4:32
Allison Mackay North Vancouver 20-29 50km 2 4:41
Chad Hyson Vancouver 30-39 50km 2 4:46
John Neels Vancouver 50-59 50km 2 4:47
Susan Reynolds Vancouver 40-49 50km 2 4:47
glenn pace north vancouver 40-49 50km 2 4:49
Ran Katzman Vancouver 40-49 50km 2 4:51
Jon Mahoney Vernon 50-59 50km 1 4:54
Ron Adams North Vancouver 50-59 50km 2 4:55
Ryne Melcher North Vancouver 20-29 50km 2 4:58
Rick Arikado Vancouver 50-59 50km 2 4:59
Gilles Barbeau Vancouver 50-59 50km 2 4:59
Penny Jakobsen North Vancouver 40-49 50km 2 5:06
Rainy Kent Burnaby 50-59 50km 2 5:11
Gavin Tansley Burnaby 20-29 50km 2 5:11
Karl Jensen North Vancouver 50-59 50km 2 5:15
STEVE BARNES SURREY 40-49 50km 2 5:18
Rea Blyth North Vancouver 40-49 50km 2 5:18
Stephen Blyth north Vancouver 40-49 50km 2 5:18
Dan Daoust Coquitlam 40-49 50km 2 5:34
Ean Jackson North Vancouver 50-59 50km 4* *** 5:34
desmond mott n.vancouver 40-49 50km 3*** 5:34
gottfried grosser n van 60-69 50km 2 5:36
Benny The Dog       50km   5:36
Mike Olund Surrey 30-39 50km 2 5:37
Mike Richen Burnaby 30-31 50km 2 5:40
Rhonda Gallant Port Moody 40-49 50km 2 5:43
Keith Iwasaki Vancouver 30-39 50km 2 5:43
Mark MacRae Coquitlam 50-59 50km 2 5:43
Angela Spooner Port Coquitlam 50-59 50km 2 5:43
Keith Nichol Vancouver 50-59 50km 2 5:45
Kim Taylor West Vancouver 40-49 50km 2 5:47
Sonja Madsen Port Coquitlam 20-29 50km 2 5:48
Peter Stace-Smith Coquitlam 50-59 50km 2 5:48
Pete van Gaalen Coquitlam 40-49 50km 2 5:48
Keith Iwasaki Vancouver 30-39 50km 2 5:43
John Little Vancouver 60-69 50km 2 5:57
caitlin krouse austin 20-29 50km 2 6:01
Rob Ruff Surrey under 20 50km 2 6:01
Rick Smith Vancouver 50-59 50km 1 6:17
Craig Moore North Vancouver 40-49 50km 3 **** 6:55
Sibylle Tinsel North Vancouver 40-49 50km 3* 6:55
Arthur Gee Vancouver 60-69 50km 2 7:26
Terry Bushnell Vancouver 40-49 50km 2 ?
Ryan Conroy Vancouver 30-39 50km 2 ?
Dave Berg Burnaby 40-49 50km -1 DNS?
Benji Chu Richmond 40-49 50km -1 DNS?
Tracy Garneau Vernon 30-39 50km -1 DNS?
Nicola Gildersleeve North Vancouver 20-29 50km -1 DNS?
Patrick Hinds North Vancouver 40-49 50km -1 DNS?
John Machray North Vancouver 50-59 50km -1 DNS?
Daryl Spencer Kelowna 40-49 50km -1 DNS?
Patina Valiukas Surrey 20-29 50km -1 DNS?
Tim Wiens Vancouver 40-49 25km 2 1:59
Barbara Hughes Vancouver 30-39 25km 2 2:25
Steven Lowe Coquitlam 50-59 25km 2 2:25
julia schmidt calgary 20-29 25km 2 2:25
Gord Lord Coquitlam 40-49 25km 2 2:30
Sarah Weinkam Coquitlam 30-39 25km 2 2:30
Susan Blackwood Vancouver 30-39 25km 2 2:40
Katherine Thomas North Vancouver 30-39 25km 2 2:40
Jim Rupert Vancouver 40-49 25km 2 2:43
Carie Moran Port Coquitlam 30-39 25km 2 2:47
Amy MacArthur Burnaby 30-39 25km 2 2:55
Susan MacRae Coquitlam under 20 25km 3 **** 2:56
Bob Krentz New Westminster 40-49 25km 2 2:58
Danielle Laidlaw Burnaby 50-59 25km 1 3:36
Sharon Street Vancouver 50-59 25km 2 3:36
Catherine Jensen north vancouver 20-29 25km 2 ?
Alison Jones Coquitlam 20-29 25km 2 ?
John Jones Coquitlam 50-59 25km 2 ?
chris tomkinson banner place 40-49 25km 2 ?
Lori Clerkson Port Coquitlam 40-49 25km -1 DNS
Heather Somerville Port Coquitlam 40-49 25km -1 DNS
Peggy Brown New Westminster 40-49 25km -1 DNS?
John Wells Vancouver 30-39 25km -1 DNS?
Mel Bos Kelowna 30-39 cutom 30km 2 2:15
Wade Repta Vancouver   custom 35km 1 ?
sukhbir pawa Vancouver 40-49 custom 32km 2 3:26
Doug MacKay North Van 50-59 custom 32km 2 3:34
Pat Matthieu New Westminster 50-59 custom 30km 2 3:42
Randy Savoie West Vancouver 40-49 custom 30km 2 3:42
john mcgrath north vancouver 30-39 custom 30km 2 ?
Jane Fairbanks Vancouver 50-59 custom 28km 2 2:54
Arlene MacAulay north vancouver 40-49 custom 16.7km 1 1:55
Rhonda Schuller Vancouver 50-59 custom 16.7km   1:55
Lara Taylor North Vancouver 20-29 custom 16.7km 2 1:55
Graham Archer Coquitlam 30-39 custom 15km 3** ?
Baldwin Lee Burnaby 30-39 custom 10km 3** 1:00
Sarah Gallazin Vancouver   custom 2** ?
Al Harman West Vancouver 40-46 custom 15km 1 1:45
Patricia Jensen North Vancouver 40-49 custom 15km 2 1:45
Angus McLellan Vancouver 30-39 custom 1 ?
Bradley Jones vancouver 30-39 custom 10km 2 0:54
David Crerar North Vancouver   custom 0.2km 1 0:01
Danielle MacLeod North Vancouver   crew 1**  
Joe Turtle Burnaby   crew 1**




























































































































50km on Willpower

Late last summer I foolishly pronounced I would line up for the Vancouver New Years Day 50Km again. Training was going well until life got in the way, my daughter got sick, my friends took a break from long runs and to top it of my right hip started to be very painful.

I eventually resigned to run the 25km yesterday and try the 50km another year. Deep inside, though, I didn't want to run the 25km. I wanted to do the 50km.

Packing for this day is always a bit chaotic as we traditionally have dinner guests and go snowshoeing the night before. Was the weather forecast to be trusted. How much water and food would I need, which shoes, which shirts, jacket, hat. Cellphone with cab numbers - check, emergency blanket - check, money and car keys - check, camera - check, dry gear and shower stuff for afterwards, check. Course description - check.

The morning of the event dawned cold, but dry. My clothing choice was right on and I soon fell into a rhythm in a group together with Lara, Rhonda, Arlene and Craig. As we were marvelling at the snow covered north shore mountains from Locarno Beach, Rhonda mentioned her car was parked at one of the parking lots on Spanish Banks. What... you are not running the full 50km? A quick check made me realize that I was the only one (who was planning to run to the turnaround and then play it by ear). Bummer. Running alone has never been my forte. And running alone for 50km on no training seemed impossible.

But, all of a sudden I knew that I would not stop at the turn around. Craig, who had fallen back a bit, caught up. He had earlier said that he'll do a shorter out and back. All my hope was resting on me talking him into running 50km. "Ok, we have the whole day" was Craig's reply to my plea.

I begged some "Vitamin I" from Rhonda to deal with my painful hip and left the rest of the gang just before the super duper aid station that Danielle from Kintec had set up at Spanish Banks. Craig tended to his hot spot on his little toe with pink chap stick (gotta be flexible), I retied my shoes and hoovered down some chips and soon we were off into the trails of Pacific Spirit Park.

Craig continued his system of run-walk and would leapfrog me every so often. I plodded along, trying not too fall into a walk. My right hip was becoming extremely painful and my gait got shorter and shorter. Seeing the faster runners on the return trip got our minds off our little problems and made the time pass fast. Everybody was all smiles and encouragement was passed out freely.

The turn-around was very lonely. We didn't hang around. A quick stretch, more chap stick on Craig's toe, some food and off we were again. I was beginning to think that talking Craig into this was not a good idea. At least, if I'd be alone, I could bail without feeling bad...My run felt like a shuffle, Vitamin I wasn't working and the stretch back was looking very, very long. Crossing path with a couple of friends from way back when we lived in Kits was a welcome distraction. Running a couple of kms with Robert, who was out to start his new years resolutions on the right foot with a run in his blue Club Fat Ass shirt and intentions of participating in more events this year, was great. Sorry, Robert, if I was sounding a bit weird...I was in another zone.

Walking along Admirality Trail before returning to the beach was frustrating. Craig was getting way ahead and I decided that there was no way I could finish this. Plans for a bail out at the aid station took shape, then evaporated when I reached the parking lot and a waiting Craig but no tent or aid station. Humph. Craig sort of ignored my rambling about bailing. He also did not listen to me when I told him to go ahead and I would somehow find my way back...

The view over English Bay towards the city and Stanley Park was beautiful, but discouraging, as it showed very clearly how far away the finish was. Craig told me not to look ;-) I focused on reaching Kits Point. Then Burrard Street Bridge. At the end of the bridge was Sarah, waiting for John (not to be mean, but I was glad she missed him and fed us instead). Bananas, water and kind words got us going again. Soon we were negotiating the revellers leaving the Vancouver Polar Bear Swim at English Bay.

I could smell the finish and was trying to estimate how much further. Craig thought I was a bit optimistic in my assessment, but it didn't matter...we would make it now - even if we had to crawl in. The wind picked up as we passed the Nine O'Clock Gun, but the skies stayed dry. We picked up the pace - will power is an amazing thing - and almost sprinted to the fire hydrant. Our final, grand total time was 6:55. Much slower that I had hoped for in the summer, but hey! We've done it.

Arriving, still sweaty and ruddy cheeked, at the Mosquito Creek Bar and Grill, I couldn't wipe the grin off my face. Endorphins were cursing through my veins ;-) The icing on the cake, aka a wonderful day and way to start the New Year, was the trophy, a bunch of my fellow Fat Asses planned and made. Craig, who had run with me all day, hadn't said a word, and now presented to me this great trophy: an engraved glass plate mounted on a heavy, rustic, coppery looking stand. The engraving reads: "Thank you Ean and Sibylle for being the most awesome promoters of oddball endurance events and a healthy outdoor lifestyle. Your hard work and passion are always appreciated!"

Thanks, fellow Fat Asses and especially Craig Moore, Tim Wiens and Cheryl Johnson, who rumour has it were the movers and shakers behind this surprise.



















2007 - Year 14 - Vancouver New Year's Day Fat Ass 50 Run and Freeze Your Fat Ass Swim - Results

Vancouver New Year's Day Fat Ass 50 - 2007 Starter Photo

1 January 2007
Why is it that every year when I write this run report, the first thing that comes to mind is the weather?  The weather is always awful on New Years Day in Vancouver.  This year was right up there with the worst weather in the 14-year history of the event.  The fact that almost 100 people even bothered to get out of bed on such an ugly morning is proof sufficient that there are a lot of crazies out there.
While there was no ice or snow, it was rainy, cold and windy from start to finish.  I personally don't love to run in the rain.  I don't even like to get my shoes wet.  New Years Day, however, is the one day of the day of the year I suck it up.  My expectations are low.  We will get wet.  We will get cold.  It will be harsh.  My day started off on the wrong foot this year because the moment I stepped out of my car I stepped into a deep puddle and got a cold soaker.  All of the other starters, however, seemed to be happy to be alive and healthy enough to be able to go for a resolution run.

This, the 14th year of the Vancouver New Years Day Fat Ass 50, will go down in the history books not as just another wet and cold resolution run, but as as the year of the big blow-down.  In early December, Vancouver was hit by a particularly severe wind storm that blew down thousands of trees in and around the city.  The devastation in the start/finish area was so severe, I had to reroute the course in a way that avoided the interior trails of Stanley Park.  All along the route this year, we saw uprooted trees, fallen limbs and branches and other debris.
What is it about people from Coquitlam that makes them so cheerful in the pissing down rain?  As I slowly made my way up from the back of the pack, I caught up to a tight group of keeners who were congregated around Pete Stace-Smith.  These folks were having way too much fun!  They even had a van full of home baked cookies, sport drinks and other goodies that followed them along the course that they shared with all of the other participants.  Pete, who brought 20 of his friends to Club Fat Ass in 2006, won Missionary Position recognition for attracting new Club members.  Thank you, Pete and Norco, for your community spirit!
Karen Smith is also part of the lore and legend of this event.  I don't think I'd recognize Karen at a cocktail party as I've only ever seen her on her bike in the driving rain on New Years day wearing a pink wig in some costume or other.  Karen always has some signs of encouragement for the "Fat Asses" and is always full of encouragement.  Thank you, Karen, for again being such a thoughtful cheerleader!

Pat Barry and Gottfried Grosser, both past finishers of the 50K, set up a fabulous oasis of home baked cookies, gels, chocolate covered almonds, sport bars and fluids at the 25K turnaround point.  What a welcome sight they were!  Apparently CITY-TV and News 1140 radio came by to ask them a few questions.  Did you see yourself on TV or hear yourselves on the radio later?  Thanks, Pat and Gottfried for standing out in the rain for so long and for dedicating your day to helping out.
Our 15K through the trails of Pacific Spirit Park were downright warm in comparison to the  howling  winds that buffeted the 50K runners next to the ocean on Spanish Banks.  A sailboat had broken from it's mooring at the Royal Vancouver Yaught Club and was being dashed against the rocks of a breakwater as we passed by.  It was painful to look out over English Bay at Stanley Park and think that it's a good 15K more to the finish.  Thanks to Rob McDonnald and Rick Arikado for the kick in the butt while I was walking... without it, I'd have likely frozen to death.
Once in Stanley Park on the "new" course, the temptation to cut across to the  finish at the totem poles was great.  Karl Jensen kept me honest, however, and we crossed the finish and kissed the fire hydrant hand in hand.

Vancouver New Year's Day Fat Ass 50 - 2007It was still raining. It was still cold. Yet the toughest challenge of the day was still in front of us.  As Karl headed for the warm showers, Rainy Kent and I ran back down to the seawall and went into the icy water of Burrard Inlet for a polar bear swim.  While I didn't keep records,  my guess is that about 25 runners also completed the swim leg of the event.  Gary Robbins won the "Chilly Willy" award for being the longest in the water.  Gary also set a new event record (35 minutes) for being longest under the hot shower.

Once warmed up and dry, we concluded the event at the Mosquito Creek Grill with a toast to the new year and recognition prizes for everyone present.

May 2007 bring you health, happiness and prosperity.

Ean Jackson
Host of the Vancouver New Years Day Fat Ass 50K Run and Freeze Your Fat Ass Swim

PS  GPS (Global Positioning System) generally doesn't lie when there is no tree canopy.  Despite my best efforts at measuring the course in the past, I hereby acknowledge publicly that that the "traditional" route was long.  Just about everyone I spoke to also liked the seawall route on the return leg, so assuming the trails are open next year, I propose the  start be through the Stanley Park trails but the finish be along the eastern seawall.

PPS  More photos here
First Name Last Name Event Points Time  Member
Chris Benn 50km 2 4:19  
Gary Robbins 50km 2 4:19  
Tim Wiens 50km 2 4:19  
Patricia Jensen 50km 2 4:23  
Mark Shorter 50km 1 4:23  
Ellie Greenwood 50km 2 4:35  
Michel Richard 50km 2 4:43  
Ran Katzmann 50km 2 4:54  
Rob  MacDonald 50km 2 4:55   
Geoffrey Palmer 50km 2 4:56  
Desmond Mott 50km 2 4:58  
Ryan Conroy 50km 2 4:59  
Jeb Breckenridge 50km 1 5:02  
Chris Collingwood 50km 2 5:02  
David Crerar 50km 2 5:03  
Glenn Pace 50km 2 5:03  
Lannie Thielen 50km 2 5:05  
Stephen Blyth 50km 2 5:06  
Celina Coombs 50km 2 5:06  
Ean Jackson 50km 3 5:06  
Karl Jensen 50km 2 5:06  
Eric Stacey 50km 2 5:06  
Patrick Hinds 50km 2 5:07  
Rainy Kent 50km 2 5:07  
Ken Legg 50km 2 5:07  
Gavin Tansley 50km 2 5:07  
Rick Arikado 50km 2 5:10  
Barry Kegler 50km 2 5:15  
Ron Adams 50km 2 5:18  
Cheryl Dumaresq 50km 2 5:30  
John O'Connor 50km 2 5:30  
Jim Rupert 50km 1 5:31 no
Rick Smith 50km 2 5:33  
John Little 50km 2 5:35  
Rhonda Gallant 50km 2 5:38  
Susan MacRae 50km 2 5:38  
Mark MacRae 50km 2 5:38  
Heather Somerville 50km 2 5:38  
Angela Spooner 50km 2 5:38  
Peter Stace-Smith 50km 2 5:38  
Peter van Gaalen 50km 2 5:38  
Darren Sawchuk 50km 2 5:38  
Keith Nichol 50km 2 5:54  
Ross Nichol 50km 2 5:54  
David Jenkins 50km 2 5:55  
Betty Wiens 50km 2 5:55  
John Ahern 50km 2 5:56  
Mike Richen 50km 2 6:00 no
Baldwin Lee 50km 2 6:03  
Sheldon Boreen 50km 2 6:10  
Duncan McRae 50km 2 6:19  
 First Name  Last Name  Event  Points  Time  Member
Todd Ulriksen 37km 2 4:04  
Rhonda Schuller 35km 2 4:30  
John Neels 33km 2 2:56  
Susan Reynolds 33km 2 2:56  
Kathy Banks 32km & bush whack 2 3:45  
Donna MacIntosh 32km & bush whack 1 3:45  
Doug MacKay 31km 2 3:19 no
Ann Taylor 25km 2 2:15  
Amanda Barlow 25km 2 2:18  
Randy Savoie 25km 2 2:26  
Kim Taylor 25km 2 2:26  
Dan Daoust 25km 2 2:30  
Mark LeFung  25km 1 2:30 no
Marlene Coleman 25km 1 2:30 no
John Machray 25km 2 2:35  
Sal Bugliarisi 25km 2 2:36  
Lori Clerkson 25km 1 2:36  
Don Murray 25km 2 2:36  
Chris Tomkinson 25km 2 2:36  
Owen Davis 25km 2 2:40  
Joyce Reid 25km 2 2:40  
Craig Moore 25km 2 2:57  
Michele Sherstan 25km 2 3:01  
Sibylle Tinsel 25km 2 3:01  
Sharon Bryson 25km 2 ?  
Catherine Harrison 25km 2 2:16  
Rebecca Marshall 25km 1 2:02  
Danelle Laidlaw 25km 2 3:12  
Sharon Street 25km 1 3:12  
Isabelle Thielen 23km 2 2:23  
Arlene MacAulay 23km 2 2:23  
Lori Moody 15km 2 1:51  
Niel Ferguson 15.5km 2 1:47  
Sheldon Low 15.5km 2 1:47  
Maureen Wiens 14km 2 1:38  
William Jans 13km 1 1:14 no
Kandice Leaf 12km 2 1:30  
Kelly Vermette 12km 2 1:30  
Jessica Watson 12km 2 1:30  
Sarah Weinkam 12km 2 1:30  
Rea Blyth ? 2 1:30  
Elizabeth McQuaid  12km 2 1:30  
Ruby Willis 2km (injured)+ crew 2    
Carie Moran 2km (injured)+ crew 2    
Bradley Jones 25km 2 2:33  
Julie Jones 9km 2 :56  
Tim Lepard Custom 2 ?  
Pat Barry Crew 1    
Gottfried Grosser  Crew 1    
Kristina Andersen 0 -1 did not sign in  
Alana Arnold 0 -1 did not sign in  
Lyndsay Belisle 0 -1 did not sign in  
Nelson de Amaral 0 -1 did not sign in  
Corey Doell 0 -1 did not sign in no
Al Harman 0 -1 did not sign in  
Sam Winslow 0 -1 did not sign in  
Gilles Barbeau 0 -1 dns  
Tom Skinner 0 -1 dns  

My Sorry Half Ass

After last years epic 50km on New Years Day I had my heart set on a repeat, but alas it wasn't meant to be.  Despite an increase in our training runs, Michele, Pat and I just couldn't get our mileage up enough to realistically attempt 50km.  When the snow in late November and the storms of early December put a damper on some of our runs we finally declared defeat and aimed for the 25km distance.

The question in the final preparation of this run always is how much partying and drinking can you handle without suffering too much the following morning.  Well, my neighbors child decided he can handle a hell of a lot of partying and didn't consider my need for sleep after an evening of snowshoeing and chocolate fondue on Seymour Mountain (Dom, take note, Vancouver New Year's Day Fat Ass 50 - 2007you can get altitude and snow and still brave the wet elements to start the New Year) and before a 25km run.

I crawled out of bed with a splitting headache, feeling like I was the one who emptied all the beer bottles that littered the street.  Luckily, there is always vitamin I ;-)  By the time Ean send us of around the east side of Stanley Park I felt slightly better and enjoyed the morning scenery around Coal Harbour and Lost Lagoon. 
Photo: Sibylle, Michele and Isabelle rounding Kits Point

Like last year, we kept leap frogging Baldwin, who followed some version of the run/walk schedule.  As we approached Burrard Street Bridge, he was definetely ahead of us and I started to feel my hips and was looking forward to the trails of Pacific Spirit Park.  Vancouver New Year's Day Fat Ass 50 - 2007


Turning onto Chestnut Street right after the bridge we picked up a lost lamb.  Turned out Isabelle Thielen missed Kits Point and backtracked, loosing her front position.  Thanks for staying with us for a while, Isabelle.  You certainly pushed us to be much faster than usual.

Photo: Approaching Burrard Street Bridge, not the pack of Fat Asses crossing the bridge

Despite the forecast for rising temperatures, it felt like it was getting colder.  The rain was now mixed with snow and a steady icy wind blew in from the ocean.  Getting into the protection of the trails felt good.  My strides were getting shorter by the minute.  Michele was going strong, but kept me company.  Thanks, Michele.  Vancouver New Year's Day Fat Ass 50 - 2007

Photo: Karen Smith cheering on the Fat Asses

After crossing 16th Ave, we began to see the faster runner on the return leg.  A welcome distraction and the first sign that the finish was in reach.  Boy, do I love that slight downhill on the trail parallel to Marine Drive just before hitting the turnaround, or in our case the finish.  Pat and Gottfried welcomed us and supplied hot beverages.  I would have liked to hang out longer to see the few runners that were behind us, Sharon, Rhonda and Danelle and her friend, but we realized that we needed to get out of our wet clothes quick and took Owen and Joyce up on their offer of a ride back to the start.

As always, despite the adverse weather we seem to have every New Years Day, it was a great way to start the New Year.

2006 - Year 13 - Vancouver New Year's Day Fat Ass 50 Run and Freeze Your Fat Ass Swim - Results


1 January 2006 - 104 Starters - 104 Finishers


The 1st of January this year saw many firsts for the 13th running of the Vancouver New Years Day Fat Ass 50:

  • 1st time a woman ran the course in 4:50 (Patricia Jensen)
  • 1st time a runner was in the ocean for 10:50 (Bill Russell, with top 50K finisher Paul Purin a close second at just over 10 minutes)
  • 1st time the event was full (over 100 runners participated)
  • 1st time 64 runners completed the whole 50K (some got lost and ran even more!)
  • 1st time runners could publicly state their New Years Resolutions. (Check them out and add yours)
  • 1st time Vancouver was trumped for the largest representation (Coquitlam rules!)
  • 1st time a family of 5 participated (tie to the Lepards and the Kents)
  • 1st time anyone ran over 60K in 7:37 (Cheryl Johnson)
  • 1st hovercraft sighting (English Bay)
  • 1st time the temperature broke 10C (it was apparently 12C for a while)
  • 1st time a runner was almost wacked by a falling tree (several close calls due to the high winds that knocked out power in the entire west end)
  • 1st time everyone who attended the post run party went home with some recognition prize (thanks to Norco, North Shore Athletics, Trail Runner magazine and the Mosquito Creek Grill)
  • 1st time everyone who participated can share their comments and observations on this page (see “Add new comment" at the bottom of this page)

And some seconds:

  • 2nd most windy day on record (I recall 1999 was worse)
  • 2nd time male course record holder Randy Hunter slept in and missed the start
  • 2nd time a participant ran 50K with an enhanced butt (Elke Bauer - see photos!)

I confess I only ran a leisurely 25K this year, but being at the back of the pack allowed me to notice things I might not otherwise have. The bald eagles that watched runners slogging through the mud pits next to the Burrard Bridge, for example. Or the Bozo who drove his gray Mercedes into the trees in Stanley Park. Or the police incident next to the Burrard Bridge (I think a body washed ashore?)

On behalf of everyone in the run, I’d like to say a special “thank you" to everyone who baked cookies, muffins, provided hot chicken noodle and garlic soup or otherwise brought food to share at the aid stations, to those who sacrificed a few moments to pick up trash along the course and to those who braved the elements to crew or encourage their friends.

Happy New Year!

Ean “Half-Ass" Jackson
Host of the Vancouver New Years Day Fat Ass 50


- To read what other members wrote about this event please scroll all the way down to view blogs and comments.
- Click on the picture grid below to get to see event photos.

First Name Last Name City/Town Prov/
Km Time Points Bonus
Paul Purin North Vancouver BC 50 4:44 1  
Tim Wiens Vancouver BC 50 4:50 2  
Patricia Jensen North Vancouver BC 50 4:50 2  
Darryl Caves Vancouver BC 50 4:58 2  
Matt Sessions Port Moody BC 50 4:58 2  
Gary Robbins Squamish BC 50 5:05 2  
John Currie Prince George BC 50 5:07:00 2  
Rachel Nelson Vancouver BC 50 5:12 2  
Rob MacDonald Burnaby BC 50 5:17 2  
Glenn Pace North Vancouver BC 50 5:20 2  
Marv Peters Surrey BC 50 5:22 2  
Rick Arikado Vancouver BC 50 5:26 1  
Michael Loehr Vancouver BC 50 5:28 2  
Ann Taylor North Vancouver BC 50 5:28 2  
Oliver Boduel North Delta BC 50 5:29 2  
David Crerar North Vancouver BC 50 5:32 2  
Ron Adams North Vancouver BC 50 5:44 2  
Celina Coombs Delta BC 50 5:44 2  
Desmond Mott North Vancouver BC 50 5:44 2  
Jeb Breckenridge North Vancouver BC 50 5:45 2  
Chris Collingwood Surrey BC 50 5:45 2  
Rainy Kent Burnaby BC 50 5:45 2  
Gavin Tansley Burnaby BC 50 5:45 2  
William Legg Vancouver BC 50 5:46 2  
Michel Richard Vancouver BC 50 5:46 1  
Karl Jensen North Vancouver BC 50 6:02 2  
Ken Legg North Vancouver BC 50 6:05 2  
Mike Richen Burnaby BC 50 6:30 2  
Sian Echard Vancouver BC 50 6:44 2  
Cheryl Lynch Vancouver BC 50 6:44 2  
Barb Owen Maple Ridge BC 50 6:44 2  
Cristina Sanders Mapleridge BC 50 6:44 2  
Doug MacKay North Vancouver BC 50 6:45 2  
Elke Bauer Coquitlam BC 50 6:49 2  
Dan Daoust Port Coquitlam BC 50 6:49 2  
Rhonda Gallant Port Moody BC 50 6:49 2  
Darren Sawchuk Maple Ridge BC 50 6:49 2  
Heather Somerville Port Coquitlam BC 50 6:49 2  
Angela Spooner Coquitlam BC 50 6:49 2  
Peter Stace-Smith Coquitlam BC 50 6:49 2  
Peter van Gaalen Coquitlam BC 50 6:49 2  
Baldwin Lee Burnaby BC 50 6:55 2  
Michele Sherstan North Vancouver BC 50 7:03 2 1**
Sibylle Tinsel North Vancouver BC 50 7:03 2 1**
Roy Chen-campbell Surrey BC 50 7:04 2  
Selina Robinson Coquitlam BC 50 7:03 2  
Laura Burgin Vancouver BC 50 7:08 1  
Patrick Gross Vancouver BC 50 7:08 2  
Vince Hemingson Vancouver BC 50 7:08 1  
Debbie Mick Coquitlam BC 50 7:08 2  
Joe Mick Coquitlam BC 50 7:08 2  
Faith Wells Vancouver BC 50 7:12 2  
John Reay Vancouver BC 50 7:14 2  
Lori Clerkson Coquilam BC 50 7:30 1  
Ofelia Kerr Coquitlam BC 50 7:30 1  
Carie Moran Coquilam BC 50 7:30 1  
Cheryl Johnson Pitt Meadows BC 50 7:37 2  
Don Murray Burnaby BC 50 ? 2  
Daniel Probst Bellingham WA 50 ? 2  
Tom Skinner Vancouver BC 50 ? 2  
Keith Thompson Eastport ID 44 4:58 2  
Warren Laird North Vancouver BC 42 5:30 1  
Mark Shorter North Vancouver BC 40 4:00 1  
Wade Repta Vancouver BC 40 3:59 2  
James Lepard Vancouver BC 35 4:23 2  
Tim Lepard West Vancouver BC 35 4:23 2  
Susan Lepard Vancouver BC 35 4:23 1  
Ryan Reilly North Vancouver BC 35 4:23 2  
Mike Olund Mission BC 34 3:37 2  
John Neels Vancouver BC 32 3:04 2  
Susan Reynolds Vancouver BC 32 3:04 2  
Sukhbir Pawa Vancouver BC 32 3:13 2  
Ruby Willis Coquitlam BC 32 3:55 1  
Amanda Barlow Vancouver BC 30 3:05 2  
Jim Helten Vancouver BC 30 3:10 2  
Caroline Lepard North Vancouver BC 28 3:30 2  
Scott Riddell North Vancouver BC 25 2:09 1  
Bill Dagg Vancouver BC 25 2:17 2  
Ean Jackson North Vancouver BC 25 2:29 2 1*
Doug Keir North Vancouver BC 25 2:29 2  
Steven Lowe Coquitlam BC 25 2:32 2  
Gottfried Grosser North Vancouver BC 25 2:48 1  
Manny Turim Vancouver BC 25 2:48 1  
Deborah Young Vancouver BC 25 2:48 1  
Bill Russell Surrey BC 25 2:55 1  
Heidi Van Es New York NY 25 3:07 2  
Patricia Barry Vancouver BC 25 3:14 2  
Russ Chore Pitt Meadows BC 25 3:45 2  
Christine Rybak Pitt Meadows BC 25 3:45 2  
Deborah Young Vancouver BC 25 ? 2  
Sheldon Boreem Richmond BC 23 2:15 1  
Amanda Konig Port Coquitlam BC 21 2:50 2  
Diane Stace-Smith Coquitlam BC 21 2:50 2  
Rhonda Schuller Vancouver BC 20 2:45 2  
Bradley Jones Vancouver BC 18 1:47 2  
Craig Moore North Vancouver BC 18 3:30 2  
Donna Turner Squamish BC 15 2:00 2  
Jo Hauser Vancouver BC 10 1:06 2  
Catherine Harrison Vancouver BC 6 0:45 2  
Kevin Harrison Vancouver BC 6 0:45 2  
Jordan Back North Vancouver BC crew     1***
Sarah Gallazin Vanouver BC crew     1***
John Little Vancouver BC crew     1***
John Duffield Vancouver BC crew     1***
Joe Turtle Burnaby BC crew     1***
Tasha Turtle Burnaby BC crew     1***
Katie Turtle Burnaby BC crew     1***
Pat Gallant Coquitlam BC crew     1***
Agnes Wei Coquitlam BC 0 no show -1  
Dave Cressman Vancouver BC 0 no show -1  
Gilles Barbeau   BC 0 no show -1  

* Bonus Point for hosting the Event
** Bonus Point for good sportsmanship/picking up garbage
*** Bonus Point for crewing


FatAss-sat view.pdf634.97 KB

Fat Ass 2006... WOW !! I need a bigger shovel

If I am going to "dig deeper" (or better yet dig a hole to crawl into and die) I am going to need a bigger shovel, cause this ain't working now... Those were just some of the thoughts rolling through my head from about the 40 km mark on...

I absolutely have to send out a HUGE thanks for all the support, patience and positive vibes aimed back at me from all the super strong runners (mostly the girls) in our group that coulda, shoulda easilyCLub Fat Ass; Running, Vancouver, Canada, BC, 2006, ultrarunning, trailrunning, FatAss50 finished at least 45 minutes to an hour earlier had they not been dragging a big old anchor (yours truly) along with them for the last 10 or 15 km's of this fine event.

Without even diving into the red wine the night before it seemed my stomach had decided Jan 1st 2006 would be a good day to shut down and stop processing anything (somewhere around the turn around point of this run). I tried to stave off the inevitable bonking by downing a whole bottle of Gatorade at the 33 km support stop but that didn't work either. Then it seemed all remaining energy I had was slowly blown away in the headwinds coming back along the Jericho Beach to Planetarium stretch. ByClub Fat Ass; Vancouver New Year Fat Ass 50; Vancouver; BC; Canada; trailrunning; ultrarunning, running; fun; cameraderie; Kitsilano, Kits Point, aid station; Norco the time I crawled up onto the Burrard Street Bridge, I was done like dinner. Hey guess what, only another 8-10 kms to go!!! Ya-hoo...

From there on in, our planned (and up till that point pretty workable) 10 and 1's, started turning into 5 and 1's and then oh... a few 1 and 1's. Heck in some cases probably even tossed in a few 1 and 5's by the time we hit the trails in Stanley Park. By the way, was it only me that noticed there was a few Mount Everest hills added to the Stanley Park return route that wereClub Fat Ass, Vancouver Running, Vancouver New Year's Day Fat Ass 50 definitely not there in the morning or any other time I have run through there?? My body was not quite finished with me yet, as around Third Beach the dry heaves started about every couple of minutes. That part was really fun!! ... I would conveniently slide off the back of the group for those trail-side twister sessions so as not to wig anyone out too much.

Oh yeah, another late run highlight for me was walking downhill... Now I don't have as much running experience as many of you, but what is up with that?? My mind was saying "what are you doing, you can RUN this, just let gravity do some of the work", but my body was just about shut down and not accepting any new data input. Around Lumbermans Arch my Garmin beeped notifying me that I had just "completed lap 31" (in miles). I actually had to smile and shake my head when it also told me that this last mile had been a smoking fast 17:40 some odd mile... Nice. Considering most of that last mile from Prospect Point to there was either flat or downhill, you may start to get some picture of how well I was doing at this point. OK body, come on... only a few more minutes and then hopefully this will all go away.

We popped out of the trail at the end of the parking lot and the remaining 7 others in our group all held hands high and proud for our last 50 meter run to the fire hydrant finish. Everyone was so stoked, but I had to beg them to slow down... I just couldn't get up that parking lot at the speed they wanted to go. I had visions of being dragged the last 25 meters by the others, face down, toes back/soles showing straight up. At that point, nothing was slowing them down. For all but one of them in this group, this was their first Ultra, and they had all done FANTASTIC !!!

A big congratulations out to Angela, Rhonda, Heather, Dan, Peter, Darren, Elke, Celina, Debbie, Joe, Lori, Carie, Ofelia... all from our Coquitlam Running Room group and all of whom finished their first full 50 kms! Out of this huge group, Dan was the only repeat offender to the FA50. Also big shout-outs go to Ruby for a strong 33 kms (pretty good considering she is training for Boston and was only thinking about doing 25 km), and to Stephen for a great first half-ass 25 km and to my good wife Diane and Amanda for their half marathon distance goal of 21 km and their first Fat Ass event! Actually, for all but 2 of the 18 runners in our big group, the 2006 Fat Ass Event was their first club run and I'm sure it will not be their last.

Special thanks also goes out to Pat (Rhonda's husband) who drove our loaded up support van all day, met us along the way, carried all the liquid and treats, and nice dry clothes we wanted and needed... and even hoped on his bike to come meet us out on the trails. He always reassured us that we looked great and strong, even though I'm sure he was thinking otherwise. Thanks Pat!!! Next year can ya pack some fresh legs for me too?

And in summary, considering how lousy the last 10 or so kms was I thought it was pretty funny when I scooted onto last year's results and found that we touched that fire hydrant within 1 minute of our 2005 finish. If anything we are consistent... Amazing. There is always next year to improve on that time right, or at least improve on how I feel at the end??

Thanks again to Ean, Sibylle and the behind the scenes support crew that put on this great event, we WILL BE BACK!!

Pete Stace-Smith (3rd year repeat offender)

Ps I didn't even tell you about all the fun we did have, and the super cool stuff we saw and noticed. Maybe one of our other Coquitlam runners can expand on the good stuff so you all don't think it was a gruelathon. See, even one day later, I am already forgetting all the pain. :)

Musings of a converted Fat Asser

There were two questions that immediately came to mind when my friend Pete talked to me about running the "Fat Ass 50" on New Year's day 2006.  The first was why would you admit to having a fat ass?- after all I have spent many years of concealment and skillful dressing to disguise this fact; - and the second question was - why would I want to run 50kms on New Year's day after a night of partying and drinking?

It was only after seeing the logo on the T-shirt that  I knew I would participate in this event- after all how else could I legitimately claim ownership of such a shirt?

Knowing that I wasn't the only loonie in the bunch, recruitment in the form of Sunday White Spot breakfasts and Wednesday evening after-running drinks at the bar (Canadian Army take note of superior recruitment tactics) resulted in eighteen enlistees from Coquitlam signing up for the Fat Ass 50 event.

So here we all were, eighteen people with fat asses coming out of the closet to show up clean and sober on January 1, 2006, ready to run 50kms.  To put an exclamation mark on our fat ass "outing", our running pal Elke donned a rubber fat ass to her shorts to ensure there was no subterfuge.  Photo identification of all participants took place around the fire hydrant at Brockton Oval (move over all canine creatures) and then we were off.

Our fearless Peter navigated us through the maze of Stanley Park trails- after all we were yokels from the "burbs" - and we wound our way around the bay to Spanish Banks and Jericho Beach.  Of course we had our survival vehicle, the "Norco Van" with our intrepid volunteer Pat at the helm, following us to ensure our every need was catered to - I mean doesn't everyone have one of those?  To supplement our supplies we felt obliged to partake at the refreshment tent at Jericho Beach.  The chicken soup with 20 cloves of garlic was particularly appealing (maybe not so much 10kms later) as was the guy with the nice blue eyes that was serving it, - some women of the group took particular notice of this.

We headed up into the UBC endowment lands, faithfully following our leader, passing through amazing scenery to successfully make it to the turn-around. Of course we had to replete ourselves once again at our survival vehicle, do a complete strip of clothing on the side of the road - we all have the same basic anatomy with minor variations - and head back again.

Needless to say tired legs and aching bodies were the order of the day and the wind and rain that greeted us on our return journey along Spanish Banks added that extra touch.  However we strode purposefully forward through the looming twilight, meandered to a crawl through Stanley Park, girded our loins and joined hands to run a dramatic finish into Brockton Oval.  Collapsing deliriously over the fire hydrant six hours and forty-seven minutes later, we all agreed it was a great way to bring in 2006.  The Great Visionary who thought up this event and the wonderful members of Club Fat Ass have out undying (or is it dying?) thanks.  We checked out asses, noted they were still of a considerable size- dare I say fat?- and decided we were candidates again for the 2007 Fat Ass 50 event.  Thanks to all for an amazing time!!


New Year's Resolutions - One Down!

The post race euphoria has gone by now and the tired muscles are slowly fact I ventured out for my first post Vancouver New Year's Day 50km run this morning. Time to reflect on an epic day.

After an intense taper because of a pre Christmas stomach flu, I feared I forgot how to run, lost all my training and was in general sandbagging mode. The weather forecast of torrential rains and gale force winds did not raise my mood. 50km...what was I thinking?


The first day of 2006 dawned gray and mild, but almost dry. The forecast was upgraded to showers (which Vancouverites know to mean there may or may not be dry spells in between downpours). I had difficulties deciding what to wear. Would it be better to be hot and dry or comfortable, but soaked. In the end I opted for a long sleeve technical shirt and my MEC burly weather jacket, with a short sleeve shirt and vest in a drop bag for the turn-around. The hydration pack was filled with an electrolyte concoction, enough gels to survive a couple of days, some granola bars, money, an emergency blanket and a flashlight.

The starting area at Brockton Oval in Stanley Park was one busy place. We had close to 100 preregistered runners all eager to start the year with a 50km run. When Ean sent the field off (I swear his watch was a few minutes early), I discovered that I had forgotten to put my post race bag into Michelle's car. By the time I had things organized (thanks for waiting, Pat and Michelle - sorry for the confusion Cheryl, Rhonda and Faith) we were dead last. At least no pressure to keep up with the fast guys ;-)

All pre race jitters were forgotten. I felt pumped and we had to make an effort to keep our pace down. Winding through the trails in Stanley Park Doug Keir and Baldwin Lee, who must have slept in, passed us. Both were somewhat familiar with the course and didn't slow down to read the course instructions (the worst combination and a sure way to get lost...) After rescuing them 3 times from a wrong turn, they finally decided it was prudent to stay with us through the park. Not sure how they fared for the remainder of the run?

Pat, who missed some of our long training runs because of sickness, decided that a 25km run was probably enough for her, turned around at Kits Beach. Michelle and I ventured on, now seriously trying to catch up to Faith and Cheryl.

I don't know about you, but 10km into the run I was still not sure what the best clothes were for the day. Long sleeve tech shirt and vest started to be too hot. Off went the jacket, but once we turned west, the winds started to pick up and rain was pelting us, I needed more. Off went the shirt and on went the jacket. That kept me happy for a while, although I was concerned about chafing around the neck from the hydration pack - the shirt had provided a layer between pack and skin that the jacket didn't.

At Jericho Beach we passed the 8km Resolution Runners just assembling for an 11:00 am start. Cheryl and Faith still were nowhere to be seen. Jordan and John's aid station just before the course veers off into Pacific Spirit Park was a welcome reason for a short break, gummy worms and a chocolate chip cookie.

My hips started to get sore on the long flat area and both Michelle and I were happy to be back on soft trails and varied terrain in Pacific Spirit Park. The 7+km to the turn-around seemed easy and fast. High fiving all the runners already on the return leg certainly was a mood buster (not that we were suffering). Thanks for all those lies centered around "Looking good".

We picked up Cheryl just before crossing 16th Ave, but still no sight of Faith...did she get lost on the trails? The rains were still holding back and the woods protected us from the gale force winds on the beach. Approaching the turn-around we even spotted some blue sky and I felt almost giddy. What a good surprise it was to find a fully staffed aid station with smiling, happy folks including my husband, at the turn-around. I guess this is were we spent the 4 minutes that were missing for an under 7h finish time in the end...Thanks John and Sarah.

The Coquitlam group set out for the return trip with us, but we could not keep up with their 10/1 rhythm of running and walking, no matter how severely Pete was bonking ;-) Eventually, we lost sight of them and continued through the mud alone. I have no recollection of loosing Cheryl, but somewhere she stayed behind and despite a wait at the aid station, did not catch up again. We did however catch a glimpse of Faith before driving rain and winds made us put our heads down and just focus on each single step getting us closer to the more protected area of Point Grey Road. Mercifully, the elements had pity and by the time we hit Kits Beach, we had roped in Faith and Roy. One by one we passed more runners and despite starting to get tired, were riding a endorphin high.

Our pace was perfect. Michelle seemed to have exactly the same speed and was able to keep up when we started to see the end of a very long 50km (I heard some GPS owners talk about measuring 54km) and increased our speed slightly. Seemed like a whole bunch of lost lambs relied on our navigational skills through Stanley Park. The harder the wind whipped through the old trees the faster we got. We heard at least one tree fall near by and came across another one that blocked the trail. Thankfully, the fire hydrant, aka finish line was near.

As for the "Freeze your Ass Swim" at the end...we tried! The meter high waves crashing into the seawall prevented us to get in. Roy, Michelle and I did sit down on the stairs leading down and got a full body soak instead ;-)














2005 - Year 12 - Vancouver New Year's Day Fat Ass 50 Run and Freeze Your Fat Ass Swim - Results



For an Event Host to suggest that one event was "better" than another is kind of like your Mom suggesting that one of her kids is "better" than another. However, things came together very well this year, so the 12th annual Vancouver New Years Day Fat Ass 50 will go down in the records as extra special.
Weather on New Years day in Vancouver generally ranges from lousy to downright awful. Assuming you didn't spend too much time standing around at aid stations, the weather was just about perfect for a run this year. True, it was a bit misty at the start...some even spotted a flurry or 2 up in the deep woods of Pacific Spirit Park...but by noon, temperatures had risen to the upper single digits and everyone was treated to magnificent sunshine and a spectacular view of the North Shore mountains.
Ted from CTV was back to document this icon of west coast lifestyle. There were 70 starters this year from as far away as Iowa City and Toronto. A few cheeky runners managed to get their bottoms on national television news. Many more were interviewed and likely had their IQs debated in living rooms across North America.
Most participants agreed to "run friendly" for the first 20 minutes or so. This tradition encourages all runners to get to know one another a bit before the more competitive elements attempt to rip each other's throats out.
Another unique feature of this and other Club Fat Ass events is that the route is not marked in any way. That's right, no fluorescent cones, no policemen at intersections, no surveyor tape in the trees or paint on the ground to harm the environment and no white chalk on corners to get the HazMaT (Hazardous Materials Team) all excited...just the written instructions provided by the Event Host. This year a good 20% of the field got lost to some degree or another, though none for any great distance. Tradition also has it that the Event Host buys a beer for those inconvenienced by bad directions, so the jury will soon be deliberating circumstances around Beaver Lake on the come-home trail through Stanley Park.

Charges of misleading advertising are pending regarding claims of "no aid" and the requirement that all runners be self-sufficient. For the first time in the 12-year history of the event there were two full-on buffet aid stations along the route. Many thanks to Mark Shorter, Troy Angrignon, Stephanie and David Tatum who set up aid stations at Spanish Banks and the 25K point, and to Keith Nichol and Tom Skinner at North Shore Athletics, Hammergel for the energy gels, Pete Stace-Smith at Norco, and the friends and family who chipped-in home baking and other goodies for the pot-luck aid stations.

We like to emphasize the camaraderie over the competition in this off-season classic, but several competitive records were broken. Dave Cressman, Bill Dagg, Tim Wiens and Jordan Back battled it out for top male runner, while Ellie Greenwood, Rainy Kent and Ann Taylor, Carol Holmes and Celina Kleinschroth represented the top women. Dave kissed the fire hydrant first in 4:33, claiming his third Vancouver New Years Day Fat Ass 50 victory. Ellie won top honors for the women in 5:00 and 4th overall finisher. Also of note was that almost half of all participants entered the "Freeze Your Fat Ass Swim" in Burrard Inlet. Owen Davis and Doug Kier judged the water to be "bracing". Speaking with a very high-pitched voice at the finisher party, the winner of the prize for the longest swim claimed to have been in for more than 2 minutes...another record!

Speaking of camaraderie and good sportsmanship, there were two particular highlights: Thank you to the homeless man in the shelter on Rawlings Trail in Stanley Park who directed runners toward Second Beach and the seawall. He was howling with laughter by the time I ran by him. Also, one of the top runners slowed to help direct a couple of women who had jogged past a trail junction. "Hey...if you're in the Fat Ass 50, you just missed the turn-off!" Apparently startled by the interruption, they both turned around and responded, "I'm not 50 and I don't have a fat ass!"

This year we moved the post event get-together to the Mosquito Creek Grill in North Vancouver. There was lots of room, good food and a free beer for each runner and crew member. Mark, Troy, Stephanie and David received a standing ovation for their aid stations. Thanks to Norco, Hammergel and the MEC there were lots of fun recognition prizes.

Congrats to all participants and may 2005 bring you good health, happiness and prosperity.


Ean “Rain, No Train" Jackson

2005 Results

Time First_name Last_name City_Town KM
4:33 Dave Cressman Vancouver 50
4:53 Bill Dagg Vancouver 50
4:55 Tim Wiens Vancouver 50
5:00 Jordan Back North Vancouver 50
5:00 Ellie Greenwood Vancouver 50
5:03 Bob Hermanutz Vancouver 50
5:08 Rainy Kent   50
5:08 Bill Russell   50
5:08 Gavin Tansley   50
5:26 Michel Richard   50
5:31 Rob  MacDonald Burnaby 50
5:34 Desmond Mott North vancouver 50
5:38 Ann Taylor North Van 50
5:39 Carol Holmes Delta 50
5:39 Celina Kleinschroth Delta 50
5:39 Tom  Robertson   50
5:40 Ron Adams North Vancouver 50
5:40 Gilles Barbeau Vancouver 50
5:41 Gottfried Grosser   50
5:52 Sheldon Boreen Richmond 50
5:58 Rick Arikado   50
5:58 Al Harman West vancouver 50
5:58 Glenn Pace North Vancouver 50
6:08 Tim Lepard West Vancouver 50
6:09 Iain Edwards   50
6:09 Suzanne Johnson   50
6:23 Miranda Alldritt North vancouver 50
6:31 Marcus Nashelsky Iowa City 50
6:37 Gary Robbins Pemberton 50
6:41 Sian Echard Vancouver 50
6:41 Barb  Owen Maple Ridge 50
6:41 Cristina Schneiter Maple ridge  50
6:42 Doug MacKay North Vancouver 50
6:42 Brian Page   50
6:48 Dan Daoust Port Coquitlam 50
6:48 Greg Skerratt   50
6:48 Peter Stace-Smith Coquitlam 50
6:48 Marie Wheelhouse   50
6:58 Tony Gatner Pitt Meadows 50
6:58 Dean Gooch   50
6:58 Alison Marchand   50
7:00 Cheryl Johnson Pitt Meadows 50
  Cheryl Lynch Vancouver 50
6:54 Cheryl Dumaresq North Vancouver 46
6:54 Linda Hilts Richmond 46
5:17 Cheryl Zarecki   42
5:30 Lenka Urbankova   42
4:35 Mike Ruhland   38
3:59 Richard Vurdela New Westminster 35
3:05 Sukhbir  Pawa Vancouver 33
2:30 John Neels   30
2:30 Susan Reynolds   30
3:05 Owen Davis Vancouver 25
3:05 Doug Keir   25
3:05 Keith Nichol Vancouver 25
3:07 Mike Perkins   25
3:07 Sherri  Skerratt   25
3:07 Ruby  Willis Coquitlam 25
3:24 Patricia Barry Vancouver 25
3:24 Sibylle  Tinsel North Vancouver 25
3:31 Stephanie Tatum Vancouver 25
  Terry Lewis North Vancouver 25
1:45 Ean  Jackson North Vancouver 15
1:45 Bob Taylor   15
1:15 Natascha Berntsen   12
1:03 Catherine  Harrison Vancouver 10
1:03 Kevin Harrison Vancouver 10


2004 - Year 11 - Vancouver New Year's Day Fat Ass 50 Run and Freeze Your Fat Ass Swim - Results


2004 - 64 Starters

The 11th annual Vancouver New Years Day Fat Ass 50 will go down in the record book as ‘the year of the big snow'. While most folks don't consider 10cm (4") of snow a 'dump', it's a lot for Vancouver and its not good news for the palm trees we pass by during the Vancouver Fat Ass 50 run.

The Californians didn't show. The person who registered from Tennessee was also nowhere to be seen. At least one person rolled out of a taxi straight from a New Years eve celebration. Ted from CTV was out with a camera crew to document the freak show for the evening news. More than half of the 64 runners from British Columbia and across Canada who did show up to kick the new year off with a little run and a dip in the Pacific were out for the first time. Gottfried in particular (see photos) hoped to shed a few pounds.

The event became affiliated with Club Fat Ass this year. In keeping with the guidelines for environmental-friendliness, there was no special course marking to assist runners through the tricky trails of Pacific Spirit and Stanley Park. Picture 60-odd people wearing numbers from their favorite race, laughing and falling over one another as they slide around icy corners while consulting written course directions. Most participants agreed to 'run friendly' for the first 20 minutes or so and got to know one another before finding their pace.

As the sun rose in the morning sky, the snowy mountains surrounding the city seemed close enough to touch. Fun run or not, Jim Swadling, Randy Hunter, Dom Repta, Dave Cressman, Andy Nicol, Matt Sessions, John McCrank and Scott Riddell were pushing an aggressive pace by the Burrard Street bridge at 10k. Ann Taylor, Ellie Greenwood and Catherine Yoell led the 21-strong women's field. Meanwhile, Gottfried showed the first signs of chafing.

Apart from the snow, the high point of this years event was the truly opulent buffet Mark Shorter offered at his beachfront aid station around 17k. There must have been a dozen varieties of sport drinks, bars and gels as well as real food ranging from chocolate brownies to bagels to chocolate and gummy bears. Our heartfelt thanks to Mark, a top finisher in 2002, and Keith Nichol of North Shore Athletics, for insuring that any New Years resolutions to loose weight would have to wait until another day.

John McCrank finished first overall and completed his first ultramarathon in 4:42. In keeping with Vancouver Fat Ass 50 tradition he kissed the fire hydrant and cooled off in the ocean. First woman to finish and 6th overall in 5:21 was Ann Taylor. After winning her age group in every distance running and snowshoe series in British Columbia in 2003, Ann was off to a great start to 2004. It was a bit surprising that, in one of the cooler years for the Vancouver Fat Ass 50, most finishers found the courage to jog down to the ocean for a quick dip before hitting the showers.

The post-event get-together at the Cactus Club Cafe went smoothly, despite the fact that we threatened to take over the place. Mark Shorter received a standing ovation for the best aid station in the history of the event. Mark and Cactus Club Manager Jason handed out prizes for the most lost (?...about 2km), the best bonk (2001 winner Randy Hunter who planned to go 25k, but changed his mind half way), the farthest traveled (sorry, Fred, ‘had to be present to win...and John, you're a BC boy even if you do live in London, Ontario), longest in the water (2.5 minutes. How's the shrinkage, ?) Finally, Fat Asses, friends and family in attendance voted hands down that Gottfried Grosser should win the fattest ass recognition for sporting the biggest buns and enduring the most chafing. How's it feel to be a poster boy, Gottfried?

Congrats to all participants and may 2004 bring you good health, happiness and prosperity.

Ean “Dho! Left My Water Bottle in the Truck” Jackson
Host of the Vancouver New Years Day Fat Ass 50K Run and Freeze Your Fat Ass Swim

2004 Vancouver Fat-Ass 50 Results






John McCrank 4:42



Jim Swadling




Matt Sessions



4 Randy Hunter 5:11



Ean Jackson




Ann Taylor




Jordan Back



8 Ellie Greenwood 5:22 1
9 Scott Riddell 5:23 1


Kevin Harrison




Rob MacDonald




Rick Arikado




Norma Oshynko




Catherine Yoell



15 Mark Gilbert (ON) 5:41:20 1
  Darryl Caves 5:41:25 1
  Gord Cameron 5:41:43



Michel Richard




Gottfried Grosser




Glenn Pacé



21 Gavin Kent 6:05 1
  Rainy Kent 6:05 1
  Mike Richen 6:05 1


Mike Olund




Tammy Lang




Alimamy Kamara



27 Cynnimon Rain 6:46 1
  Peter Stace-Smith 6:46 1


Ron Adams



  Suzanne Johnson 6:46 1


Keith Nichol




Allan Asaph



33 Craig Moore 7:04 1


Linda Smith




Hardial Singh Athwal




Sharon Skitch




Sian Echard




Wendy Blackwell




Celina Kleinschroth



40 Jaqueline Law 8:27 1
  Kyla Adams 8:27 2


  Laddie Hannam 40k/4:56 1


Desmond Mott




Rhonda Schuller



  Cheryl Johnson 32.7k/5:30 1


Fred MacKenzie (NS)



  Mike "Fat Ass" Mastine 29k/3:35 2
  Derrick Johnstone 27k/3:19 1
  Terry Lewis 25k/2:3? 3
  Ken Hardinge-Rooney 25k/2:36 1


Larry Ward




Ken Legg



  Bob Taylor 23k/2:26 1


Dave Cressman




Dom Repta




Jen Winiarski




Andrew Winiarski



  Michelle Fredette 20k/2:00 1
  Andy Nicol 20k/2:00 2


Peter Hall



  Pat Barry 17.5k/2:25 2


Sibylle Tinsel



  Mary Leliveld 13.5k/1:50 1
  Doug Kier 13.5k/1:50 1



2003 - Year 10 - Vancouver New Year's Day Fat Ass 50 Run and Freeze Your Fat Ass Swim - Results



"Why do otherwise perfectly normal people run 50 kilometers?," media folks out to cover this year's event asked. Given that 50K is the shortest ultramarathon distance, that's an easy question for an ultramarathoner to answer! However, why anyone would want to run the distance with a hangover on a cold New Years day, in the driving rain, on muddy trails, with minimal aid and encouragement was a popular topic of discussion amongst participants this year. In the words of this year's first finisher, Dave Cressman, "The weather added another dimension to the run. With your mind focused on battling the wind, the cold and the rain, you didn't think as much about the pain."

Vancouver's Fat Ass 50 celebrated it's 10th birthday this year. With 66 starters, it was our second-largest field ever. Don't ask me why, but runners came from as far away as France, Boston and Alaska. The weather... normally lousy... was particularly challenging. About half the field got lost, which is to be expected since runners are asked to follow explicit written directions on tricky trails while fighting hypothermia. Of course, the flour used to mark the trails was either washed away by the rain or eaten by crows.

Participants were treated like rock stars by the media. Both CTV and Global were out in the rain to film the start, the beer-swilling at Kevin's Epic Aid Station, and the finish where the hard core Fat Asses were seen frolicking in the icy Pacific. Yes, proof positive that people in Vancouver are a bit different.

For a free, no-frills event, participants made out like bandits. Thanks to "Coyote" Kevin Thomson and Rackets and Runners, 50 Fat Asses hobbled away with distinctive t-shirts to commemorate their achievement . Kevin, who was reduced to rowing 50K on his wind trainer due to an injury, also set up a full-service aid station buffet on his front deck. Where do we start? Beer, baked potatoes with rock salt, sport drink, protein bars, brownies. (What was in those brownies, Kev?) Mike Medland of Adidas chipped in a gym bag full of draw prizes...and gave away the gym bag. Chris at the Cactus Club Grill threw in appies for everyone at the finisher banquet and some gift certificates. Vicky Elsom hand-made marble awards that recognized youngest and oldest participants, the person who came from the farthest way, best smile, good Samaritan, best face plant and the person who was the most lost, which by the way, went to a 4-time finisher.

Congrats to everyone who made the effort to toe the line. Happy trails... and hope to see you hung over and miserable next year!

Ean "Fat Ass" Jackson

Here is a slideshow of photos of the day.

2003 Vancouver Fat-Ass 50 Results



Time FA Starts
1 Dave Cressman


2 Andy Nicol 4:42 1
3 Kelly Wilcox 4:56 1
  David Smith 4:56 1
  Rebecca Marshall 4:56 2
6 Michel Richard 5:04 4
7 Grant Sisler 5:05 1
  Ean Jackson 5:05 7
9 Glenn Pac� 5:06 1
10 Amanda Barlow 5:09 2
11 Matt Sessions 5:24 3
  Mike Mastine 5:24 1
  Ken Legg 5:24 1
14 Rob MacDonald 5:30 2
15 Ann Taylor 5:35 1
  Bruce Grant 5:35 1
17 Chris Clark 5:42 1
  Gerry Aikin 5:42 1
  Mimi Peabody (Alaska) 5:42 1
  Donald Chang 5:42 1
21 Catherine Yoell 5:43 2
  Jim Helten 5:43 2
  Steven Lee 5:43 1
24 Gottfried Grosser 5:46 1
25 Ceddy Nash 5:47 1
  Bob Chew 5:47 1
27 Sam Robbins 5:50 4
28 Andrea Brynjolfson 6:00 1
29 Rhonda Schuller 6:04 1
30 Denise Thompson 6:07 1
  Linda Moller 6:07 1
32 Jonathan Gilman 6:09 1
33 Rob Daniel 6:17 1
34 Rainy Kent 6:18 2
  John Reay 6:18 1
  Mary Johnstone 6:18 1
  David Johnstone 6:18 1
38 Eunice Walaska 6:20 1
  Sarah Gallazin 6:20 6
40 Kyla Adams 6:48 1
  Ron Adams 6:48 7
42 John Little 6:51 6
43 Cheryl Lynch 7:04 1
44 Michelle Smith 7:05 1
Alf Prazsky
3:59-45K 1
46 Tara Altimas 4:47-44K 1
47 Pat Barry 3:29-28K 1
  Sibylle Tinsel 3.29-28K 1
49 William Smith 4:00-25K 1
  Lee-Ann Lyon 4:00-25K 1
  Jen Winiarski 4:00-25K 2
  Andrew Winiarski 4:00-25K 1
53 Gilles Barbeau 2:50-25K 1
54 Vicky Elsom 2:30-25K 2
55 Nancy Clark 2:32-25K 1
56 Ken Greenaway 2:46-25K 3
57 Janet Rosenfeld 2:46-25K 1
58 Scott Gavin 1:45-25K 1
59 George Forshaw 2:46-25K 4
  Gail Bazely 2:46-25K 4
61 Guillaume Beutier (France) 2:45-25K 1
62 Mike Medland 1:30-23K 1
63 Ernest Kroeker 1:30-22K 1
64 Paul Quinn 2:10-22K 6
65 Brendan Kennelly ?-?K 2
66 Stuart Maxwell ?-?K 1

Total Starters: 66
Total Finishers: 66 (44 ultra)

2002 - Year 9 - Vancouver New Year's Day Fat Ass 50 Run and Freeze Your Fat Ass Swim - Results



Dho!  Need to find these results!

2001 - Year 8 - Vancouver New Year's Day Fat Ass 50 Run and Freeze Your Fat Ass Swim - Results


For the eighth consecutive year, the hard core of southwestern BC's ultrarunning community got together for a little resolution run around Vancouver and a dip in the Pacific. Under sunny skies and with temperatures in the teens, conditions for this years event were epic.

The out-and-back course started on the trails in downtown Stanley Park then followed the paved seawalk to the Burrard Bridge. It then contoured Kitsilano Point, followed Point Grey Road to Jericho Beach before cutting back into the trails of Pacific Spirit Park near the University of British Columbia.

As in previous years, the actual distances run by the finishers varied from 45K to 55K. Fast boys Randy Hunter and Matt Sessions turned right instead of left at a key junction in Pacific Spirit Park and ran up to UBC before recognizing their error. Bonus miles. There was some of the usual whining and complaining that the course was long, but these comments generally came from the same party animals who claimed to have been up all night celebrating the new year. The good news is that fewer runners than in previous years got lost on the way back on the Stanley Park trails thanks to innovative use of flour at key intersections.

Top finisher Randy Hunter was interviewed by a local television station and was stumped by the question, "Why is this event called the Fat Ass?" Obviously, Randy had not read the race website ( as the answer to this question and which way to turn at the Pipeline Trail were hidden within. As Randy, Michael Wardas and Ean Jackson headed down to Burrard Inlet for the Freeze Your Fat Ass polar bear swim, the reporter scratched her head and was overheard commenting about the guy's bums not being all that fat!

This year's field was fairly evenly divided between veterans, newbies and skinny asses out to run part of the 50K distance. Runners, family and friends regrouped at Earl's Restaurant, just over the Lions Gate bridge in North Vancouver afterward. Many thanks to Earl's for sponsoring the prize: a pitcher of Albino Rhino Ale.

Ean Jackson

2001 Vancouver Fat-Ass 50 Results




Randy Hunter



Michael Wardas, Ean Jackson



Matthew Sessions



Amanda Barlow



Gordon Barkley



Michel Richard



Leland Wakelyn



Mike Bjelos, Kurt Locken



Ron Adams



Rainy Kent, Sarah Gallazin



Sam Robbins, Karl Jensen, John Little



Sean Finucane



Jim Helten




Beverley Johnston



Gail Bazeley



George Forshaw



Greg Horner



Chris Mager



Paul Quinn



Richard Matthews



Vicky Elsom 30K  

Angus Haggarty



Monica Marchenski



Terry Bushnell 40K  
Vicki Finucane-Bell 40K  

Rob Jones



Total Starters: 31
Total Finishers: 18

2000 - Year 7 - Vancouver New Year's Day Fat Ass 50 Run and Freeze Your Fat Ass Swim - Results

The turn out for the Year 2000 Vancouver Fat Ass 50K was down slightly this year, perhaps due to the New Year celebrations of the night before. Running conditions bordered on perfect with cool, cloudy weather in the morning and sun breaking through in the afternoon. The Run of Distinction award goes to 19 year old Emily who had never run farther than 5K, but thought that a 50K would be fun. Emily came totally water bottles, no food and no money to buy any. She ran well, easily keeping up with a small pack of four veteran runners. At 20K the race director gave her $5 and convinced her to turn back. She reported the next day that she crashed and had to walk the last 12K of her 35K run. It is noteworthy that she was less than 6K from home when she crashed, yet still chose to complete the last 12K of the race. Guts and determination. We have a future ultra runner here. Note: Mathew Sessions also did the 'Freeze Your Fat Ass' 50 second swim.

Karl Jensen

2000 Vancouver Fat-Ass 50 Results

Name Time Place
Randy Hunter 4:40:12 1
Murray Cameron, Dan Whittemore 5:05:00 2
Ron Adams 5:58:36 4
Matthew Sessions 6:08:04  5
Sarah Gallazin, John Little, Karl Jensen 6:30:05 6
Emily  35K
Sam Robbins 20K









Total Starters: 10 Total Finishers: 8

1999 - Year 6 - Vancouver New Year's Day Fat Ass 50 Run and Freeze Your Fat Ass Swim - Results

Stanley Park, 9am, under light overcast skies & crisp air stood seventeen runners for group photos before departing the start/finish line, the Brockton Oval drinking fountain, on a 25Km out & back course. No racing on this day, everyone's too busy catching up on gossip & running plans for 99. 

Two groups quickly formed, running along Stanley Park's beautiful rolling groomed trails. One group moving at a leisurely pace & the other at a more leisurely pace.  Soon it's on to the Seawall, over the Burrard St. Bridge & out through Kitsilano & Jericho beaches before heading into the trail systems of the University of B.C.  

Race organizers Ean Jackson & Karl Jensen provided everyone with a detailed map & written directions so all stayed on course.  There were many drinking fountains along the way giving everyone an opportunity to recharge their bottles. The day improved to gorgeous sunshine with spectacular vistas of the snow covered North Shore mountains bringing families out for a New Years Day stroll.

Returning through English Bay runners had to navigate through the 1000 polar bear swimmers & the 5,000 watchers. Ean Jackson & Michael Wardas topped off the run with their own polar bear swim while the rest of us took refuge under the warm Brockton showers. Afterwards we all assembled at Milestone's Restaurant on W4th for some fine food, beer & more chit chat.

Ean & Karl are already planning for the Vancouver Fat Ass 50Km 2000, it'll be big & beautiful with no Y2K bugs.

Rob Grant

 1999 Vancouver Fat-Ass 50 Results




Herb Phillips, Jim Swadling 4:39 1
Terry Lewis 4:42 3
Rob Grant, Ean Jackson 4:54 4
Michel Richard 4:56 6
Al Sherwood, Michael Wardas 5:05 8
Michel Pelletier 5:15 9
Jane Ballantyne, Andy Jones-Cox 5:17 10
William Leitch 5:46 12
Ron Adams 6:19 13
Ken Macleod, Karl Jensen, Murray Cameron 6:23 14
Vida Morkunas 25K  

Total Starters:   17
Total Finishers:  16

1998 - Year 5 - Vancouver New Year's Day Fat Ass 50 Run and Freeze Your Fat Ass Swim - Results



The new year dawned gray, windy, cold and wet in Canada's west coast evergreen playground. A perfect day for a run!

About 20 or 30 hardy souls gathered at Stamps Landing on False Creek for the annual affair organized by Greg Horner.  After the obligatory group photo, the run started promptly at 9 a.m. (Capilano Time) The run consisted of 2 scenic 25 K loops.  Each loop circled False Creek, Stanley Park and passed the English Bay site of the Polar Bear Swim (where the real crazies would later in the day prove their lunacy to the world).

Although the run started off in the cold, amazingly after about 15 minutes of running the temperatures suddenly became mild and balmy, except of course when you faced a headwind (which was most of the time).  This year there was an unusually high tide at the start, and with the high winds whipping up the big breakers in English Bay, there was a heavy surf crashing against the Stanley Park seawall, strong enough to lift up large concrete slabs from the wall and toss them on the walkway. There was no escaping the surf on the narrow seawall between the ocean and the cliffs, so that all runners were thoroughly drenched by ... uh, 'refreshingly cool' salt water. Fortunately, no runners were swept out to sea. 

By the second loop of the run, the tide had gone out, so that only the logs, sand and concrete slabs littering the seawall were reminders of the morning's display of hydro power.

All in all, it was a great run, the weather was delightful once you've warmed up and it was one more step down the trail to the finish of the Western States 100-miler at Placer County High School.

Ron Adams

1998 Vancouver Fat-Ass 50 Results




Terry Lewis    
Ron Adams    
George Forshaw    
Karl Jensen    
Sally Marcellus    
Gail Bazley    
John Little    
Sarah Galazin    

Total Starters:   26
Total Finishers:   ?

1997 - Year 4 - Vancouver New Year's Day Fat Ass 50 Run and Freeze Your Fat Ass Swim - Results

23 Starters

It was another excellent day in Lotusland for the fourth running of the Vancouver Fat Ass 50.  With over a foot of snow followed by torrential rains in the week leading up to the run, many questioned the very start of the event.  But as often happens in beautiful British Columbia, the skies parted, the seas calmed and we were blessed with a clear day... perfect for a long run.  Once again, Stamp's Landing Neighborhood Pub dished out an excellent post run spread.  Never missing the opportunity to thrill seek, Ean "Action" Jackson and Terry Lewis took their annual Fat Ass polar bear dip in the harbor.  It wasn't a surprise finding them first in the hot tub drinking copious quantities of beer and telling tales of past long runs.  Unofficial finish times ranged from 5:05 to 5:55.

Greg Horner

1997 Vancouver Fat-Ass 50 Results




Gail Bazeley    
Colleen Maitland    
Manon Adams    
John McDonald    
Rod Hatful    
Murray Cameron    
David Shaw    
John Little    

Sarah Gallazin

Garry Elmitt    
Dennis Giraud    
Earl Preeper    
Mick Hammonds    
Ian Yewer    
Michel Pelletier    
Dawn Connolly    
Arthur Lukey    
Terry Lewis    
Carol Peters    
Ken Greenaway    
Wayne Richardson    
Paul Quinn    
Ean Jackson    

1996 - Year 3 - Vancouver New Year's Day Fat Ass 50 Run and Freeze Your Fat Ass Swim - Results

1996 Vancouver Fat-Ass 50

75? Starters

Greg Horner and Ean Jackson co-managed this year.  The couse was changed to a point-to-point route from Horseshoe Bay to Stamps Landing pub.  There was a hot tub and a cold beer waiting for each participant at the finish line.

The starter list has been lost in the sands of time.  There were about 75 starters this year.  I have listed the usual suspects below.  If you participated and have any thoughts about the event or other participants, please contact me!





Terry Lewis    
Ron Adams    

George Forshaw

Gail Baisley

Greg Horner

Rod Hatful

Brian Van Oene

Chris Mager

Ken Greenaway

Darren Lauscher

John Little

Ean Jackson

Murry Carpenter?

Jill Harvey

Sam Robbins





1995 - Year 2 - Vancouver New Year's Day Fat Ass 50 Run and Freeze Your Fat Ass Swim - Results

1995 Vancouver Fat-Ass 50

This was the year Greg Horner took over management of this classic resolution run.  The route was revised slightly to make it closer to 50K.  Greg innovated, as well, by getting his favorite local (Stamps Landing Pub) to spring for a free pint for all runners.

The starter list has been lost in the sands of time.  I have listed the usual suspects below.  If you participated and have any thoughts about the event or other participants, please contact me!





Terry Lewis    
Ron Adams    
George Forshaw    

1994 - Year 1 - Vancouver New Year's Day Fat Ass 50 Run and Freeze Your Fat Ass Swim - Results

11 Starters


Goodness knows what running adventures the new year has in store. For a couple of Vancouver ultrarunners, at least, 1994 either started on the wrong foot or was off to a false start.

Take Brian VanOene. Ironman triathlete, veteran of foreign ultras, father, husband and all-round nice guy. Why did he feel he would return home to find his race t-shirts all over the front yard, and his treasured collection of Ultrarunning smoldering in the fireplace? Then there is Murray Carpenter. Why would anyone want to strangle such a fine guy with his Western States 100 finishers' belt?

The ultimate blame for the boys' misfortunes can be traced to a Californian by the name of Joe Oakes. My wife, Sibylle, interviewed Joe earlier in the year regarding the origins of the legendary Fat Ass 50. Joe's idea was to kick the new year off with a low-key 50-k or 50-mile fun run in the company of like-minded souls. No race fee. No t-shirt. No wimps. The trial balloons Enzo Federico and I put out to the ultrarunning community in British Columbia were well received. Eleven people turned up at 9:00 a.m. on New Years day in downtown Stanley Park for Vancouver's first Fat Ass 50.

As the handful of ultrarunners joked around and tightened their laces, a lone reporter asked the typical questions: "Where are the fat people?" "You mean you're actually going to run 50 kilometers?" "What's the prize?" Shaking his head and drawing on a cigarette, the reporter drove away to cover less marginal, more newsworthy events such as a garage fire and the first new years baby.

It was a mild morning under gray skies. We exchanged yarns about ultraruns during 1993 and our goals for the new year as we ran the trails of Stanley Park then crossed the Lion's Gate Bridge. Someone asked about Murray. Didn't he say he was going to join us? No one in the group objected to a short detour, so we decided to check in on our buddy.

The lights were out, but it was after 10:00. Enzo knocked lightly. Murray must be in the kitchen. Louder knocking. His car was in the drive. Knock again. Murray must be in the basement. Boom, boom, boom. The door swung open and there stood Ronna in her housecoat, eyes half open and fists clenched. Runners scattered at a sub-six pace. Enzo looked pale when we regrouped around the corner. It appeared Murray would not be joining us today.

Back on the trails, the pace was quicker for all of the excitement. A light mist hung in the air as we headed up the Capilano River canyon. The roar of water rushing over Cleveland Dam signaled we were nearing coffee and bagels at Divna and Enzo's aid station.

The plan was to stick together, so the pace as we traversed Vancouver's north shore was that of the runner with the worst hangover. Our halfway aid station came in the form of a favorite coffee emporium near the ferry terminals. The cappuccinos and chocolate almond croissants (thanks, Ken) sat well as the nine remaining fat asses merged onto the Vancouver Marathon course.

Our next hour took us through an industrial area and around the contours of Vancouver harbor. Passing through Chinatown, we weaved through crowds of shoppers haggling for live catfish and exotic vegies. As if trying to determine his splits, Brian began to regularly check his watch. The monsoons came about four hours into the event --- about the same time as the first whimpers about the course's length. Few runners appreciated the beautiful beaches and mountain vistas as we continued along a shoreline bike path. Brian consulted his timepiece at shorter and shorter intervals.

As we shuffled toward Stanley Park and the finish line, our group of nine drenched, muddy runners became caught up in the festivities surrounding Canada's largest polar bear swim. A group of men in dresses and high heels sharing a bottle of vodka weaved across the path in front of us. A burly fellow in a bearskin loincloth and Viking helmet invited us to follow him in for a dip. In fifteen minutes, 3,000 otherwise normal citizens would take the plunge into the icy Pacific and thousands more were there to watch.

With less than five kilometers to go, all of us were tired, but Brian looked ill. As we re-entered Stanley Park, he shared with us how he had not anticipated the leisurely pace and frequent coffee breaks. It was already a good half-hour later than when he'd promised Jackie and the kids they'd be leaving for the trip to the in-laws. Contemplating Mr. Bobbit's fate, Brian took a diagonal through the park to his car. Nice knowing you, Bri!

There were no crowds to greet us at the finish line. The television crew had come and gone. A few of us dove into Burrard Inlet for our own polar bear swim. Most of us went to a nearby restaurant for the new years special. It looks like an annual event. Thanks for the idea, Joe!

Ean Jackson
Host of the Vancouver New Years Day Fat Ass 50

P.S. For the record, the Vancouver Fat Ass 50 course was never officially (or even unofficially) measured. Post race estimates put the actual course distance closer to 50-miles.


1994 Inaugural Vancouver Fat-Ass 50 Results


Name Time
Felicity Goldring 5:36:49
Ken Hirst  
Ean Jackson  
Brendan Kenelly  
Peter O'Brien  
Nola Patterson  
Paul Quinn  
Lorne Terichow  
Brian Van Oene  
Enzo Federico 25K
Tom Maxwell 25K



The Vancouver New Years Day Fat Ass 50 is an ultrarunning tradition. The objectives of this event are to sweep away the cobwebs of the previous evening's excess, work off a few of those holiday calories, and to start the new year with a fun run in the company of like-minded individuals.

The tradition dates back to 1978 in California. Ultramarathon runner Joe Oakes needed to come up with a 50-mile qualifying time for the Western States 100-mile Endurance Run. There were no organized distance runs in his area, and even fewer runners who could run the 50-mile distance with him.  Joe put together a 7-person relay event and attracted 10 teams to accompany his solo attempt. Organizing the relay was a chore, so the next year Joe just invited anyone who wanted to run an informal 50-miler to join him. The idea caught on, and today Fat Ass runs of varying distances are held around the world.

Vancouver's first Fat Ass 50 was put on in 1994 by Ean Jackson, a veteran of the Western States 100-mile run.  There were no GPS devices back then, so the distance was more like 50 miles than 50K, and there were a few complaints toward the end of the run. Since Jackson was out of the country in 1995, Greg Horner took over the reins for a few years and upped the standards by providing a measured 50K, free beer and a hot tub at the finish. The event has bounced back and forth between a handful to 100 participants over the years. In 2003, the event became affiliated with Club Fat Ass.

The current route was established in 1999.  With minor modifications, the course remained the same until 2007, when a devastating wind storm made the interior trails of Stanley Park impassable.  Since then, the run has started on the Stanley Park trails and finished along the Stanley Park seawall. 

While the Vancouver Fat Ass 50 is not a race, many top national and international runners have participated over the years.


Records and Results

100K  (ran the 50K course twice on the same day)

  • Double-Dipper                   - Tim "I Love the Pain" Wiens, 10:48 - 2010

50K Course

  • Fastest female 50K time   - Ellie Greenwood (3:59) - 2013
  • Fastest male 50K time      - Nathan Barratt (3:35) - 2013
  • Longest swim                   - Sammy "Numb Nuts" Lotfi-Pour (0:22:29) - 2012

For the benefit of those who like to keep score, the finish times and distances provided by the participants are maintained on this website. It is assumed everyone runs the same course, but that's not always true, as some runners get lost and run farther.  Please refer to the results page for participant names, their times and photos in each year the event has been held.


The Differences

This event follows the guidelines provided by Club Fat Ass for safe and successful, informal endurance sports "parties": 

  • It is free for Club members
  • It is hosted by a Club member
  • Anyone is welcome to join the Club and run whatever distance they are comfortable with
  • It is informal. Guests should come prepared for the weather and the terrain and not expect aid or course marking. They should expect to follow detailed written course instructions
  • It is environmentally friendly. We aim to leave our route in better shape than it was before we passed through by picking up trash we find
  • It is as much about the camaraderie as the competition.

Guests at the event download directions based on natural and physical landmarks. As with orienteering, those who aren't familiar with the course will pause frequently to consult the written directions, giving a slight competitive advantage to those who have trained on it. Course directions are available year 'round on the course page of this website and we encourage everyone to enjoy the route as often as they please throughout the year.

Detailed questions and clarifications specific to this event are provided in the Vancouver New Years Day Fat Ass 50 FAQ or contact the Event Host for specific questions.


Event Home | Registration | Background | Agenda |
| Thanks! | Results | Contact | FAQ





When I started this event in 1994, my hope was to make it totally self-supporting. In other words, do all of the organization myself and also participate. Wishful thinking!

It's all about teamwork. Preparation for this loosely-organized event is ongoing throughout the year and a lot of people chip in to make it successful. Please join me in recognizing the following people and businesses who helped in 2013:

Distance Runwear
Congrats on your run, Dave Cressman, and thanks for the nice recognition prizes.

TrailRunner Magazine
Thank you for the gift subscriptions to your popular magazine as draw prizes as well as the whack of annual calendars for everyone who toed the line.

Norco Canada
Thank you, Pete Stace-Smith of Norco for the great draw prizes (yes, I had some from last year.)  Thanks, as well, for managing the sag wagon this year and congrats on your run... you were a busy boy!  

Benji Chu
Thanks for sharing the gels and electrolyte drink... and congrats on your run.

Ran and Gili Katzman
Awesome aid station at the turn-around, you 2.  The home-made chicken soup and runner potatoes are legendary!

Maureen Forrestal
Thx for the aid station on Pt. Gray Road, Maureen.

Janet Mackintosh
Mighty kind gesture to go out and buy coffees for those of us who were standing around the finish line freezing, Janet.  You took off before I could say, "Thank you!"

Ruedi Aschwanden
Thank you so much for helping everyone in the race with your aid station!

Sibylle Tinsel
Chief Executive Fat Ass and the one who did all of the behind-the-scenes work on this, and most other CFA events.

Ean Jackson
Host of the Vancouver New Years Day FA50


Historical Supporters

Each year, I update this page with thanks for the current year. It occurred to me that I should include everyone from all I've tried to think back to all of the people who have helped over the years. If I've overlooked you, please remind me and I will add you.


Thanks to Kintec Footlabs, Trail Runner magainze and Norco for the draw prizes.  Thx, as well to Pete Stace-Smith, Ron Adams, Ran and Gili and Pete VanGaalen for helping with aid stations.


Many thanks to Kintec Footlabs, Trail Runner Magazine and Norco for draw prizes, Pete, who drove the sag wagon, and the Mosquito Creek Grill for the pint. 

Many thanks to Kintec Footlabs, Trail Runner Magazine and Norco for draw prizes and the Mosquito Creek Grill for the pint.  A personal thank you to David Crerar, Neil Ambrose and Carolyn King for the champagne toast when I kissed the fire hydrant... it was my 100th ultramarathon. 

Many thanks to Kintec Footlabs, Trail Runner Magazine and Norco for draw prizes and the Mosquito Creek Grill for the pint. 

Many thanks to Kintec Footlabs, Pure Nail Bar, Trail Runner Magazine and Norco for draw prizes and the Mosquito Creek Grill for the pint. A big "thank you" to Baldwin Lee, winner of the 2006 Club Fat Ass participation award, who ran a custom distance, handed out beer and soup at the 25K turnaround.

Thanks to Sarah Galazin and John Little for the great reception at the turnaround. Thanks to Pat Barry and Gottfried Grosser who manned the turnaround aidstation with delicious goodies until even the slowest had their fill. A big thanks as well, to North Shore Athletics and Norco for draw prizes.

Thanks to Jordan Back and John Duffield for the great aid station at Spanish Banks and Sarah Galazin and John Little for the home baked muffins and encouragement at the turnaround. A big thanks as well, to North Shore Athletics and Norco for draw prizes.

Mark Shorter, Tom Mills, Troy Angrignon, David and Stephanie Tatum, Joan Nashelsky for help with logistics and aid stations. North Shore Athletics, Mountain Equipment Co-Op and Norco for draw prizes. Steve Born of Hammer Nutrition Gel and Andrew Szafranski of ACS, the Canadian distributors, teamed up to provide some gels for every participant. They also chipped-in some awesome draw prizes.

Mark Shorter for help with logistics and aid stations. North Shore Athletics and Norco for draw prizes.

2003- 10th anniversary
This was a pivotal year where a *lot* of people helped. Vicky Elsom made cool finisher awards and dog tags. Kevin Thomson and Rackets & Runners provided t-shirts for everyone. (Kudos, also, to Kevin for hosting a fantastic aid station at his house on Bayswater and Point Gray Road. Too bad he moved!) Rich Rawling took my lousy website and make it look fantastic for the 10th anniversary event. That site became the basis for all Club Fat Ass event websites for a couple of years before the current interface was adopted.

If you'd like to support the Vancouver New Years Day Fat Ass 50 in some way, we'd love to have you onboard. At the very least, we can promise you a place on this Thanks! page. Please contact me.

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| Thanks! | Results | Contact | FAQ





Q:  I've never done a trail run before. Is this a good place to start?
A:  It depends. Are you realistic about the distance you are thinking about running, well-prepared to run it and totally self-sufficient? If so, go for it! If in doubt, pick a shorter distance this time so you don't kill yourself, and come back to set the course record next year.

Q:  Can I run less than 25K or more than 50K?
A:  Absolutely! Some thoughts:

  • ~5K - Brockton track to the rock at the top of North Creek Trail and back
  • ~10K - Brockton track to Third Beach concession and back
  • ~20K - Brockton track to the end of Burrard Bridge and back
  • ~25K - Brockton track to the big log just past Kits Yacht Club and back or to the turn-around
  • ~30K - Brockton track to Jericho Beach Yacht Club and back
  • ~42K - Brockton track to University Boulevard and back

If you want to run more than 50K, you will get special recognition as a certified glutton for punishment and I'll make sure I get you some sort of a prize. I strongly recommend you have a pacer for any distance over 50K and that you carry a cell phone so you can call someone to pick you up when you expire.

Q:  How tough is the course?
A:  Tough question to answer! How far are you running? How fast? How well are you trained? While there are some hills in the Pacific Spirit Park, it's definitely not a scramble in the mountains. Feedback from those who have run the New Years Day Fat Ass include: "Harsh." "Fun!" "I thought you said I wouldn't get lost!"

Q:  Do I really need to print off the course instructions and bring them with me
A:  Yes. Without the detailed instructions or an intimate familiarity with the New Years Day Fat Ass run route, you will get lost. (See comment above. The person didn't refer to the written directions!)

Q:  Can I wait until the last minute and join at the start?
A:  Unlikely.  I want to keep the field to under 100 participants so I can run, too.  For the last few years, I've had to take down registration in mid-December.  Many procrastinators, including some good friends, were left out.  Sorry, but snooze, ya loose.  Online registration  for this event is a snap and at only $25, it's the best deal going, so just sign up now!

Q:  It's a free world. What's to stop me from just running the course.
A:  Nothing... in fact, I strongly encourage you to run the course often in training so you don't get lost on January 1st! I prefer that you do not 'bandit' the course on event day, however. If you are hard-up for cash, let me know and I will pay the race fee for you.  If you insist on not registering, please don't take any of the aid intended for registered participants. You will not get recognition in the results or be eligible for any draw prizes, your status will be noted in the results and you'll have to wear a black patch over one eye at the post run party. Furthermore, you won't be allowed into future events until you come clean with what you owe.  

Q:  What if I get lost?
A:  You shouldn't get lost if you refer to the course instructions where you are faced with a choice of direction. If you do feel you are lost, ask someone... you're in the middle of a city of 2 million inhabitants. If you always get lost, bring a cell phone or a quarter for the pay phone, and make sure you have alerted someone that you might call for help or directions!

Q:  Do I get credit for any time I spend off-course?
A:  Are you kidding? Getting lost is a rite of passage in the Vancouver New Years Day Fat Ass run. Most of the time, you can blame yourself for not paying attention. If you do find an obvious mistake in the course directions, point it out to the Event Host at the finisher banquet for a free beer!

Q:  It's a pain in my you-know-what to pause and read instructions. Couldn't you mark the course like just about every other running race I've ever been in?
A:  Club Fat Ass events are supposed to be different than every other running race you've ever been in. As a Club Fat Ass Event Host, I have to commit to not putting chalk/flour on the ground, hanging surveyor tape in the trees, painting rocks with arrows, putting up signs or doing anything that might leave a trace of the event on the environment, as this is the way Mother Nature prefers. Besides, having to read written course directions tends to slow down the faster runners.

Q: What is the 'Rule of the Trail'?
A: If you pack it in, you can pack it out. (That means don't you dare litter!) Leave nothing but your footprints on the course. CFA strongly encourages you to pick up any trash you find along the trail and to present it to the Event Host at the finisher banquet. There may be a recognition award for the person who packs out more than they packed in.

Q: What if I have to heed the call of nature.
A: There are washrooms at Brockton Oval, First Beach, Kits Beach and Spanish Banks. If you have a small bladder or plan to eat Thai food on New Years eve, best to check with Vancouver Parks and the GVRD to make sure the washrooms will be open when you plan on needing them.

Q:  What should I bring on race day?
A:  Whatever you figure you will need given the weather, the distance you propose to run, your physical fitness on the day and your plans for after the run. Some thoughts are on the event agenda

Weather. Click here for a local forecast

Distance. Since you are an experienced trail runner, you should know what you need. Water and food is an issue, so we recommend you carry at least 2 large bottles of fluid and plenty of trail chow.

Fitness. Since you are an experienced trail runner, you should know what you are capable of. If in doubt, take it easy and run a shorter distance.

Time. It is dark by the time seven (7) hour finishers arrive at the finish. If you think you might be on the course for 7 hours or more, we encourage you to start an hour early, carry a headlamp and have a pacer for the last 10K or so.  

Après run. Bring soap, a towel and a change of clothes if you plan to use the showers at Brockton track.

Q:  I am supposed to be self-sufficient because there is no aid provided. Can I get a friend to come out and give me food and drink along the route?
A:  Absolutely! In fact, it would be nice if your friend were to help everyone. Click on crew tasks and aid station ideas for some thoughts on what some of the options are. Please have your friends and family members contact me and I will do all I can to insure that they have fun, as well.

Q:  Can I bring my friends and family to the finisher party even if they didn't run or volunteer?
A:  Absolutely! Please be sure to include them on your registration form so there will be room for them. 

Q: If I choose to run 25K out to Marine Drive, how do I get back to my starting point?
A:  If you plan on finishing somewhere other than where you start, best to plan to get a friend to meet you, you take the bus or you try and hook up with someone going the opposite way on the Club Fat Ass website.  I recommend you do an out and back so you finish at the same place you start.

Q:  Are there any trophies, prizes or other hardware or freebies?
A:  If you assume there's no aid, no course marking, no t-shirt, no enthusiastic spectators and no prizes or freebies of any sort, you might be pleasantly surprised. Best you plan to show up at the finisher banquet!

Q:  Is there anywhere at the start/finish where I might stash some dry gear, my wallet, etc?
A:  The best place to stash your towel and post run gear is in someone's car at the start.  Of course, you will want to make sure you are either running with that person or will finish at roughly the same time.  Alternatively, you might want to get a friend to meet you at the finish.

Q:  The showers at Brockton Oval are locked with an electronic key.  How do I get in?
A:   I have paid for annual access to the change facilities at Brockton Oval so I have one (1) electronic key.  I will announce at the start where I will hide the key.  It is the responsibility of the first person to use the key to get it to the next person and so on down the line.  It is the responsibility of the last person to use the key to get it back to me.

Q:  How accurate is the course marking?
A:  The course was measured on a bike years ago and re-measured with a Nike Triax pedometer (me) and a Timex GPS (Jim) and a several Garmin GPSs (Tim, Rick). If it's not exact, it's very, very close.

Q:  When will the 'official' results be available?
A:  I hope to have the results up on the New Years Day Fat Ass run website within 24 hours of the finisher banquet. I will also distribute the results to major local and national ultrarunning communities.

Q:  Where's the finisher party?
A:  Two Lions Public House (formerly Mosquito Creek Grill.)  It's conveniently located just over teh Lions Gate Bridge about 10-15 minutes away in Westview Mall in North Vancouver.  (Highway #1 at Westview exit.)  There are prizes and lots of good times so I hope you will join us before you doze off to sleep.

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Contact - Vancouver New Year's Day Fat Ass 50

Event Home | Registration | Background | Agenda |
| Thanks! | Results | Contact | FAQ

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Ean Jackson
Host of the Vancouver New Years Day Fat Ass 50 
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Post Event Survey - Vancouver New Year's Day Fat Ass 50

Please take a moment to share your thoughts about the Club Fat Ass event you recently participated in. Your feedback will help your Event Host to refine their event next year.

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Post-event activities
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Overall event (value, challenge, course, atmosphere)
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This survey is anonymous as long as you are not logged in. If you would like a personal response, please insert your email address.