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We don't keep results for flash events in the traditional sense. Participants and flash hosts are encouraged to blog about the run.  The blogs will appear below.

October Eve Fun Run

I’m not sure if you want results for this morning’s run, but I ran 42.2 km in 3:40.

My GPS has the course at 53.7 km.  Downloading the data into Motion Based software yields a corrected distance of 54.4 km.  This was Gilles and my guess before today based on pacing from Jan. 1.  If you zoom in on the attached map, it looks like the Garmin tracked well.

Perhaps the course could be shortened by not doubling back under Burrard Bridge but going down Chestnut instead.  A few people missed this doubling back bit in the last two years.  In addition, maybe have the course take Lake trail after Beaver Lake, across the pedestrian overpass and some trail over to Rawlings.

Also, the short narrow trail that starts behind the bench near the turnaround should be bypassed to the trail on the right.  There was a lot of deadfall deliberately placed across this trail and some small trees planted, so it was clear that someone wants this trail to disappear.

Thanks for organizing today’s run.  I was going to do my last long run before the Chicago marathon today anyway, but it was more enjoyable running with Geoff and Bill than alone.


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