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The Dickens Detour

The Seymour Sweep involves bagging all of the named peaks in the Fannin Range in one day.  This takes some doing.  Few have been successful.  Those who have experienced hardship.

Stretching for Running - Why, How & When

 It's been a while since I wrote as I've been busy putting together lots of great information for you. I'll be sharing all my hard work with you over the coming weeks so keep an eye on your inbox.

Jackson's Athletic Turning Points - Tales from the Crypt

When I think of personal athletic turning points, one jumps to the top of the list.   I am one of the few people you might know who has run themselves to death... and lived to tell the tale.

Friends and fellow runners, I don't recommend you follow my example of being a dumb-ass about how you approach your races.  This is a true story, however, and I share it to the best of my recollection.

Athletic Turning Points - The Challenge

WRT a recent review of a running book (Born to Run), I belong to a book club.  For the upcoming book club meeting, each member of the club is supposed to write a little story about a "turning point" in their lives. 

Jackson's Planning Template for a Big Race

Blame it on injuries, kids, budget, time or whatever, it's been a while since I participated in a race that really, really meant a lot to me.  

I was so jazzed the first time I ran the Boston Marathon, I couldn't sleep for a full week leading up to it.  At the start in Hopkinton, I was so nervous that I pee'd down my leg.  (Yes, in a big crowd of runners as the announcer counted down!  No, I wasn't the only one, either!) 

Pump Bump - Whatever Next?

Running sick?

I'm very glad I ran in the New Years Day Fat Ass 50 and Freeze Your Fat Ass Off Swim (minus the swim as usual). I'm also glad that I didn't get really sick from doing it. It's been a long standing question of mine whether you should run when you're sick or stay at home and hide under the covers. Having had my heart set for a long time on a great start to the new year I decided to brave the elements.

Outdoor Safety, Weather and The Lie Line

Outdoor Safety

Living in the shadow of the mountains, I try to take full advantage of the amazing opportunities the backcountry offers. Trail running is up there at the top of the list.  I also love alpine activities such as snowshoe running, snowboarding, backcountry and downhill skiing. 

A Ticket to Injury-free Running?

My calf muscle first went "boing!" on a 30-minute run around the neighborhood before dinner one Saturday evening in late January.  There was no "pop", just what seemed like a low level cramp in the muscle between my heel and my calf.  (I think the technical name is soleus muscle.)  I ran through it, but it got worse, so I hobbled home.  No pain the next day, but I figured it would be good to give it some rest. 

Pre-race training?

Easter W/E, and I'm still kind of injured! The Diez Vistas 50K is three weeks away and I am sticking to my ten hours a week training. Hoping for an improvement in the wet weather, and feeling more willing to do doubles, will make those ten less painful to get! I need new trail shoes... Almost eight hours on the clock so far, with 90 minutes on Tuesday 90 minutes on Thursday, 195 yesterday,60 with Graeme and 24 with Ms. J today... Tomorrow will be an easy 90 giving me about ten hours. Roll on the good weather and some quality doubles.

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